Women’s Hair Thinning Solution 2022: Hair Toppers

Women’s Hair Thinning Solution 2021_ Hair Toppers (5)

While men represent a relatively higher percentage of hair loss and balding, women are not safe from this progressive problem. More than 21 million women across the U.S only suffer from an advanced type of hair loss which adversely affects their emotional and physical state.

Hair is a prominent part of human personality. When it comes to describing the concept of beauty in women, one-third of it goes to a head full of healthy-looking, glossy, and voluminous hair. Most women, in fact, invest a fortune in hair care products with the hope of successfully pulling off this beauty standard.

Fortunately, balding is less common amongst women than in men; however, most women suffer from hair thinning or progressive hair loss at some point in their lives. The contributing factors for hair thinning in women range from hormonal issues to different phases of life problems, including pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, and postpartum. Other genetic factors and environmental stressors further accelerate the process.

Excessive use of heating tools, different styling products, and chemical treatments also damage the hair follicles. Chemical products such as hair dyes or setting spray irritate hair follicles and slow down the normal hair regrowth cycle, which leads to hair thinning.

Losing 100 to 120 strands a day is a part of the normal hair cycle, and new hair keeps replacing older ones; however, if this normal process gets interrupted, hair thinning starts surfacing the scalp. The volume of hair is often subjected to change around the year. However, problematic hair thinning denotes visible areas of the scalp or bald patches in progressive hair loss.

Numerous treatments for hair thinning in women are now available for the sufferers to choose from according to their preferences and budget. The cost of cosmetic treatments could go even up to a whopping 50,000$, depending upon the stage of hair thinning and the type of cosmetic procedure.

Not everyone can afford to receive various hair transplant sessions or hair PRP; therefore, other cosmetic treatments like wearing wigs or hair toppers are also getting popular. Gone are the days when women used to shy away from using wigs or hair replacement units. Now the wigs and hair toppers are getting attention for all the right reasons.

These hair replacement systems offer an affordable, durable, and quick solution to hide hair thinning perfectly. Hair toppers for women are getting hyped due to their airy texture and breathability.

Best hair toppers for thinning hair are now available. Finding women’s hair toppers has become easier, provided you know the qualities of a good-quality hair topper, so here is a detailed guide to hair toppers along with the best hair toppers for thinning hair reviews.

What’s a Hair Topper?
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In simpler words, a hair topper is a perfect cross between hair extensions and full wigs. A hair topper is a product made for women suffering from hair thinning or progressive balding.

It would not be unjustified to tag the hair topper as one of the most popular hair units of all. People are going crazy after this unique trend for various reasons; however, maximum affordability and versatility offered by a hair topper tops the list of all benefits.

A hair topper has a smaller base cap, unlike a hair wig covering the entire head and natural hair. The base cap of a hair topper lays flatly above the crown, perfectly hiding visible scalp, bald patches, or regions where hair thinning is noticeable. With the hair topper, natural hair on the sides is visible and blends in with the hair strands of a topper, giving a voluminous and fuller look.

It is a more comfortable and lightweight hair replacement system than the hair wig, which is heavier and pricier. Most hair toppers are highly breathable and do not cause irritation or itching to sensitive scalp. Hair toppers do not damage natural hair or hinder the regrowth of natural hair due to its light texture and delicate tailoring.

It protects natural hair by providing medium to full coverage against harmful ultraviolet rays and environmental stressors. A wide range of hair toppers is now available such as hair toppers with bangs, human hair toppers with highlights, and hair toppers for black women to provide a more resourceful solution to women’s hair thinning problem.

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Are Hair Toppers Good for Thinning Hair?
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Several treatments are available for hair thinning, but each comes with its own consequences.

  • Medications for Hair Thinning

Medications do help in hair regrowth, but it’s a long-term process, and one has to be consistent. Drugs also have side effects like bloating, blurred vision, or vomiting and might not suit everyone.

  • Homemade Organic Hair Care Products

Homemade or organic hair regrowth is a slower process and fails to produce quick results, which disappoints the consumers, and they often leave the treatment halfway. One has to be very patient with organic hair care solutions.

  • Anti-Hair Fall Solutions

Regular anti-hair fall shampoos or conditioners can prevent hair thinning to some extent. These products cannot reverse the damage that has already been done. Shampoo or a hair mask proves to be serviceable only if the hair thinning is due to mild stress or environmental exposure. In case of genetic, hormonal, or illness-related hair things, proper treatment is required to nib the evil in the bud.

