A Guide To Non-surgical Hair Replacement System



Nobody wants to lose hair. Hair is a representation of us and it can have an impact on our everyday life. Despite a lot of conversation around balding being very common amongst men globally, little is talked of the psychological effects balding has. Studies have shown that a lot of men in their 20-40s are distressed due to experiencing balding. Men become depressed, develop social anxiety, and low self-esteem because of their self-image negatively altered by balding. It is underestimated how huge of an impact losing hair and balding has on men. The process of watching yourself go bald can be a traumatic experience.

We have an emotional connection with our hair appearance so balding men is always a nuance used in movies to indicate a man being unattractive. Young men especially fear being deemed unattractive and being laughed at due to balding. Balding can happen to any adult male at any time of their life. This can be from ;

  • Aging
  • Sickness
  • Alopecia
  • Medication
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress

No man is immune to encountering balding in their lifetime. Therefore, it is very important to discuss the best and safest solution to conceal lost hair and have men looking and feeling confident.


What Is A Hair Replacement System?


Hair replacement systems provide an opportunity to significantly change the appearance of any balding man. A hair system for men is a temporary non-surgical alternative to treating hair loss. It is created using human hair or synthetic hair and it covers the area that is affected by thinning or balding. The base of the hair replacement system is adhered to the individual’s scalp, cut and blended making it undetectable. They are essentially toupees and wigs.

The size of a hair system for men is decided by the amount of scalp area experiencing hair loss and needs to be covered up. Over time this has changed. Balding is no longer a situation one has to accept prematurely. With more men not wanting to live uncomfortably, hair replacement system manufacturers have slowly become a big player in the hair industry. There has been more effort, research, and technology used to improve the appearance and function of the hair system for men. They are virtually invisible when well placed on the wearer’s head, restoring hair by giving the illusion the hair is growing from the scalp.

The hair system for men is designed to simulate the natural look and texture of the human hair on a scalp with a focus on density and color matching to the wearer’s hair to hide baldness or hair thinning. Hair replacement systems have the ability to create a seamless overall effect.


The Basic Structure of A Hair Replacement System

 It is important to understand the components that go into creating a hair system for men. In the making of any hair system for men, both the quality of hair and the base materials are vital in the creation of a high-quality hair replacement. They ultimately guide the application usage, functionality,  and upkeep of the hair replacement system. Knowing the basic structure of a hair replacement system will help the wearer decide the best hair system for men one should get.


1. Quality of Hair

The quality of hair used in the replacement system greatly determines the longevity and usability of the hair replacement system. Hair replacement systems are constructed from either human hair or synthetic.

  • Human hair – made from real human hair. Hairpieces made from human hair create outstanding high-quality human hair replacement systems. Human hair should be the first choice in the quality of hair. Human hair is more favorable because;
  • Provides the perfect natural and seamless blending appearance that will make one look good in their hair system for men.
  • It is versatile in styling as it can go through coloring, use of heat, and perming.
  • Has a longer lifespan than synthetic hair.
  • The human hair replacement system is softer, hydrated, and has a shiny and luscious look.


  • Synthetic hair- it is artificial hair made from plastic fiber that imitates the look of human hair. It is very affordable making it very popular. Synthetic hair is not the best because;
  • Frizz quickly.
  • Cannot be colored, take the heat, or permed.
  • Not versatile in partitioning hair how you want.


2. Base Material

Your base material will shape the outcome of the hair replacement system. Base material plays a pivotal role in hair systems for men as an individual has to decide what hair replacement system suits the lifestyle and individual needs. The 3 most common base materials used for the construction of a hair system for men are lace, mono, and skin.

  • Lace- It is famous for being a very breathable hair replacement system base material. Can either be Swiss or French lace. The lace material is made from a finely knitted mesh that will give the wearer a natural look due to the seamless blend created by the lace hair replacement for men. It is soft, light, undetectable, and durable. It takes light to medium hair density.


