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Hair loss is the most disturbing thing that ever happened in your life. The main cause of hair loss is stress, emotional breakdown, anxiety, and so on. People who go through this condition are looking for ways to improve their confidence and self-esteem. Hair units for men are considered the best solution for this. Due to the increasing quantity of hair loss, the popularity of hair units is increasing day by day.

As a result, the distributors, wholesalers, and salon owners want to keep it in their stock. If you are also dealing with the same kind of business, check this definitive guide about the hair unit and how it works. Along with that, in this guide, we will also learn about how to clean male hair units and maintain them. This is one of the quickest solutions that people choose to boost their confidence.

Hair units for men are known with so many different names like hairpieces, hair systems, and so on. These are made with the same materials and by the same male hair units manufacturers approximately. As there is a rise in the numbers of people suffering from hair loss, the market needs more and more hair units manufacturers.

People love to choose this method for hair replacement because it is simple, affordable, and also pain-free. There is a wide collection of hairpieces available, and the cost varies depending upon the materials. No, let’s dive into this topic to understand how it helps to boost our confidence.


What is Hair Unit?

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Nowadays, fashion trends are becoming more unisexual. Hair units for men are designed to help all those kinds of people who are suffering from alopecia and other hair loss problems. Well, most of these are made with human hair, while some are made with synthetic hair. This kind of hair unit has been growing in popularity over the last 3 to 5 years as the alternative hair option. A custom hair unit is considered a weave and referred to as the hair extension that has thin hair and suffers from cancer.

There are two kinds of hair unit human hair or synthetic hair, but they have various categories in which you have to decide the best one.

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  • Human hair

This type of hair unit gives a natural feel and also allows people to perform so many styling options. It looks natural, and that’s why it needs to maintain more carefully. It is quite costly but worth investing in it. It can last long time with proper care.

  • Virgin hair

It is one type of human hair. This is a high-quality hair unit that is made with a single donor. The best thing about this hair is it hasn’t been dyed and bleached. It can last longer time if you maintain this carefully. Virgin hairs are similar to Remy hair, but not all Remy hair is known as Virgin. 

  • Heat-friendly synthetic hair

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In this kind of hair unit, you will get an increased amount of options for hair styling. It is heat-friendly and can be more challenging to style as compared to human hair. These are less durable as compare to synthetic hair that will only last for 3 to 4 months when you take proper care.

  • Synthetic hair

The higher quality synthetic hair delivers a fresh and real look because it is similar to human hair. It doesn’t give so many options for hair styling and needs less amount of maintenance. You can directly wear this after unpacking this. This looks similar to human hair, but it is less durable and will last up to 4 to 6 months with proper care.

These are quite expensive and need to be maintained in different ways. It won’t go for so many years. You can’t use the heat styling tools on this. Well, if your client wants to invest in this, there is nothing wrong. This is perfect for those people who love to change their looks every time.

Human Hair units are the most versatile option that one can choose as a replacement option. These are quite costly, but they can last up to longer periods. It adds a higher amount of texture and feel.

This kind of synthetic male hair unit is the best option for all short to mid-length hairstyles. But if you suggest this to your client, then don’t forget to give them precautions. Don’t apply any kind of heating tool on synthetic hair; otherwise, it causes permanent damage to your hair. In worst cases, it may melt your hair together.

At the same time, if you apply human hair units to your client, they can use the heat tools on their day to day basis. It gives so many options to style your hair in 7 different ways for seven different days in a week. They are completely free to style the wigs and feel more confident in front of their friends.

If you own a salon & your client comes to you to ask which hair unit will suit him/her for longer time, suggest human or male hair units. Human hairs come from different locations all over the world. So, before investing in this, do research. No matter which kind of hair unit your client chooses, you need to adhere to their scalp carefully. As per the stylists or salon experts, using adhesive in this process can make your look more natural.


How Hair Unit Works?

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In this cutting-edge world, there are more and more technologies invented that make the work smoother. If your clients are asking to suggest a non-surgical & pain relief option for the hair replacement, you can suggest them.

A Hair unit is an invasive non-surgical treatment where you can restore the hair naturally. It goes well with both men and women. By applying this, they will get natural-looking results without showing any scar line. Overall, this is the best effective treatment that you can choose and suggest to someone. 