  • Surgical Hair Replacement Surgeries

Cosmetic surgeries show better results. Celebrities and influencers undergo extensive hair surgeries to regrow natural hair or to have permanent transplants; however, these procedures are filthy, expensive, and unaffordable for many.

  • Hair Toppers- Hands down the best of all hair thinning treatments

On the other hand, Hair toppers are affordable and non-surgical hair replacement systems that provide an instant solution for progressive hair thinning. Finding a perfect color is all a user has to do. Installing a hair topper is also extremely easy. Even those who have never worn a hair topper or any other hair accessory can do it without needing the help of any other person.

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Hair topper is a low-key hair replacement treatment to combat women’s hair loss perfectly. It provides instant results, which is all a consumer demands in this fast-paced world. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that a hair topper is indeed one of the best women’s hair thinningsubstitutes.


Benefits of Hair Toppers
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Hair toppers usage is not limited to only hair thinning problems; instead, women and men utilize it for cosmetic purposes, and it’s a product loved by all. Let’s explore the additional benefits of a hair topper:

⮚ To those who are not suffering from hair loss and naturally have thinner hair, a hair topper provides an excellent chance to add additional volume to the crown and locks. Wear a topper and enjoy the prestige of bouncy locks at the next party.

⮚ It hides hair thinning perfectly, boosting the wearer’s confidence and helping avoid the shame one has to face publicly due to thin hair and visible scalp.

⮚ Hair thinning makes one look older than actual age. The hair topper adds a couple of years and gives a youthful look.

⮚ Many women feel suspicious before wearing a topper, scared of the damage it could cause to natural hair. Let’s address this problem once and for all. A hair topper does not cause any damage to natural hair; instead, it acts as a protector against environmental exposure.

⮚ The hair topper does not look fake and blends in beautifully with the natural hair to give a fuller head. Hairstyling becomes more convenient with the help of a hair topper. Consumers can wear hairstyles that require more hair volume. Messy buns, ponytails, pigtails- you name it.

⮚ Hair toppers require minimal maintenance, which makes them a time-saving and cost-effective investment.


Are Hair Toppers Better than Wigs?
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A wig and hair topper differ significantly in purpose and functionality; therefore, it is hard to establish which one is better than the other. Comparing the two based on their function might help users choose the most suitable one for them.

⮚ Weight 

If worn for aesthetic purposes only, hair toppers make a more viable option due to price and weight. A Hair topper is lighter in weight than a wig, whereas wigs are heavier and feel like an additional hair accessory on the head.

⮚ Coverage 

Hair toppers provide medium to full coverage, depending upon the hair thinning area. Wigs, on the other hand, cover the entire head and always provide full coverage. Wigs hide the natural hair and scalp, whereas the hair topper only provides partial coverage, and natural are also visible along the sides.

⮚ Base-Cap Size

Another significant difference between a hair topper and a wig is base cap construction. Wigs have full rounded base caps that sit on the entire head, while the hair topper only has a small base cap that lays flatly above the crown. So for people suffering from severe hair loss or balding, the wig is a better alternative to hide hair loss, and a hair topper may not successfully serve the purpose. Those who are facing partial hair loss or hair thinning can benefit from a hair topper.

⮚ Installation and Removal 

Wigs are harder to secure on the head with the help of clips and require adhesives due to heavyweight. Wigs feel heavy on the head, and it takes time to get used to wearing one. Hair toppers are very lightweight and easy to install. Most hair toppers are attached with supporting clips to secure the hair topper above the head. Thus, adhesives are not required. Lack of adhesive makes it easier to remove the hair topper. Wigs require careful removal due to adhesives and hair glues inside, which is a great con.

⮚ Price 

Wigs are full hair replacement units with bigger capsize and more hair density; therefore, these hair units are expensive compared to the low density hair toppers with smaller caps. Since wigs demand more material, they are pricier than hair toppers.

⮚ Aesthetic Difference 

Wigs help attain better Cosplay looks or appearances that require full coverage, whereas the hair toppers seem a more excellent option for hairstyling that requires more hair volume. Wigs also provide a chance to show off different hair colors. Hair toppers do not hide natural hair completely; therefore, wearing a different color than the original one will make the hairpiece obvious.