  • Mono- Also known as monofilament is the most sturdy fabric base for a hair replacement system. It is made from a fine-grade gauze material made from a blend of nylon and polyester. Its durability makes it great for heavier hair densities and versatile styling. Great for individuals who want a much thicker density. Its sturdiness gives it a longer lifespan than lace base.


  • Skin – Also known as poly base, it is made from a very thin polyurethane material. It is a transparent material that will allow the hair replacement system to match the skin color of the wearer giving the illusion that the hair is growing from the scalp. It is the most undetectable base material. The hair strands are ventilated into the hair replacement systems by v-loop, knotted, or injected into the skin base making the hair replacement system invisible even if someone touches the hair replacement for men, they would think it is the wearer’s hair.


  • Combination –It is common for a hair system for men to be constructed with a combination of different base materials. Combined base materials are sturdy, stronger and take a heavier density and last for a longer period than other base materials.


How Do Hair Replacement Systems Work?


A hair replacement system is a flexible solution to hair loss. For the first time, the wearer’s biggest concern is whether it will look natural. There are thousands of testimonials on how life-changing the hair replacement system has been. They include statements such as; looking younger, they look like they have lost weight and of course, they looked good.

Whilst viewing the product catalog one can decide what they are looking for in terms of color, density, texture, base material, hair type, and whether custom or stock pieces. The next step will involve ;

  • Head measurements
  • Color sample and matching
  • Answering pre-set questions

Depending on the individual one can choose to solely rely on a salon on the application process or one can do it on their own. The hair replacement system needs to be well fitted and properly secured using toupee glue or toupee tape.


Are Hair Replacement Systems Safe?

There is always anxiety that the hair replacement system might cause further hair damage. One of the greatest advantages of a hair replacement system is that they are hassle-free and the safest option in dealing with hair loss. To guarantee you are getting a safe high-quality hair replacement system make sure;

  • Get your hair replacement from a reputable manufacturer.
  • Get a high-quality hair system that is smooth, soft, comfortable, and breathable. A bad hair system will be rough and coarse, which might make the wearer feel itchy even cause scalp irritation.

The use of adhesives is a necessity for properly securing the hair system, keeping it in place, and making the hair replacement system have a seamless look. Toupee glues and toupee tapes are skin-friendly and specially designed to be used on the scalp. In case you are worried, doing a patch test is always advisable for any new products for your hair system. For those with a preexisting condition or a sensitive scalp or known to react to ingredients commonly found in the hair replacement system products (e.g. alcohol)  water-based adhesive is recommended, but it’s better to consult with your doctor beforehand.

Use scalp protection. It is rolled onto the skin before the application process. It creates a protective barrier between the skin and the adhesive bond. It combats sweat and oils for people with sensitive skin. This will prevent unnecessary irritation.


How To Prevent Damage

It is very normal to have doubts about how a hair replacement system or the use of adhesives might affect your hair and scalp. Improper use of a hair replacement system tape or glue can lead to scalp irritation and cause hair breakage.

  • Use adhesives as instructed and period of use instructed.
  • Do not overwear a hair replacement longer than the recommended time before removing, cleaning, and attaching it back.
  • Do not leave residue on the scalp or the hair system.
  • Only remove the adhesive with a solvent especially designed for the hair system.
  • Do not attempt to forcefully remove the hair replacement system when it has been secured with an adhesive bond.
  • Do not be rough on the skin.


 Hair Replacement System Before And After


Your curiosity has been ignited on getting a hair replacement system and you want to know how it really looks. Below we provide visual evidence on how good hair systems help with appearance change. They provide extra haircut choices for men and help to boost confidence for men who were suffering from baldness.


Hair Transplant

Now that we have discussed in detail what hair replacement systems are and how they work, it is important to address another form of hair loss solution. A hair transplant is a surgical replacement system that needs to be performed by a surgeon. It is a cosmetic procedure performed under anesthetic to treat baldness permanently. Some men who experience balding or hair thinning can be frustrated with their looks and want a permanent solution. They want to go back to the time they had a full set of thick hair and are not interested in a temporary fix. With the continuous advancement in medicine and technology hair transplant has come a long way. Its method has continued to improve over time and become more and more popular with men who want hair in the areas they are experiencing baldness.