The candidates who use this option are more than 30 years older. For this, an individual should consider their hair health and density. Make sure after implementing, it improves the density and makes your hair fuller. To make this nonsurgical hair transplantation effective, an individual should visit the salon and talk with their experts to know more about the process. They will suggest you the best idea to restore the hairline.

The non-surgical Hair-restoration process is almost a one-day procedure. This procedure takes almost 3 to 6 hours, and it depends upon the hair and scalp. To implement this process, visit your local salon and restore the hair. The hair replacement systems are known as wigs widely varied as per the quality. These kinds of male hair units are designed in such a way so that they can match with the hair color and shape, style. 

This hair restoration process fits people who are looking for a moderate to advanced hair solution. This is performed to change the appearance of anyone’s look. Anyone can implement this no matter what their age is, hair type, and quantity of hair loss.

When you visit a hair replacement systems service provides expert, first they will examine the condition of your hair to determine where you need additional hair. As per that, they will place the hair carefully so that it gives a fuller appearance. The hairs which match with your texture, pattern, and density, color are added to the layer of virtual bases that breathe.

So, the hair is restored at an angle and direction of hair growth. The expert hair restoration experts will secure your hair to the scalp using the adhesive that goes well with the adhesive grade. In this way, it will blend with your existing hair. After that, you can cut and style your hair to get the desired look. There are thousands of people across North America who already received this solution and are having happy and confident life.


Best Hair Unit for Hair Loss

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When you dive deep into this market, you will find that there are more than 100s of options that you can choose from. But to get the long-lasting & effective solution you have to choose the best one. The hair units are used to give a natural and effective look. This is way better than the surgical hair transplant process.

The non-detectable black men hair units are best to get a delicate look. Both men and women can receive this hair replacement system. These are mostly suggested and the most chosen solutions because no one can’t detect that you are wearing toupee hair. This is an affordable solution, too, so you won’t need to make a big hole in your pocket.

Hair unit solution for men: 

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Due to the hormonal and genetic effects, most men usually go through an increased amount of hair loss as compared to women. It is tough to surrender to hair loss; it is good to choose a solution. Hair fall is a sign of low self-esteem, and therefore it’s time to choose the right hair replacement system. Custom black men hair units are good for the men who are hunting to get the best hair restoration system. These are just made for you and fit with the size of your head perfectly. 

Here you will get the complete power to choose the hair according to the color, wave, hair density, and style of your hairpiece. There are two types of hair units available one is a full head, and another is for the top head. It’s your choice to pick one, depending upon the coverage you need. These are mostly designed in such a way so that they can assure you that your appearance looks natural.

Some of the right hair replacement systems are manufactured with high-quality, ultra-premium material. You can invest in human or black men hair units for the best look. Choose this & walk confidently because no one will ever know that you are wearing the custom hairpiece!

Pre-made Hair Systems for Men & Women

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If anyone is hunting for an affordable & quick budget solution, you might look for a men and women’s stock hair unit that could be the best option. You can choose a variety of hair units based on hair density, waves, and color. You can order them online or can visit to the hair replacement systems platforms too. Some women also go for the stock hair units, which are pre-made.

Anyone can pick the different hair units and wear one each day to create a different look. This is good for those who want to experience their hair. It looks like a real hair system that is easy to wear. So, when anyone is looking to pick the right hair unit for hair loss, you can choose one between stock & custom men hair units.

Custom Hair Unit Process

If you want to gain the best experience of personalizing hair treatment, a custom hair unit process is best. It’s best to choose the custom hair system when you have different hair densities, colors, textures, and lengths.

Most of the hair units manufacturers start work from a template and hair samples to ensure that they can create the exact look which you want. For this, you can choose any kind of hair type, including top of the head, full-size caps, and all. The hair systems are made with two materials one is with mesh fabric, and another one is with polymers. Let’s check what the difference between mesh fabric and polymers is.

Mesh is made up of nylon and polyester, which are used to build the hairline of a good product. It offers a natural look, but this is not good for the long time use. The hair units made with this kind of fabric are known for their natural-looking and also untraceable. This is made with light material, comfortable and breathable. The bad points are it is costly, delicate & less durable. You need to replace this frequently.

Polymers hair units are made with silicone & Polyurethane that are useful to create a material that fits with the appearance of the skin. Hair restoration systems are highly durable and easy to attach.


