Best Hairstyles For Older Men With Thinning Hair

Best Hairstyles for Older Men with Thinning Hair (14)

Hair thinning can make anyone less confident and insecure, even if they are best dressed. Do you know? According to WebMD, about 85% of men will have major hair thinning by the time they’re 50. Unfortunately, some guys start to lose theirs before they turn 21. 

Having a proper hairstyles for older men makes you look full of life even when you are older. Therefore, it is crucial to know about older mens hairstyles thinning hair, a beneficial hair replacement system, and the best hairstyles for older men with thinning hair to look well-preserved. So, let’s start.

Hair Loss in Men. Average Age?
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As a person grows old, hair thinning starts. The reasons can be hereditary hair loss, androgenetic alopecia, and pattern hair loss. By the age of 35, 40% of men suffer from noticeable hair loss. Furthermore, 53% of men from age 40 to 49 have moderate to extensive increased PHML Male-Pattern Hair Loss. While at the age of 60, 65% of men lose hair. In easy words, from the early forties to the late fifties is the average age where men suffer from noticeable hair loss.

This type of hair thinning is natural and happens because of heredity. For example, if a man’s family’s men lose hair at a specific elder age, then he has the chance to lose hair around the same years. This type of hair loss is not alarming; it happens because hair follicles do not allow hair to grow quickly or not at all. 

However, hair loss can also happen because of health conditions and medication. 

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Health Conditions That Can Cause Hair Loss:

Hair loss in older men is caused naturally or inherited and is a health condition that can be the reason.

  • Thyroid Issue: 

The thyroid creates hormones that control the crucial functions of the body. When the thyroid does not perform properly, it slows metabolism, affecting the whole body and the hair. Therefore, it can’t cause intensive hair loss. But if a thyroid issue becomes serious, one can face large chunks of hair fall. However, after treatment for it, hair loss usually stops. 

  • Alopecia Areata: 

After thyroid, alopecia areata is another autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss. Alopecia areata attack hair follicles and hair will fall in small patches, which usually unnoticed in the beginning. Treatment for this disease can help hair grow hair back or stop future hair fall.

  • Diabetes: 

Whether a person has ‘type 1’ (a genetic disorder) or ‘type 2’ (diet-related or develops over time) diabetes, both conditions cause stress to the person that leads to hair loss. But type 2 disease is the reason for hormonal imbalance, which certainly results in hair loss. Hair loss caused by diabetes can be improved. 

  • Iron Deficiency: 

Not taking good care of diet or not checking upon health causes iron deficiency which can not be intense if checked upon at a time, and the hair will grow back after treatment to fulfill that deficiency.

  • Unhealthy Diet:

Eating greasy food like burgers and French fries and drinking carbonated drinks and alcohol on a frequent basis cause hair loss. Because eating not healthy food causes vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, weakens the hair, leads to hair breakage, and hair regrows slower. Your diet should contain Zinc, Copper, Iron, Biotin, Vitamin A, B, B6, B12, and C. Eating fish, chicken, and all types of fruits and vegetables will solve the deficiencies hair will regrow.


Medications That Can Cause Hair Loss:
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When a man gets older, not only do health problems lead to hair loss, but also the medication used to treat it also causes hair loss. 

  • Heart Problem: 

To treat heart problems, traditionally, blood thinners are prescribed, which cause hair loss. That blood thinner is anticoagulants, and according to NCBI, traditional anticoagulants are thought to cause hair loss through telogen effluvium.

  • Cancer Treatment:

For effective cancer treatment, chemotherapy is suggested. The purpose of this treatment is to target cell production to stop spreading and cure cancer. But, unfortunately, during this, cells that help in hair formation are also destroyed. That’s how cancer treatment is the reason for hair loss.

A person can ask their doctor to wear a cooling cap before, during, and after chemotherapy if a person wants to decrease the risk of hair fall. 

  • Arthritis:

Arthritis is inflammation of joints and is of various types. Medicines used to treat this can cause hair loss. For example, according to, a medicine, methotrexate, causes hair loss in 1 to 3% of people because it stops the cell from growing, affecting hair cells.

  • Depression and High Blood Pressure: 

ACE inhibitors, a class of medicines used to treat high blood pressure, contain captopril and lisinopril, known to cause hair loss. In addition, anti-depression treatment medicine contains telogen effluvium and anagen effluvium; these two are widely known for drug-induced hair loss. 

It is possible for hair to grow back when you stop certain medications that cause hair loss but may take long. Don’t just stop using the medicine, thinking it can be the cause of hair loss. Instead, ask the doctor who prescribed it if it can cause hair loss and proceed completely with their suggestion. 