How does a Hair Topper Stay On?

A hair topper is a reliable hair accessory and does not buzz off while wearing. Consumers can carry on their routine activities while wearing a hair topper, and it would not even move an inch provided the topper is securely attached to the head. Sports activities, gym, and other work-related tasks can easily be done while wearing a hair topper.

⮚ Clip-in Hair Toppers 

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Most hair toppers have pre-installed clips to secure the topper in place. These clips are similar to those women have been using for centuries to keep the hair in place. The clips resemble sectioning, wave sets, or French barrette clips that are regularly used to keep the hair in place.

The clips are attached to the corners of the base cap to help secure the hair topper above the crown. The clips have a smooth yet firm grip which prevents hair toppers from moving or making it uncomfortable for the wearer to hold one in place. Clips make it easier for the consumers to wear a hair topper, and removing one also becomes hassle-free.

The clips do not damage natural hair or scalp. Press the clips to open it, and it will easily lose its grip without sticking to natural hair.

⮚ Hair Glue 

The toppers that do not have pre-installed clips are relatively harder to install. Such hair toppers require adhesive like hair glue. Hair glue is a specific type of glue to hole the hair topper or any other hair unit in place. The consumer has to put a thin layer along the sides of the base cap to secure the hair topper in place tightly. After application, hair glue hardens, blocking off the movement of the hair topper or hair unit.

Removing the hair glue requires hair solvent to soften it; otherwise, the glue will stick to natural hair and leave the residue. Removing the hair unit without resolving hair glue can cause the natural hair to fall off with the topper, causing damage to hair follicles and adding in the hair thinning.

⮚ Hair Tape 

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Hair tape is another adhesive to secure the hair topper in place. It resembles medical or duct tape in texture and provides less grip than hair glue or clips. Consumers need to attach one side of the tape inside the cap and remove the sticker before applying. Removing the sticker will reveal a sticky part that attaches to natural hair or scalp. Removing hair tape is easier than removing hair glue; however, the natural hair is damaged with adhesives.

The best women’s hair toppers for hair thinning are those that come with attached clips to prevent hair damage. Such types of hair toppers are more ideal in providing a safer and effective grip.


How Much does a Hair Topper Cost?
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The cost of a hair topper is conditional. Hair density, capsize, and material are the key elements that contribute to the cost of a hair topper.

⮚ Hair Density 

Hair density is directly proportional to the hair knots in a topper. A dense hair topper means more hair used and a huge number of knots. These knots are hand-tied to the base most of the time, which adds to the cost of a hair replacement unit.

⮚ Cap Size

Caps inside a topper are usually made of lace or PU material. An increased cap size means more material usage, which in turn enhances the price tag. The bigger cap also provides more coverage; therefore, it’s slightly expensive than a smaller cap.

⮚ Material

What goes into the making of a hair topper decides its final cost. Of course, hair toppers made with human hair are more expensive than those made with synthetic or polyester hair strands. Clip-in hair toppers are also pricier as compared to those that require adhesives. In short, more comfort means a greater price tag.


Why Buying Good Quality Hair Topper is Important?

Cheaper alternatives of hair toppers are available in the market. Poor quality hair toppers do not have a longer lifespan, making the consumer repurchase it again, adding to the cost. Good quality hair toppers are pricier, but their functionality and durability justify the price tag.

Always buy from a trusted manufacturer like Bono Hair to get hair toppers at wholesale prices. Shop with an authentic manufacturer to offer your customers a great quality product at competitive rates.

Customers believe in raving reviews and word of mouth. One negative experience can cause compromised clientele, so avoid the risk of losing customers and purchase high-end hair toppers at factory rates from Bono’s hair.

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How to Choose a Hair Topper?
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Numerous types of hair toppers are now obtainable. Providing good hair toppers to consumers requires extensive market research, authentic supplier, and deep knowledge of customer requirements.

Go through these types of hair toppers to offer customers just what they need and turn them into your lifetime buyers.

⮚ Monofilament Hair Toppers 

Ideal for the initial stages of hair thinning, monofilament hair toppers provide a narrower base cap. A monofilament topper is ideal for women looking for a better solution to hide hair thinning. In a monofilament topper, the hair strands are hand-tied to the base cap, making it easier for the consumer to part hair for styling.