Hair transplants date back to the late 1930s. Hair transplant aims to restore hair growth to areas of the scalp with scarce hair or absent hair growth. Hair transplant involves harvesting healthy hair follicles from an area of the donor’s head that has thick hair and transplanting them to another area where the follicles are no longer visible and hair is no longer growing. Follicles are located in the scalp and contain active cells that are responsible for new hair growth.

After defining and discussing the hair replacement system and hair transplant it may leave one even more confused about which is the better option. Below we have detailed the pros and cons of a hair replacement system and a hair transplant to give one a better understanding when choosing the best hair solution for you.




  • After recovery and once the hair begins to grow there is minimal maintenance. The transplanted hair becomes the same as the rest of your hair and you can do your usual routine.
  • There is no additional cost of investing in extra maintenance or replacing hair transplants as this is a one-time procedure providing a permanent solution for hair growth.
  • Uses their own hair. As the hair is extracted from the person’s scalp where thicker hair grows. Once the transplanted hair finally grows out naturally, it blends with the rest of the hair. So no need to worry about texture or color not matching with your own hair.
  • The fear of people knowing is gone unless you tell someone, nobody would know you had a hair transplant. There is no fear of displacing your hair system or someone pulling the hair.
  • For most, it’s a one-time investment with forever results therefore affordable in the long run.
  • No longer any use of toupees or wigs.



  • Initial high cost of the surgery. Can cost between $5,000 to $25,000.
  • Infecting of hair follicles, scalp swelling, itching
  • The effectiveness of the surgical hair transplant is limited to the number of survival hair follicles grafted on the individual’s scalp. The industry-recognized success rate is 60% -70% for men’s hair transplants. Besides the number of available hair grafts limits the outcome of the surgery as well. It can only distribute existing hair if a majority of your scalp has viable follicles. If not there is an extremely low chance of success and a surgeon may not find you a good candidate for the procedure.
  • It’s a time-consuming procedure that will require multiple sittings. Recovery time can be between 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Scarring is unavoidable. It can cause significant scarring and raised marks on the scalp. This may leave one feeling insecure during the healing period.
  • Have to do research and find a reputable hair clinic and surgeon. You cannot afford to go cheap and take shortcuts as this is like any surgery is a risky option.
  • If hair follicles are implanted facing the wrong direction or move during the healing process the hair will end up looking unnatural.
  • Hair transplant only provides hair growth solutions where the donor’s hair was transplanted. It becomes a problem if you start holding in another area. This means you will need another hair transplant surgery to add more hair to the area.
  • It may take weeks to fully heal. One cannot touch the area, brush hair for a month, or until the doctor gives the okay. You cannot work out for 2 to 3 weeks or you may have inflammation and lose sensation around the surgical sites.
  • All surgeries come with a certain possibility of risks involved. Some of these risks include; severe scarring, nerve damage, or unforeseen complications.
  • There are no instant results. It will take 6 to 12 months to see results or any new growth.
  • Hair is shaved around the area of the hair transplant. With a long wait time before we see any growth, it will look very unnatural if the head is not fully shaven. You may need a hair replacement system to cover the unusual spot until the growth catches up with the rest of the hair.
  • Hair loss might continue even after hair transplant surgery.


Hair Replacement System



  • It is affordable. It costs a lot less than a hair transplant and the average person can afford to purchase one.
  • It is lightweight and comfortable.
  • The results are instant, no waiting. One can immediately hide baldness and get a thick head full of hair.
  • There is versatility in styling and any color and length of hair.
  • It is for everyone. No matter how badly the scalp is scarred or damaged, anyone is viable to use a hair replacement system.
  • It offers a better and wider coverage even if you are experiencing hair loss in another area.
  • It is convenient.
  • There is no pain
  • The wearer does not require their hair to be used for the hair system to attach to the scalp.
  • There are zero complications.
  • The wearer can customize the hair replacement system to best suit individuals’ needs and styles.
  • It is temporary and reversible. One is not obligated to commit to any style with their hair replacement system.
  • High-quality hair replacement systems give a natural look that is virtually undetectable.
  • The wearer has more control of the final appearance as they can choose the hair system for men they want.