How to Slow Hair Loss and Protect Hair from Thinning?

Applying products containing Biotin, Vitamin C, and silica to the hair follicles benefits them and slows down hair thinning and hair loss. 

Also, it is very natural and obvious to have vitamins and nutrients deficiency in older age. So, taking a balanced Mediterranean diet, a diet that suits your health condition and fulfills all deficiencies will be a great choice in preventing hair loss.

To avoid hair thinning, use olive oil. It will help slow genetic hair loss and protect hair from dryness and associated hair breakage. Applying olive oil for slowing hair loss and thinning is straightforward. Just take some tablespoons of olive that you can apply to all hair. Then, apply directly on the hair, massage for a few minutes, and let it remain in the hair for 30 minutes or overnight before washing.


Hair Replacement System / Hairstyles for Older Men

If one is losing sleep thinking about the hair loss that happened, then it’s time to go for hair replacement. Two types of hair replacement systems for men are here to hide hair loss and cover your head with gorgeous hair. The first is a surgical hair replacement, and the second is a non-surgical hair replacement system. 

Surgical Hair Replacement:
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If a man has balding spots or hair thinning, he is considered a candidate for a surgical hair replacement system if there is enough healthy hair at the back and sides of his head.

If you have hair thinning or balding spots at other places of your head, your dermatologist or plastic surgeon will tell you if you are a candidate for a surgical hair replacement system.

What is a surgical hair transplant, and how much does it cost?

Hair transplant costs from $5000 to $15000 per session in which surgical graft procedure (moving tissue from one site to another on the body) is used. It is a kind of donating hair follicles from one side of the scalp to another side. More sessions are decided if one wants more thick hair on the scalp or there’s an area left to be covered with live hair follicles.

The price of a surgical hair transplant depends on many factors; first, the amount of hair you are moving means the extent of the hair transplant procedure; second, chosen surgical technique; third, availability of surgeons in your region; and fourth, the experience of the surgeon.

Different Methods of Surgical Hair Transplant:

Hair transplant is done either by follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). In FUSS, the surgeon cuts a 6 to 10 inches strip of skin from the back of the head. The scalp is sewed, and the taken strip of skin is divided into tiny grafts. Then the head is prepared and numbed for graft insertion. While in FUE, the process starts after shaving the back of the head, and the doctor takes the follicles one by one from there. Healing that area is not a problem. The insertion process for methods of hair transplant is the same. 

In this, the surgeon takes micro, mini, and large hair grafts from the scalp part where hair grows and inserts them to the holes or slits, he has made on the area where hair transplant is needed. First, single hair grafts are inserted at the hairline to make it look natural and soft. Then mini and large hair shafts are installed respectively to make the head look gradually denser and give the head natural hair growth effect.

The surgery process can take longer than 8 hours. However, doctors let the person go home on the same day. Surgery time also depends on how large an area you want to cover and how dense you want it. There may be several sessions and breaks between them to heal. The entire process may take 2 years, but one can always ask the doctor in advance how long it will take. 

Recovery After Hair Transplant:

After the first two days of hair transplant, there will be pain and swelling. Also, much of the transplanted hair will fall out in the first few weeks, which is normal. After that, they will start growing within 4 months at normal speed, which is half an inch every month. 

Are There Any Risks/Disadvantages Involved in Surgical Hair Transplant?

According to WebMD, surgical hair transplant is generally considered safe, but it has some risks involved:

  • Bleeding 
  • Infection
  • Some scarring
  •  Patchy hair growth (which is corrected)
  • Grafts that fail to take (means repeating the surgery)
  • Among many other risks, any kind of surgery or a medical transplant has the risk of unnatural-looking hair growth.


Non-surgical Hair Transplant System
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Losing a hundred hair strands a day is normal. However, if your hair loses at an extremely fast rate, then you might want to have a safer option because surgical hair replacement can lead to several health issues. 

When dealing with hair loss and finding a solution to it, most men find medical or surgical hair replacement sounds unappealing, hurting, or expensive. Then a non-surgical hair transplant system is an excellent option for them.

What Is a Non-surgical Hair Transplant System?

As the term suggests, it is a solution to hair loss that does not involve surgery. Moreover, it refers to the small range of products applied or worn to replicate hair or hide MPHL (Male Pattern Hair Loss). 

The “System” word used in “non-surgical hair transplant system” is a modern or fancy word for toupee or wigs. Simply, if you don’t want to undergo surgery, opt for a non-surgical hair transplant system. 

These wigs and toupee are not like traditional ones of old times that can be detectable. Now they come in a wide variety that looks natural and virtually impossible to detect that one is wearing a toupee.