A monofilament hair topper provides a more realistic-looking experience. The hair knots mimic naturally grown hair along the hairline, making it an ideal choice for customers who demand something that invisibly blends in their natural hair. Hair strands are tightly and closely knotted in a monofilament hair topper compared to other toppers with different bases, or the hair strands are sewn by machine.

Additional Features

  1. Versatile
  2. Durable
  3. Light texture
  4. Hand-tied hair knots
  5. Almost invisible base cap
  6. Allow natural-looking hair parting for various hairstyles.

⮚ Lace Base Hair Toppers 

Lace base hair toppers have a base cap that is of lightweight lace material. The lace material is breathable and airy; therefore, these types of toppers are ideal for those having a sensitive scalp. Lace base hair toppers also provide good coverage, but hair knots could be machine-made, making them less ideal for different hairstyles. Good quality lace-based hair toppers have base caps that are light in color, so the cap becomes almost undetectable from the naked eye.

Additional Features 

  1. Durable
  2. Light as a feather
  3. Medium to full coverage
  4. Invisible base cap
  5. Comfortable against the scalp
  6. Good for sensitive scalp

⮚ Silk-Base Hair Toppers 

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As the name shows, silk base hair toppers have base caps that are of silk material. These caps are excellent for progressive balding or hair thinning as they provide full coverage. The base cap is made of high-quality lace and silk material, which feels very smooth against the natural hair and does not cause any damage. The silk base hair topper is slightly expensive. It can be called a luxurious experience of wearing a hair topper.

The base cap is extremely smooth. Therefore, silk base hair toppers are ideal for consumers who wear the hair topper for more than twelve hours daily.

Additional Features 

  1. Luxurious feel
  2. Undetectable base cap
  3. Natural-looking hairline
  4. Smooth and comfortable experience
  5. Slightly expensive
  6. Provides medium to full coverage
  7. Hair strands may or may not be hand-tied

⮚ Synthetic Hair Toppers

Apart from the base type, hair toppers also differ in terms of hair strands’ material. Two distinct types of hair toppers are available when it comes to the material of hair strands. One of them is synthetic hair toppers. Synthetic hair has hair strands that are made with synthesized plastic.

The hair texture looks natural and does not give a fake plastic appearance unless the hair topper is of cheap quality.

Additional Features

  1. Less expensive than human hair toppers
  2. Made with high-quality synthetic fiber hair
  3. Hair texture looks and feels natural
  4. Longer lifespan.
  5. Durable

⮚ Human Hair Toppers 

Women’s Hair Thinning Solution 2021_ Hair Toppers (7)

Human hair toppers are made with natural human hair that is hand-tied to the base caps. These toppers look more natural since the hair used in their construction is 100% real human hair. It requires more care than synthetic toppers; however, human hair toppers are more realistic looking. Human hair toppers are best suited to customers who do not appreciate the look and feel of synthetic fiber and demand a hair replacement unit that is genuinely natural.

Human hair toppers can easily be styled with heating tools. Spraying hair protectants is recommended before styling as the heat can damage natural hair texture.

Additional Features 

  1. More realistic looking
  2. Durable
  3. Heat-friendly fiber
  4. Versatile
  5. Offers longer lifespan
  6. Natural-looking hairline


Best Human Hair Toppers

A versatile hair topper is one of the best choices to hide hair thinning in specific regions. It helps combat hair thinning by providing full coverage to the areas where the scalp is visible and excessively compromised hair density.

When women invest in hair toppers, their main concern is durability. If the hair topper will last longer or soon start shedding hair strands, it is one of the greatest concerns. Some hair toppers lose their density and texture after a couple of washes. This kind of low-quality washes affect women’s trust, and they may not repurchase from you. This could also be the reason why you are losing customers to your competitors in the market.

Bono hair makes exclusive hair toppers. These comfortable women’s hair toppers for hair thinning could last for years under proper maintenance. Some of the best-selling hair toppers are listed below:

  1. WTP003 Silk-base Parting Hair Topper in Stock
  2. WTP002 PU-base Parting Hair Topper in Stock
  3. EVA Silk-base Hair Topper
  4. ZOE Skin-injection Top with Machine-made Weft Hair Topper
  5. WTP006 Silk-base Hair Topper for Crown Area
  6. LOLA Skin-base with Injection Hair Topper
  7. WTP007 Silk-base with Monofilament Hair Topper

Here are the product details and features of each product to walk you through the qualities and exquisite details. This guide will help you select the right product for your valuable clients.