  • Requires regular maintenance to conserve the structure of the hair replacement system.
  • Over time the hair replacement system will lose its density.
  • They provide temporary results. The hair thinning and bald spots are still there when you remove the hair system.
  • Need to replace the hair replacement system periodically.
  • The hair system for men needs to be fitted properly to be convincing and look natural.
  • Some if not most wearers require a visit to a professional salon for customization and maintenance.
  • Hair replacement systems are delicate and can easily damage if one is not gentle with the hair.
  • The removal and maintenance process requires patience and extra care
  • The more you want the hair replacement system to look natural and closer to your hair, the more maintenance and the more it will cost you.
  • It will look unnatural if you purchase a low-quality hair system.
  • If the hair system for men is worn improperly, it can cause damage to the hairline and cause further baldness over time.
  • If not well maintained can develop an odor caused by sweat and dirt build-up  


How Much Does A Hair Replacement System Cost?

We have discussed in detail what you need to know and understand why the hair system is a great investment for men who are experiencing balding. Now one of the biggest questions is how much a hair system for men costs. For those who have no idea how much it costs, here is a price breakdown. There is a vast number of hair replacement systems manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers who sell hair systems at very contrasting prices. So how does one strike the balance of acquiring a high-quality hair replacement system for men that will feel like one of the best purchases they ever made this year?

There is plenty that goes into the hair replacement that determines how it is priced and other factors that will cost the wearer during their wearing period.


Human Hair and Synthetic Hair- Earlier in this guideline, we have discussed several times the many advantages of opting for a human hair replacement system. This is in comparison to synthetic hair that has many limitations from styling, moisture retention, and its lifespan. Human hair replacements are worth it from hair materials that are ethically sourced, the intense labor of acquiring hair cleaning it, and the wearer’s ability to have styling, versatility, healthy moisturized hair, and a longer lifespan. So it’s no surprise that a human hair system will cost significantly higher than synthetic hair.


Stock hair– Stock pieces are ready-to-wear pieces. They come in standard base materials, density, style, color. The manufacturers can dispatch the hair replacement system to their clients within a week.


Custom hair– Are hair replacement systems constructed to specific requirements made by the wearer. So much work goes into creating a custom piece. This is because the manufacturer has to perfectly match every intricate detail, measurement, color match, style, density matching in creating the perfect custom hair system for every custom order made. It’s an intense process but very rewarding for the wearer. The wearer will get to enjoy a hair replacement system that will be perfect for them with a seamless natural look and undetectable.  From consultation to production, custom hair systems for men can take 8  to 12  weeks. All this work and precision make custom hairpieces pricier than stock hairpieces.


Base material -The base material which is the foundational step of constructing any good hair replacement system determines the majority of the toupee costs. The lace base is the most expensive base material out of all the base materials. A lot of work goes into its production and from creating the base material and skilled technicians knotting hair onto the lace base to creating a top-notch hair system.


Area coverage -The size of surface coverage needed to cover baldness will dictate the price of the hair replacement for men. An individual may need partial coverage or full coverage. One can’t afford to try cost save money and end up with a hair replacement system that is not fully covering baldness.


Where are you getting your hair system from – Not all hair is equal and you should be cautious where you get your hair replacement system from. You might decide to opt for a very cheap hairpiece that will end up being frizzy,  uncomfortable, itchy, and very unnatural looking. Do not risk it.  It is very easy to find established manufacturers who have vast experience in creating high-quality hair systems. The amount of work, time, effort, high-quality material used, and services rendered should be factored in on why their costs might be higher.


How Long Does A Hair Replacement System Last?