If you purchase a cheap hair replacement, you will find a stock system or hairpiece in human and synthetic hair with different lengths and colors that contain a polyurethane base that sits against the scalp. 

If you purchase synthetic/artificial hair toupee, it will look artificial. Therefore, purchase one made with human hair to blend with your hair and be cut to harmonize your natural hair by a stylist.

While at a high-end scale, there is a ‘custom hair replacement system’ that can be exactly as your hair color, type, style, and shape of your head. The custom hair replacement system is highly convincing and realistic. 

The Benefits of a Non-surgical Hair Transplant System:
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  • Price: Compared to surgical hair replacement or a transplant, purchasing and wearing a non-surgical hair transplant system is much less priced and affordable. 
  • Convenient: Surgical hair transplant has a recovery time of 1 to 2 weeks. While, on the other hand, as the non-surgical hair transplant system is installed, you find it more quick, convenient, and painless. 
Some Points to Consider When Getting a Hair Replacement System 
  • Quality: A non-surgical hair replacement can be of poor quality and inconvenient. According to the American hair loss association, 70 percent of men have reported negative reviews about non-surgical hair replacement. That’s why only purchase toupees from trustable hair suppliers. 
  • Longevity: Purchasing low-priced men’s hair replacement may not be durable, and one needs to spend money repeatedly, and its total is not a pleasurable amount to spend. Therefore, picking a durable, high-quality, and trustable non-surgical hair replacement system supplier is wise.
Benefits Of Non-Surgical Hair System Versus Surgical Hair Transplant: Which One Is Better?
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Here we will take some key points and compare surgical hair replacement and non-surgical hair replacement to help you choose the suitable one for you. 

  • Quick Results: 

In a surgical hair transplant, a man has to wait for recovery from it for 2 to 3 weeks, and then new natural hair growth starts, which is half an inch each month. So, if a man is already dealing with anxiety and stress because of hair loss and proceeds to have a surgical hair transplant, he must have the courage to wait at least two years to have a considerable amount of hair. 

On the other hand, if one wants instant relief from the stress of hair thinning or loss, he must go for non-surgical hair replacement. It gives instant results. He will enter the salon as an almost bald man and come out as a new person with an abundance of hair on his head. 

  • Painful or Painless: 

One of the significant reasons that men avoid surgical hair transplants is the procedure. As you read above, there is a need to cut down the strip of skin (that is divided into grafts) to be placed at where a man is balding, and then the doctor stitches the skin together from where the skin strip is taken. Then comes the grafts insertion part; blood shows up on the scalp as a dot when a graft is inserted. A person can feel lingering pain for days or weeks. In some cases, an infection can develop. 

While non-surgical hair replacement is completely painless and does not cause any pain after installing it or when remaining installed. Moreover, it will not cause any kind of infection. 

  • Mysterious or not: 

In a surgical hair transplant, whether the surgeon discusses the procedure and steps that will be taken during and after the transplant, there is still ambiguity as to whether it works to grow back hair without any worry. Therefore, people hesitate to opt for it because it will take time, money, and there’s still uncertainty whether new hair will resemble the original hair on the scalp. 

On the other hand, men selecting non-surgical hair transplant systems found it more relaxed. Because they can look and determine the system (toupee) and determine if that’s the look they want or want to choose another toupee, the point is they know in advance what they are getting and what the results will be.

  • Cost: 

As you know, generally, a surgical hair transplant cost ranges from $5000 to $15000, and this amount needs to be paid repeatedly depending on the longevity and results of the transplant. Paying this much amount many times makes it highly expensive to afford. Moreover, a surgical hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure, and health insurance companies will not pay for it.

Comparatively, non-surgical hair transplant systems will be more affordable. Moreover, you need to only pay once for a system. It will last for months before it needs to be reinstalled or replaced.

Concluded Benefits of a Non-surgical Hair Replacement System: 

Non-surgical hair replacement systems are easier to apply, comfortable to wear, not much expensive, and have a high chance of giving desirable results without any pain to bear. Concluded benefits inform that it’s no wonder that men prefer non-surgical hair replacement systems.


Men’s Stock Hair System

The stock system is a type of non-surgical hair replacement system. The stock hair system is an already created hairpiece that you offer to your client. There may be the impression that the stock system may not look very natural. If so, you don’t meet the high-quality manufacturers. Our product like BH2 is a lace hair system with a full French lace base design and hand-made stitching all over. It has several benefits that will benefit your customers and help you gain their trust to purchase again. 