WTP003 Silk-base Parting Hair Topper in Stock

Women’s Hair Thinning Solution 2021_ Hair Toppers (12)



The silk hair topper is made with high-quality hair strands and base cap fabric to provide the consumers with a comfortable and neat experience every day. The hair toppers come with pre-installed clip-ins to easily secure the topper above the crown, adding the sporting strength of an additional hairpiece. 

Additional Features

⮚ Silk top base construction with 1/4″ Pu coating all around

⮚ Base size is 5″ x2.75″

⮚ Mongolian hair strands provide glossy and voluminous shine

⮚ Hair length is approximately 14.”

⮚ Hair density is medium.

⮚ Hair texture mimics a naturally straight look.

⮚ Hair strands are strong enough to be styled with heating tools 

⮚ Available in more than twelve exciting shades 

⮚ Provides head coverage from Parting and Top

⮚ Easy application with 3 pre-installed clip-ins 


WTP002 PU-base Parting Hair Topper in Stock 

Women’s Hair Thinning Solution 2021_ Hair Toppers (13)



This extra-durable hair topper is ideal for women facing first stage hair thinning as it provides parting area coverage. The topper beautifully sits flatly above the crown, covering the visible scalp areas, while hair strands blend in with the natural hair to provide a naturally fuller look. 

Additional Features 

⮚ PU-type base construction with 1/4″ ribbon back and sides

⮚ The base size is 4.75*2″

⮚ Durable Mongolian Hair

⮚ Hair length is approximately 14″

⮚ Parting area coverage for first stage hair thinning 

⮚ Straight hair texture can be styled with heating tools

⮚ Available in more than twelve beautiful colors 

⮚ Complete Top head coverage 

⮚ Easy application with 3 pre-installed clip-ins

⮚ Clip-in system protects against damage to natural hair


EVA Silk-base Hair Topper 

Women’s Hair Thinning Solution 2021_ Hair Toppers (14)



The most sought-after hair unit by customers is this hair topper made with Chinese virgin hair. It is perfect for women who want closer to natural hair topper experience and do not want to feel like wearing something additional while roaming around with their topper on. For customers who always ask for a high-end hair topper, this one undoubtedly provides the best solution. 

Additional Features 

⮚ Full silk base construction 

⮚ Different base sizes to choose from 8*13 cm, 12*14 cm, 15*16 cm

⮚ Hair type is premium quality Chinese virgin hair

⮚ Hair length ranges from 12″ to 14″, as per requirement 

⮚ 130% hair density to provide better coverage and hair volume 

⮚ Straight hair texture can be styled with heat tools

⮚ Natural black color 

⮚ Top and crown head coverage 

⮚ Easy application method with 4 pre-built pressure-sensitive clip-ins


ZOE Skin-injection Top with Machine-made Weft Hair Topper 

Women’s Hair Thinning Solution 2021_ Hair Toppers (15)


Women who do not want to tell the world they are wearing a hair topper shall wear this elegant hair replacement system that is crafted with natural-looking Chinese virgin hair to give a fancier yet realistic look. This topper provides maximum coverage to help women hide hair thinning beautifully without costing them a fortune. Invest in this topper if you want to give your customers one of the best hair toppers for hair thinning. 

Additional Features 

⮚ Injection skin top and machine made weft back base construction

⮚ The base size is 6*6″

⮚ The hair type is Chinese virgin hair

⮚ Hair length can be selected from 16″,18″, or 20″

⮚ 130% hair density for a fuller look

⮚ Straight hair texture which can be further styled with heat tools

⮚ Available in six gorgeous hair colors to pick from

⮚ Top and crown head coverage

⮚ 4 pressure-sensitive clip-ins are pre-installed for smooth application


WTP006 Silk-base Hair Topper for Crown Area

Women’s Hair Thinning Solution 2021_ Hair Toppers (16)



If you are constantly receiving queries from customers going through severe hair thinning or hair loss above the crown, satisfy their queries with the help of this exquisitely tailored hair topper for women facing hair thinning. This piece is made with a rounded cap and six supporting clip-ins to help women secure the hair piece in place all day long. 