One of the biggest concerns for men who want to buy a hair replacement system is how long it will last. They are concerned about covering their balding spots or thinning hair throughout the year. A hair replacement system is a temporary solution that has a limited period. There are many things to consider and that can be done to preserve the hair system for men as long as possible. You want the hair system to not only last but to look good serving its purpose throughout its duration. What to factor in that influences the lifespan of a hair replacement system.


  • Quality of hair
  • The base material
  • Maintenance
  • Styling
  • Storage


1.Quality of Hair


The most essential element to take into consideration in purchasing a hair replacement system for men is its quality. The quality will dictate how long you get to enjoy the hair system. With the very high demand for hair replacement systems for men, the wearer should be able to enjoy their high-quality hair system.

Let’s breakdown quality into two key elements ;

  • Type of hair
  • Where to buy the hair replacement system


Where to BuyThe wearer to take away precautions necessary when it comes to acquiring a hair replacement system. There are thousands of vendors globally selling hairpieces for men. It is possible to get a  cheap hair replacement, however, it will not last long and it will not have the seamless natural look you want.

Low-quality systems will not last long because they will damage quickly or are not well constructed as the quality of the material will not provide needed durability. Find a reputable hair system manufacturer who specializes in their construction. They have dedicated hair replacement systems that use high-quality hair, materials, and proper technique in the construction of systems that will last for a longer time.


Type of Hair –The type of hair strands used for hair replacement has a remarkable effect on how long it will last. Human hair is made from real hair. The hair is sourced from donors who have long thick shiny healthy hair. The hair is taken through an entire process of cleaning it, undergoing acid treatment to create a fantastic human hair replacement system that will last for a long time.

Human hair takes in moisture well and with the use of oil, you can seal in the moisture to keep hair strand hydrated longer. When the hair replacement is well hydrated it will remain soft, shiny, and remain luscious that extending the hair system lifespan.

Synthetic hair is made from a different blend of plastic that mimics the look of human hair. Synthetic hair is very affordable however it does not last a long time. Made of plastic fibers means it does not hold moisture very well therefore gets frizzy quickly,  tangles up fast.  reducing hair replacement for men made of synthetic hair shorter.


2. Base Material


When it comes to the construction of the hair replacement hair system, the type of base used dictates the longevity of the hairpiece. The base materials are made from different materials with some very durable and others are very delicate.

Lace- Provides amazing lightness and breathability. The lace material is delicate so it can tear easily. A lace base will last 1 to 3 months.

Mono- Is the most durable base material and can withstand damage. This sturdy material will last 6  to  9 months.

Skin – It is made of the clear or skin color material for that extremely invisible hairline. The lifespan of the skin base hair system depends on the thinness of the poly layer, for instance, Ultra Thin Skin Hair Systems generally last between 1 month, while Poly-Base Hair Systems generally last between 3-6 months.


3. Maintenance

Taking care of your hair replacement system should be a priority if you want the hair replacement system to last you for a long time. Its upkeep will prevent any potential damage and further preserve the integrity of the hair system. Do not neglect daily care for your toupee as this will reduce its lifespan by months.


4. Styling


You may be doing all the right things to the hair replacement system but when it comes to styling you are unintentionally causing damage to the hairpiece.

  • Spend minimal time on styling or combing hair Avoid gels and waxes.
  • Use a leave-in conditioner before styling.
  • Use a detangling brush or a wide-tooth comb for detangling hair.
  • Be gentle during styling.
  • The use of heat styling tools can cause a toll on the hair. Heat in excess can damage the hair replacement system and reduce its lifespan. Avoid heat as much as possible. If you must use heat, use a blow dryer on a cool setting and use a heat protectant.
  • Too much sun exposure can shorten the hair stem for men’s lifespan. Use a hair product with SPF, or wear a hat when staying outdoor for a long period.


5. Storage

Making sure your hair replacement system is properly kept when not in use is integral for its longevity.

  • Keep the hair replacement system from sunlight.
  • Use a wig stand.
  • Manufacturers’ packaging that was used during transportation to the wearer should never be thrown away. Use that to properly store the hair replacement system. The packaging is sturdy and will keep the system well protected.