Realistic Hairline: 
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A realistic and undetectable hairline is what a system wearer wants. That’s why business people always have an eye on purchasing hairpieces with natural hairlines. As a men’s hair system manufacturer, we always care about that and produce a system that has a natural hairline, and hair gets gradually denser for an excellent top appearance. 

For this purpose, we use single split knots that are smaller and better for bleaching for the first half-inch of the system. In the delivered hairpiece, we will bleach all knots for its undetectable hairline.

High-Quality Imported Base Material:
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Customer demands for a hair system that is comfortable too. To make it easier to satisfy your customer, we create hairpieces with the best imported French lace. 

French lace is lightweight, ultra-thin, and comfortable to wear. Moreover, its material is lightweight, so if your customer/client sweat a lot, want to avoid suffocation on the scalp, or exercise daily, then nothing is better than a French lace men’s hair system. 

Best Quality Hair:
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Hair is the only thing for which your client comes to you, and that’s what is visible to the world. So, it is important to give them the best of its quality. With an undetectable French lace base, we import the best quality Indian raw hair to install on men’s hair systems.

Indian hair is known for its flexibility, softness and we use 100% Indian human hair in our men’s stock hair system. You must purchase if you never want to get a complaint from your customer.

Different Shades:

It’s a thing of the past when every second person who buys stock systems has the same hair color, and every third person has the same hairstyle and color as yours if you both buy from the same store. 

That’s why, to give a person a unique appearance and a special feel, we bring stock men’s stock hair system in different grey shades for older men. We are sure to give your client various options, and they will not go out of your store without purchasing anything supplied by us. 


Men’s Stock Hair System That We Offer
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We are a Men’s Lace Toupee Hair Replacement System Manufacturer. Our BH2 product has a French lace base with light support stitching all around and has half-inch extended French lace around the edge without hair, which helps in perfect installation. 

Its base size is 8 x10 inches that you can cut down easily to any size according to your client’s needs. Moreover, our stock hair system has hair of 5 to 6 inches with medium density and natural curls pattern of 30mm. And the hair direction on a hairpiece, is freestyle. So, when hair got installed, it will look like a person’s natural hair, and cutting and styling your client’s hair to make them look a new person gives them an overwhelming feeling of perfection.

Go to See Men’s Stock System

Custom Hair System for Men
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Custom hair systems are not already created hairpieces but are created upon request that can only fulfill the needs of a specific client. So, if you think a stock hair system can not fulfill your client’s needs, you can purchase a custom hair system for men. Making a custom hair system is like making something from scratch. For making a perfect hair system, it is required to give attention to each detail. That’s why making it takes longer, but you will feel that the end product is worth the time. 

First, according to the measurement of the client’s head thinning area, the exact template of their scalp is created. We created it with a thin mesh that made the base look like skin. Created template of the scalp will only perfectly fit to whom it is created for. We keep an eagle eye on details regarding the shape and contours of one’s unique scalp because it’s the only thing that assures that a custom system will perfectly fit a client. 

Next, we use all our expertise to choose the hair with the same waviness, curliness, straightness, color, texture to match the custom system’s hair with the client’s hair. Moreover, the density of hair is also taken into consideration. For example, if a person has thin hair all over the head, but he is almost getting bald on top, then placing a Custom System with the thickest density will only make the person look unnatural. 

Furthermore, not everyone has the thickest hair, even in the prime time (young age) of their life. Therefore, we take the density into consideration to make it as realistic as it could be. Therefore, our custom system looks ultra-natural and impossible to detect. 


Do We Offer a Custom Hair System for You?

Yes, we are supplying Custom Men’s Hair Systems. It is the best option for clients looking for a bespoke hair replacement system. If you own a brand or plan for it, custom hair systems from us are the best alternative to help men and women and highlight your name in the industry. We, Bono Hair, will be on a journey with you to grow by supplying a wide range of custom hair replacements. Not only do we care for your client’s hair density, hair color, hair type, and base size but also, we produce any complex base design easily with the help of our professional factory workers. 

Why not check out some samples of the custom hair system to help you decide now: Click here.

As you know, custom hair systems are made to order. Our workers work by hand on them carefully strand by strand to match one’s hair specification, e.g., hair density and other requirements. When the production line is ready, we will send you an approximate delivery date. Normally, it takes weeks to make a men’s custom hair system. However, you expect to have delivery between 7 to 8 weeks. If you want rush delivery, we will deliver the product in 5 to 6 weeks. If you want super rush delivery, we will deliver a men’s custom hair system in 4 weeks. 