Additional Features 

⮚ Silk top base construction with 1/2″ NPU around and 1/8″ folded lace front

⮚ The base size is 6*7″

⮚ The Mongolian hair type for extra volume

⮚ Hair length varies from 12″,14″,16″,18″, to 20″

⮚ Hair density is 130% for a voluminous look

⮚ Straight hair texture that can be styled with heat tools

⮚ Five beautiful hair colors are available in this particular hair topper

⮚ Head coverage from Top and Crown

⮚ Clip-in application method with six pre-installed pressure sensitive clips encircling the base cap


LOLA Skin-base with Injection Hair Topper

Women’s Hair Thinning Solution 2021_ Hair Toppers (15)



For customers requiring extra neatness and a realistic look from the hairline and central parting, Lola is the best solution. It is tailored to perfection in such a way that central parting mimics the natural hairline providing the customers with the natural look and feel they expect from a hair topper.

Additional Features 

⮚ Injection skin top and machine made weft back base construction

⮚ Base size: 6*6″

⮚ Chinese virgin hair has been utilized in the construction of this hair unit.

⮚ Hair length ranges from 16″,18″, to 20″

⮚ Hair density is 130% thick

⮚ Straight hair texture that can be styled with heat tools

⮚ Six hair colors are available to choose from

⮚ Top and crown head coverage for a fuller look

⮚ The application method is clip-in with 4 pre-installed pressure-sensitive clips around the corners of the base cap.


WTP007 Silk-base with Monofilament Hait Topper

Women’s Hair Thinning Solution 2021_ Hair Toppers (18)



This product with a silk and monofilament base is specifically designed for women suffering the second stage of hair loss. Severe hair thinning can be beautifully masked with the help of this gorgeous hair topper. It provides high coverage so that customers can flaunt off a healthier and fuller natural hair look. 

Additional Features 

⮚ Silk top base construction parting with monofilament in middle

⮚ 1/2″ PU-coated in front with folded lace in front

⮚ 1/2″ cloth ribbon at the back and sides

⮚ Base size is 16cmx18cm

⮚ Mongolian hair is used in the construction

⮚ Hair length is approximately 12″

⮚ Hair density is 130% for a voluminous look

⮚ Hair texture is straight, but hair can be styled with heat tools

⮚ 3 beautiful hair colors are available

⮚ Head coverage is from top and crown

⮚ 4 pressure-sensitive Clip-in are attached for a secure fit

⮚ Adhesives can also be used for added strength

Note: all Bono hair toppers are available at wholesale rates. Click HERE to get a free quote now!


Human hair toppers with highlights

Women like to be adventurous with their hair color. A single color ultimately starts looking boring after some time, and many women want to add highlights or low-lights. Often customers ask if they can add highlights to their hair toppers or visit salon owners requesting a hair topper that has built-in highlights.

There is certainly no need to invest in a new hair topper- provided the current hair topper is reliable enough to stand hair dye like the ones made by Bono hair. Just take the hair topper and place it carefully on a stand.

Divide the hair into sections and dye the strands. Wrap the hair sections in foil, and voila! Here is your new hair topper with highlights. It is that simple and easy.

Buying a hair topper that is one shade lighter than the original hair can also give a beautiful two-toned look. Avoid bleaching the hair topper, as bleaching can damage the texture and tailoring of the hair topper. Bleach contains more harsh chemicals than hair dye; therefore, it is not recommended at all, neither for hair toppers nor natural hair.


How to Make a Hair Topper Look Natural?
Women’s Hair Thinning Solution 2021_ Hair Toppers (6)

Hair toppers are a perfect accessory for those who want a quick and natural solution for women’s hair loss. Those who are new at wearing hair replacement units shall start with hair toppers.

Hair toppers provide a more comfortable solution than high-density wigs, which look unnatural unless the wearer is a pro at wearing them. Beginners can easily install hair toppers above the crown, especially those made with built-in clips. The apprehension, however, is often about the unnatural look instead of a secure fit.

To make a hair topper look incredibly natural, these tips and tricks give proven benefits. Make your customers follow these and gain their trust for a lifetime.

⮚ Don’t settle for less until you find a perfect match. 

Always find a hair topper that resembles natural hair colour perfectly. A perfect fit blends in smoothly, and it becomes hard for the viewers to notice any difference. Hair toppers are now available in numerous shades, and finding the perfect match is not that hard. It only requires an extra effort, and the action is worth your time to find a quintessential piece.

⮚ Add a personal touch. 