How to make your custom hair system?

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Building a custom hair system is tough and the best way to get an accurate and well-fitting hair application option. This step is mostly used by the hair unit factory to create a mold of your head and ensures that it can fit with the size, contour, and shape of your head.

It allows you to feel secure and comfortable. Here in the upcoming section, we are going to share with you the step-by-step guide. By reading these steps, you can understand how to make a template correctly. In this way, you can make a template for yourself and send it to the male hair unit manufacturer.

To do this, first, you have to decide which part of your head you want to cover. To create a template, first, you need to understand which kind of hairstyle you want. Considering the size and length of hair plays a big role in determining the coverage area.

You can create a template as your own that is a bit challenging, but you can do it by following the below methods. If you can’t do this on your own, you can hire a local hairstylist and your friends.

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  • Use wraps made with plastic

To make a template, first, you have to cover your entire area where you need the solution and make a knot under the chin area. You should cut the plastic sheet to a sufficient length. Now put few drops of water on your scalp. In this way, the sheet made with plastic can stick firmly on your scalp without slipping.

  • Secure this plastic wrap

Now, pull the wrap from both sides of your hand by placing it on the head. But while doing this, makes sure it doesn’t create any patches over your head. Now make tightly knot it below the chin area by pulling the wrap and tie it tightly.

  • Secure the wrap

After tying the knot under your chin, secure it with the tape. To use the tape, you should start on the above side of your head to the backside. Secure it on the back of your scalp. Stuck another tape as per the size of your scalp. You should do the tape overlapping to your forehead. Similar to this, do stretch another part securely from the backward direction. Continue to do this process until the wrap is securely out.

  • Draw & point out

When you follow this process, then make sure that you are moving to paint a structure so that the craftsman or hair unit manufacturer can customize it. By considering this, your craftsman will prepare a design. Therefore, while making this process make sure that how it can clear all the doubts from the manufacturing end; now, you already wrapped your head with the plastic, so start to paint some lines with the help of a marker that will be ready by our craftsman.

You should cover the area which you want from end side and ensure that the front hairline will be noted as F. There should be a 3 to 4 fingers gap between the drawn line and the brow line. So, draw the perimeter first, and after that, if you need any additional specific style, mark it. For example, let someone wants a hairpiece.

For this, you have to pick the pivot line and mark lines that should be pointing the front side to the backside of your head. So, overall mark a pivot line according to the natural look. Make sure that this template should give facts to your manufacturer. It should include all the information like growth pattern, template date, and many more with the help of a marker.

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  • Mark the direction of your hair

Are you finished by marking the templates? After going through the overall four steps, you can use tape on another part. You can check the sketch one last time and give some suggestions before sharing it with the craftsmanship. After all this, you have to add a minimum of 3 to 4 locks of your hair and stick it on your template. In this way, they will be clear about the color of your hair. Along with that, don’t forget to notify that of which part you too these hairs. By considering these things, the manufacturer will understand what you expect from them.


Hair unit before and after

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Hair units are helpful to expand your look and upgrade your hairstyle. No matter whether it’s a festival or a normal day when your hair looks shiny and healthy, you will feel more confident. When it comes to hair units, these are made up of synthetic hair & human hair, and each of them has its own benefits.

A lot of people use this technique, and they receive positive effects. Now people purchase hair units to promote confidence, elegance, and beauty. These are widely making place in the market because of the luxurious style and exposure. The style statement changes every day, and to match that, you have to update your style each day.

Hair is the major part of beauty, and men and women both want to make growth in their hair. The hair units are essential for all those people who are suffering from extreme hair loss or severe issues. Without changing the original hair, you can use this. There are so many changes that you will see after using this treatment. There are so many customers all over the world who shares their review on this.

You can check those through YouTube and social media sites. Everyone believes that a head full of hair brings a lot of confidence. You can ask for any kind of hair unit in any design, density, and color as per your need. You can also check the happy customers who already used this treatment and shared their reviews online. 

After using this, you can hide your thin and bad hair. Both men and women face so many issues because of hair loss. Hair loss is mostly occurred due to the disease, hormonal imbalance, side effects of medication. When anyone uses hair units, they will get the worthy solution that not only makes you look better but is also convenient to use.