How To Maintain A Hair Replacement System?


To enjoy the health, shine, and density of your high-quality hair replacement system, maintenance is essential. As we have explained in this guideline, getting a hair replacement system is an investment. When you spend your hard-earned money on a hair system for men you want to enjoy it and keep it looking good throughout its lifespan.

It is a new and exciting experience getting to enjoy your hair replacement system. Being able to live your normal life, swim, sweat, gym, or a vacation with your hair system for men so you need to do everything to make sure the hair replacement system looks good throughout the entire time. One needs to maintain the hair replacement system regularly. The biggest objectives for maintaining your hair system for men are to prevent damage and prevent hair breakage.

Hair systems are durable but also delicate, so one can damage the constriction of the base material if not properly taken care of. As much as hair replacement looks and feels like bio hair, the biggest difference is of course that as the system deteriorates over time, no new growth happens. Compare to naturally growing hair, hair system are prone to damages. Any damage to a hair system is mostly irreversible. If the hair replacement system is not well maintained, the hair will shed and tangle,  hair is fragile and your hair replacement system will lose its form and it will defeat its whole purpose of making the wearer look good. So how do you maintain your hair system for men?


1. Moisture


Moisture is the golden standard for healthy hair, natural hair, or a hair system for men. We all know how great hair feels when it is moisturized.  The hair system for men tends to dry out as it is not growing from the scalp and lacks sebum. It is therefore crucial for the wearer to have a weekly routine to ensure the hair system is well hydrated. When the hairpiece is not properly moisturized, it is dry, brittle, and weak tangles easily. Hair strands will eventually break off.


How to incorporate moisture in the hair system for men ;

  • Use recommended well-formulated rinse-out conditioners specifically for the hair system to be used after shampoo to restore moisture.
  • Use deep conditioners regularly to hydrate, repair, strengthen, and maintain the overall health of the hair strands of the toupee.
  • Use leave-in conditioners to style hair for added hydration to the hair replacement system.


2. Clean The Hair Replacement System


Washing both the hair system and your hair is an important step in maintaining the hair system. One wants to get rid of dirt, oil,  product build-up, and adhesive residue.  When the hair knots are clogged, bacterias will corrode hair strands, leave the hair knots brittle, and are easy to break. This will cause hair shedding and eventually, compromise hair system natural apperance and lifespan.

Be careful with the shampoo used. Go for shampoos recommended by toupee manufacturers that do not have harsh ingredients. Avoid shampoo with sulfates, paraben, sodium chloride,  propylene, mineral oil, diethanolamine, chemical fragrance, synthetic colors, dimethicone, or alcohol. Aim to wash your hair weekly. Once or not more than twice a week. Do not overwash hair or this can weaken the hair system.

Use warm water and avoid hot water as this can damage the base material and the hair not damage the outer cuticle layer leaving the hair dry, frizzy, and dull.


3. Oils

Hair replacement systems do not get the sebum protection natural hair does so hair tends to be naturally dry. There is no sebum production for that reason the hair strands cannot be lubricated,  protected, and nourished. The use of oils is a great way to supplement the absent natural oil to retain moisture. Use light oils on the hair replacement system to lock in the moisture coat the hair strands. Do not let the oil get to the base to prevent damage and maintain the hair system. Focus only on the ends and the midshaft of the hair. Always use oils on moisturized hair.


4. Detangling


Avoid hair matting at all costs. You want to ensure the hair replacement system is tangle-free to prevent the hair from breaking. Hair strands lost cannot be rescued by new growth so it is vital to take your time and be gentle when detangling. Use a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush recommended by the toupee manufacturer for detailing the system. Hair is the weakest when wet so it is recommended to brush hair before washing. Try removing tangles gently before washing your hair. Moisturizing conditioners are great to add slippage to ease the detangling process. Avoid excess combing.