Hair toppers should resemble the pre-topper phase in texture and styling; otherwise, people notice a huge difference. Those with wavy textured hair shall invest in toppers with the same texture or hair strands that can be styled with heating tools to achieve a closer look. The same goes for those having straight or curly hair.

⮚ Customization is the key. 

Add a chunky highlight, a subtle low-light, styling accessory, or any other touch to the hair topper that would resemble a signature hairstyle. A customized hair topper gives a more natural look.


  How to make a hair topper hairline look natural?
Women’s Hair Thinning Solution 2021_ Hair Toppers (4)
⮚ Lesser the density higher the realistic look 

Hair toppers usually have a medium density to provide full coverage to hair thinning. The hair knots on a thick topper mimics a hairline that has voluminous hair; however, most of us do not have these types of hairlines, which makes the change noticeable for others.

Carefully pick out a couple of strands from the central or side parting with the help of a tweezer to show off a natural hairline in which the scalp is a bit visible.

⮚ Conceal the knots for a natural look 

Picking out knots can damage the hair topper, especially if a beginner follows this step without proper guidance. To be on the safer side, concealing also works wonders. Take a small blending brush, dip it in a concealer, and gently conceal the knots along the hairline on a topper to create a less dense look. This is a relatively safer alternative to a natural-looking hairline along with bouncy locks.


Hair Toppers Maintenance

How often should you wash a hair topper?

Women’s Hair Thinning Solution 2021_ Hair Toppers (4)

Hair topper washing depends on the frequency and intensity of its usage. Those who use the hair topper daily for 10-12 hours must wash it every four weeks, while those who wear a topper the whole day need to wash it every two weeks for good hygiene. 

 Dirt and debris accumulate on the base cap and in the hair strands, making the hair topper look dull and unhealthy. Improper washing can cause the hair topper to frizz out. Therefore, routine care is mandatory for a shinier and glossy hair topper. 

 Never use regular shampoos, conditioners, or hair masks upon hair toppers. Invest in good-quality shampoo and leave-in conditioners specifically formulated for hair toppers as these are gentler products with fewer chemicals. 

 Soak the hair topper in a tub or sink for the recommended time, then rinse the residue gently with cold water. Place the topper on a strand and let it air dry. If you plan on blow-drying the hair topper, always do it on a low heat setting to ensure a longer lifespan of the topper. 

Can you sleep in a hair topper?

Women’s Hair Thinning Solution 2021_ Hair Toppers (2)

Sleeping in a hair topper is strictly prohibited. The built-in hair clips or adhesives could prove to be damaging for natural hair while tossing and turning in the bed at night. Removing the topper before sleeping is beneficial for both natural as well as topper hair.

Sleeping with a hair topper on can cause the hair to be tangled, which is a nightmare. Tangled toppers look frizzy, and friction also causes the hair to look frizzy; therefore, the hair topper must be removed before bedtime.

Additionally, the scalp requires oxygen for the natural hair regrowth cycle, and the base cap of the hair topper could hinder this process. Hence, removing the hair topper before sleeping is a must. Like makeup, a hair topper is also an added substance for the natural skin to bear with; therefore, one must remove it at all costs to let the skin breathe freely at night.



The rapidly changing human lifestyle is a major contributing factor behind fast-paced life. Instant is the new trend for people who need quick solutions to every problem, from food to fashion.

Hair thinning is also one of those issues. Previously women used to hide their hair thinning, and talking about it was considered taboo. The increasing rate of hair thinning in women made the industry address the elephant in the room; hence, they started becoming vocal about it.

Medications, homemade masks or oils, and hair care products consume a lot of time and effort before producing desirable outcomes, even though these solutions are relatively cheaper. Cosmetic treatments are quick to give results. However, their affordability raises a big question for the sufferers.

Therefore, most women are turning towards hair toppers for hair thinning problems. These toppers do not cost an arm and leg and also provide an instant hair thinning solution. Women can wear it like any other fashion accessory within minutes.

Bono hair manufactures the best women’s hair toppers to provide wholesalers, distributors, salon owners, and other business personals a chance to supply their customers a bewildering experience of using the best hair toppers for hair thinning. Your random visitors will become your lifetime customers after receiving the high-end quality, durability, and most affordable hair toppers from you.

Do not disappoint your customers and lose sales by purchasing low-quality hair toppers. Instead, buy with Bono hair and get premium quality at wholesale prices.

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