The best thing about these kinds of hair unit is it doesn’t need so many amounts to invest for maintenance. This is an excellent way to save your money and provide a natural look. There are so many circumstances and events when you feel low because of baldness. By using this option, you can style your hair in a different style without letting them know. There are so many kinds of hair units available that you can choose from. So, restore your confidence and improve your self-esteem by using this hair restoration option.

How to take a shower with the hair replacement?        

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When you use this, the treatment you have to take care of that. You should maintain this in the best possible ways while taking showers and sleeping, brushing your hair. Well, you can’t scrub your hair after using this as your natural hair. You need to follow a method which we are going to describe in the below section. In case you don’t follow these rules, it can decrease the lifespan of your hair. 

  • The initial step that anyone should consider is to moisturize your hair with olive oil. Always use a bristle brush and make sure that every strand should be covered with olive oil.
  • To take a shower, you have to create a mixture of shampoo and water in the ratio of 1:1 and then put it inside the spray bottle. In this way, you can dilute the shampoo so that it becomes easy to lather.
  • Once you prepared this spray bottle, you can shake it and use it all over your hair carefully. Don’t spray this solution too much on your hair. Spraying too much will make the hair weird and make a bad appearance. It can also create irritation on your scalp too. Besides that, you should not spray it on the area where the base is attached; otherwise, it can affect the adhesive, and your hair will fall.
  • While taking a shower, use a soft sponge or the fingers slowly. It is advised to don’t rub this. In this way, it will damage and get rid of the tangled hair. Besides all that, only use lukewarm water; after that, dry it out with microfiber towels.


Things to consider while sleeping with non-surgical hair replacement

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When you invest in this hair replacement solution, you should be careful about the activity. You should take every possible precaution. Even a small mistake can damage all things. There is no need to sleep on wet hair. Make sure that your hair should be dry before heading to bed. Sleeping calmly after receiving this solution is peaceful, but you should take care of some precautions. So, here we provide information on how to sleep with this.

  • Try to sleep on a silk pillowcase

When it comes to sleep with the hair restoration process, you have to choose the silk pillowcase. Silk pillow is an expensive option, but it is helpful to give you a comfy and peaceful sleep. This is way better than cotton or polyester. This is the type of material that will allow your hair to rub on the pillow without creating much friction.

  • Get a secure solution

Before sleeping, make sure remove your hair systems. We suggest that you’d better don’t sleep with the hair units; it will get tangled. It could cause more damage to your hair. Adding more clips to the hair also damage the hair. If you are searching for the right adhesive to use, experts suggest the Adhere MAX 360. This is one of the right waterproof solutions. In case you want to use tape, use extended wear tape. 

  • Braiding

For women hair, when you are preparing for sleep, make sure that you have tied a loose braid ponytail. In this type, anyone can get rid of hair tangling. For better protection, you can use a hair net. When someone braids their hair loosely, they can get prevention from the tangling and dryness. So, making 2 to 3 braids are enough before heading over to your bed. 

By considering the above suggestions, anyone can take a better sleep by taking care of your alternative hair or hair unit.   


How to brush the non-surgical hair treatment?

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Brushing your hair with the right kind of hairbrush is the most important this. Most of the hair fall occurs because of the bad brushing tools. By brushing your hair every day, you can prevent this from tangles. Try to brush your hair at least once a day. It is suggested not to brush the hair for more time; otherwise, it damages your hair.

As per the expert stylist, only brushes your hair when it is dry. Only use the wide-tooth comb so that you can easily comb it and detangle all the tangled hairs. Try to remove each tangle at least once a time.

Be careful while brushing. Take your time so that it can help you to avoid fall off hair from the root. In the next phase, we are going to aware you of how to clean your hair carefully. It is also helpful to remember the process of conditioning your hair. 


How to Clean Hair Unit?

It’s typical for men and women to lose hair with age. If you are ok with the loss, you can feel free to accept the alopecia; however, if you’re not happy with it, you don’t need to whip as there are hair systems that you can go with. 

The hair replacement system looks like the hairpiece frequently worn by ladies, yet now it’s intended for men. After you have purchased your hair system, you need to take great care of it to keep going for a long time and look great. Regardless of whether you are an everyday or extended hair wearer, the cement deposits will develop in your framework and get into the hair in the long run. 