5. Sunlight

The sunlight can be detrimental to hair when it comes to damaging the hair system for men.  Overexposure to the sun can dry out the hair replacement system and can cause damage. The strong UV rays when they make contact with the oxygen molecules that are on the hair replacement from the air turn the hairpiece to an orange/ reddish color. This is a process known as oxidation. It is a process that happens over time gradually damaging the protective outer layer of the hair shaft.

 To maintain the hair replacement system  from the sun;

  • Limit your time exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Use a leave-in conditioner or product with SPF.
  • Wear a hat.


6. Protecing Hair From Friction


A lot of hair breakage is caused by friction which damages the hair system for men. Friction can happen mostly at home rubbing against a surface and especially at night. We spend a third of our day sleeping, so it is crucial to have a hair replacement system care routine to maintain the hair replacement system. Your cotton pillowcases increase friction and absorb all the moisture from hair replacements. The hair is left dry as it rubs against the fabric. Additionally,  friction can cause damage to the base material of the hair replacement for men. Invest in a silk or satin pillowcase that will protect the toupee and even preserve your style. Keep the system hydrated and minimize tangling. Do not sleep on wet hair.


7. Get A Hair System For Men Specialist

Many men may find maintaining the hair replacement system too much work, effort, or time. Maintenance is absolutely necessary, so if you cannot do it on your own, get a hair expert who specializes in handling the hair system. Let them structure a routine to take care of and maintain the system.


8. Applying And Remving The Hair Replacement System


Securing your hair replacement system with toupee glue or toupee tape is an integral step in letting the wearer fully enjoy their hairpiece. They do not have to worry about the hair replacement system falling off. Depending on the type of adhesive used whether it be for the long term or short term it’s important to take off that not only is the hair replacement system thoroughly cleaned but the adhesive in the residue is all removed. You can use a solvent remover and clean the hair system. This will make sure the base material is not damaged.


9. Storage

Part of maintaining the hair replacement system is how it is kept when not being worn. You want to store it well to prevent any tangles from forming. Also, the style is preserved for the next wear. If your hair system is customized to a particular style, you will need them to help maintain the style.


10. Swimming

If you swim a lot, planning a vacation using a hair replacement system needs to be taken care of. salty water from the ocean and chlorine water from swimming pools can cause damage to the hair replacement system. They can slowly cause damage to the hair replacement system leaving it dull and brittle.  To protect the hairpiece;

  • Wear a swimming cap
  • Use a leave-in conditioner
  • Coat hair with a light oil
  • Rinse off the hair system once you get out of the water and gently shampoo and condition the hair.


Best Hair Replacement System

Below are the most popular hair replacement system out in the market.


LINJ Wholesale Men’s Toupee for Skin Injection Hair System Factory


One of our top hair replacement systems that give you that natural look you desire.  With the skin base the hair system for men blends into the scalp. Ventilated by injections gives the illusion the hair is growing from your scalp.


BHAS PU Perimeter Toupee And Lace Hair Replacement


A combination of lace and poly makes this hair replacement system perfect for anyone looking for breathability and a fantastic seamless look from their system.


BH5P Fine Mono Hairpiece with Lace Front Wholesale Mono Hair System


This hair system will give you both durability and breathability with the combination of lace and mono used. You get to enjoy a thicker hair system that is comfortable to wear in the hot weather.


BNL45881 0.10mm Clear Pu with French Lace Front High-Quality Toupee


Your perfect hair system for your active lifestyle. Soft light, and breathable. You can wear this hair replacement system on vacation, go hiking without anyone knowing you have it on.


BNW68152 Mono Base Toupee Factory Fine Mono with PU Coated Sides&Back and Skin Gauze Front


The perfect hair replacement system for those who want an undetectable hairline and more hair density.


By the end of this guideline, you should be convinced about getting a hair replacement system. Their life-transforming changes have provided hair solutions for balding men and reignited confidence and self-esteem that was missing. Its positive impacts are widely recognized. Their popularity is quickly gaining traction. Men are no longer willing to compromise their discomfort of balding and are choosing to buy hair systems for men. All men get to live their normal life looking and feeling their best thanks to hair replacement systems.



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