To take care of your hair units, you can follow many tips with proficient methods to deal with the hair system. While you have hair replacement with different hair accessories such as wigs or hairpieces, it is essential to clean that consistently with proper cleaning methods. Cleaning will prolong its life and keep you from feeling uncomfortable with the hair replacement that is building up with the adhesive residues. 

There are simple steps to make the hair units for men made of synthetic Hair or Human Hair clean at your home by gently removing the adhesive in the hair unit with the help of your fingers. 

Cleaning process of the synthetic hair and human hair unit:

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If your hair unit is made up of synthetic hair, be sure to follow the mentioned steps to clean it properly. 

  1. Very delicately, try to remove tangles or entangle them with the fingers of the tooth comb. In this process, always start at the ends and slowly work toward the roots to avoid damage. Carefully brush your hair unit when it is dry. A hair unit stand is helpful in this process, as it grants you to brush the hair unit warily without getting the base material. 
  2. Add a small quantity of shampoo to the washbasin filled with cool water. Use the shampoo sparingly. Place the hair unit in the washbasin and permit it to soak for 5 minutes. Try not to scrunch or shake the hair unit.
  3. Douse the entire hair system, including the strands and base. Ensure never brush your synthetic or human hair hairpiece while it is wet as you could damage it. With your hair unit wet, it’s an ideal way to move on to the shampoo or cleanser. Put some designed hair cleanser agent on the palm of your hands and carefully spread it through your hair system.
  4. Rinse the hair unit by holding it under running cool water. Delicately squeeze or use a clean, dry towel to press out excess water. Try not to twist or wring. Apply a light layer of leave-in hair conditioner and detangler, avoiding the base and roots. Applying conditioner to the base might cause shedding.
  5. Following a moment, flush your hair system totally with cold water. Discard any cleaning agent build-up that might be on the base or strands. If you have any stuck-on developed on your hairpiece base, this moment would be a nice chance to kill it. 

When your hairpiece is cleaned, the time has come to apply a manufactured hair conditioner. Put a liberal proportion of conditioner on your hands and carefully spread it through the strands of your hair unit.

Do whatever it takes, but do not allow the conditioner to come into contact with the foundation of your hair unit, as this could remove hair bunches and result in balding. After allowing the conditioner to sit in the hair system for several minutes, totally flush it out of the hair unit.


How long does hair unit last?

The fact has relied upon the hair unit type that might be of men or ladies. Essentially, the hair units last from twenty-one days to twenty-four days which is almost a half on average for short-term options. This section will get the details on how long the men’s hair unit and women’s hair unit lasts.

How long does a man’s hair unit last?

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It depends upon what you select; it implies whether you’ve chosen short-term man weave or long-term man weave options.

How long the short-term hair unit does last?

The short-term man hair units last from around 4-6 weeks, and the duration of long-term units can tick up to 9 months. You should never expect short-term man hair units to last for anything near to a year; they are intended to be very temporary. The short-term hair units should be replaced within every 21-42 days.

The short-term man hair units last from around a month and a half, and long-term units can tick as long as a year. You ought to never expect diminutive term man hair units to keep going for anything close to a year; they are planned to be extremely transitory. The momentary hair units ought to be supplanted inside each twenty-two or forty-three days.

How long the long-term hair unit does last?

Depending upon the upkeep of a top-notch long-term hair unit can once in a while suffer up to six months. The very durable hair units last more than 9 months because these high-level man units are ventilated and twofold hitched with human Hair or Synthetic Hair.

Furthermore, using the best man hair unit glue accessible to get the unit additionally can get you that unique quality of over nine months. Regardless, that is about the longest you’ll catch wind of them enduring.

On an assessment, you can think and expect around nine months’ length. With the choice of a long-term man hair unit, you can like to take them off, can clean, and reuse them to expand their life span. They are tough and can be utilized over and over, so they could keep going longer depending on how habitually you wear them.

High qualities of the hair units among men are intended to fit perfectly and bear everyday exercises. How long a man hair unit lasts also depends upon how much you’re getting the hair unit wet, and surprisingly you can perform your everyday exercises with the hair unit, including working out.

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How long does a men’s hair unit last?

Considering high-quality materials and a decent manufacturing measure, combined with appropriate consideration and maintenance, a normal hair unit life expectancy comes to around 6 to 10 months whenever utilized consistently. Yet still different other factors are also there on which how long the hair unit keeps going depends upon. Those factors are as per the following:

The lifespan:

The life expectancy of the hairpiece begins with where it was made — make sure to purchase quality hair systems from a reputable manufacturer that will guarantee that your hairpiece stands over the test of time. Every hair system is unique, and its toughness differs, yet for the most part, you can hope to wear your hair framework for somewhere in the range of 6 and 10 months before you need to replace or fix it. 

Diverse hair unit base types, materials, simple way of life, connection, cleaning, and maintenance directly impact a hair unit’s life expectancy. If you require some time to carry out a decent hairpiece care routine, you’ll have the option to prolong its life expectancy significantly.


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Hair texture and type will affect your hair unit’s life expectancy. Hair units are available for both men and hair units for women. These hairpieces regularly have the longest life expectancy. Hair units made with hair that a human has are adaptable, coming in various surfaces, densities, shadings, and textures.


Before connection, you should make your scalp properly massaged to ensure you achieve a safe and free from any harm connection. If there is the presence of any remaining adhesive on your scalp, then this brings about an uncomfortable bond and causes damages to your hair units. The several kinds of hair unit tape and metal clips or accessories are probably the least attachment connection techniques. They have the special bonus of being extremely delicate on your hairpiece.

If any person leans toward liquid adhesive, more care should be taken while removing and attaching your hair units. It’s fundamental to follow appropriate adhesive removal measures frequently to avoid any harm to your hair units.


Regular hair unit maintenance goes far back with the attachment and removal; it also incorporates ordinary cleaning with detangling. Every hair unit needs special care according to its type and texture, depending upon hair texture and base type. However, once you’ve started following through the process several times, it will start to turn out to be natural to you.


How to remove hair unit?

While you may have effectively sorted out ways to use your male hair units wholesale, removing your hair units by yourself is the next phase of essential hair system support to keep your hair units in very good condition.

Figure out how to appropriately apply your male hair units, but it’s difficult to remember that at some point, you have to remove the hair unit to appropriately keep up with it. Regardless of whether you use hair unit adhesives or tape, it would help if you had an idea regarding the right method to remove your hair unit from your scalp.

Even though it is very well intimidating to remove your hairpiece at home at first, if you follow these simple tasks, you’ll have the option to eliminate the hairpiece cement rapidly and adequately. Figuring out how to remove your male hair units appropriately is necessary for a treatment process for good hair unit care.

A complete instruction menu to remove your hair unit by yourself:

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Before applying any dissolvable solvent to the hair unit adhesives to your hair system, keep a towel with you to tidy up any wanderer of the hair units. You unquestionably needn’t bother with any dissolvable or adhesive fluid spilling down or enters to your eyes. 

  1. Clip back the front piece of hair in your hair unit. In this instance, you can continue with the most common and well-known method of eliminating your hair unit. 
  2. If you’re utilizing a dissolvable shower, make a point not to splash everything over your hair unit. Taking everything into account, get the spout of the container as close to the foundation of the hair unit as could be expected and shower it on where the cement or tape is appended to the scalp. Applying this hair system, you’ll see you have much better control of the dissolvable and attempt not to squander it. 
  3. If you’re utilizing a fluid dissolvable to dispose of your hairpiece, then cautiously apply it to the part where your male hair units meet your scalp. Rehash these means all-around your scalp when you’ve applied the dissolvable; attempt to tidy up with a cleanser to stay away from any traces of dissolvable that might be looking out for your hands. 
  4. Give the dissolvable a couple of seconds to settle down, and it will work. If you endeavor to take the hair framework off your head before the dissolvable has a chance to manage the cement, you hazard hurting your hair unit. 
  5. Once the hair unit starts to disengage, carefully and gradually pull it back with your fingertips; when the hair unit is ready to fall off, you’ll see that it will convey itself without a lot of power. 
  6. Don’t make a difference a lot of power on it; accepting you track down it’s engaging to leave away from your scalp, it’s possible you haven’t applied adequate dissolvable or that you didn’t remain by sufficiently long. For the present circumstance, add fairly more dissolvable and remain by another second. The primary concern all through this cycle is to avoid hustling. You might influence your skin or damage your hair structure on the off chance that you end up speeding through this cycle.



Choosing hair replacement is a profoundly personal choice. If you choose, you should prefer a full head of hair; it is suggested that you look for professional advice from a certified hairstylist.


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