Just contact us; we will be here to discuss what you want and how you want. Here is our phone number: +8617561788081

You want the perfect style for your customers. We are here to make it. No matter how specific and personalized the hair system you want, just inform us, we are the team men’s toupee designer, and with hundreds of combinations, we create the men’s system design with all focus on each hairpiece regardless of how personalized details for each piece are. A custom hair system takes more time and money than a stock hair system, but your client will know that it’s going to be worth it. If you are unsure of any correct details for your customers, we are here to help you with that. 

You can contact us via email: [email protected] for a quick response.


What’s Special with Us?
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We follow the highest quality standards and do the cost control when making each custom hair system for men. Our prices did not change since we opened; this allows you to get a custom hair system at wholesale prices. Each toupee is crafted by hand based on each client’s requirements that will meet your client’s expectations and give them an impeccable look.

While crafting a system, we care about:

  1. Economical Price 

  2. Convenience for system wearers

  3. Quality 

  4. Longevity


Why do We Declare to be the Best Non-surgical Hair Replacement System, Manufacturers?

For over 10 years, we have been in a non-surgical hairstyles for older men that speaks of our experience in making human hair toupees for men. During this period, we have provided non-surgical hair replacement to thousands of people and numerous businesses around the world. 

Reach our client’s stories: Click here.

We have highly expert workers and technicians who know the art of ventilation, base making, and hair processing deeply. As a result, we are confident that our completed products are impeccable that help you gain your client’s trust. 


Who Are We?

We are ‘Bono Hair,’ a China-based factory manufacturing wholesale men’s and women toupee. Our products are shipped worldwide and are especially popular in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. We are known for providing long-lasting, natural-looking hair toupees made by using the latest techniques. Not only do we offer businesses to select between a large range of stock toupees, but we also make custom hair system’s bulk orders at special rates.


10 Best Hairstyles for Older Men with Thinning Hair

As you read above, hair density is always considered either men’s stock or custom hair system. It means while cutting and making hairstyles for older men after installation, how long, short, or thick hair on the top of the head will suit your client. Therefore, it is not necessary that the hair system or toupee will give your client a thick hair head. However, if they now have a broader forehead or V-shaped point in the center of the forehead, you can satisfy them. So, we have brought the hairstyles for older men to make easy steps to satisfy your client’s expectations when they have thin hair. 

First of all, giving a haircut to older men does not mean it’s going to be a boring old man haircut. Mature men have grey hair with fewer edges and a receding hairline. It is still possible to give them unique and attractive hairstyles for older men according to their needs. 

Give your client classy yet cool modern gentleman hairstyles and tell them that the secret to being good-looking is to wear them properly with confidence.


1. The Textured Caesar: 
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For the particular hairstyle, hair is cut clipper short on sides and back and with finger length on top. This hairstyle is styled forward. This hairstyle creates a bit more texture in front, and that is great for your client if they start having a receding hairline. 

How to style: 

Avoid using a product that clumps their clients’ hair together like gel. It does not make your client look good but makes some bald spots more prominent. Instead, pick matt mud if the client wants no shine in the hair and get more control and texture. If they want to shine, pick styling cream. It will give hair desired direction and add texture too.


2. The Swept-back Pompadour:
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If your client has started losing their hair at the front, this hairstyles for older men will not be for them. But if they start losing hair from the crown of the head, this hairstyle is what they are looking for. In this hairstyle, you leave height and volume at the top and cut finger length or clipper length sides. If your client has thinner hair at the crown, go for a more tapered effect on the sides because it will make the top hair prominent at the top of the head. 

How to style: 

You will sweep back the hair over the head with height and volume with a blow dryer. This sweeping back the top head will cover the hair thinning and crown. After that, you can pick matt muds, pomade, styling cream, or gel, whatever you want to use. But please make sure that it does not clump their hair.


3. The Crew Cut: 
Best Hairstyles for Older Men with Thinning Hair (3)

Crew-cut is known as a short hairstyle for older men. However, the sides and back cut tapered with hair a little bit longer at the top while cutting it. It is the best hairstyle; if your client is losing hair or thinning hair all over the head, it will de-emphasize it. Actually, this hairstyle for older men create a contrast between temples and sides. This hairstyle for older men is perfect for bald spots, whether at the back or front.

How to style?

Apply your picked pomade or styling cream to the top of the head. You can comb it like a forward hairstyle, or you can give it a side-swept direction. 


4. Spiky Texture Haircut:
Best Hairstyles for Older Men with Thinning Hair (4)

In simple words, it is a spiky this hairstyles for older men but with a rough spiky texture at the top. This hairstyle will help your client if they have hair thinning at the top of their head. In addition, this hairstyle is trendy to give older men the confident look and vibe of a person who wants to live their life to the fullest. 

You will do the mid-fade cut to the sides and back of your client’s head. Then, while doing the mid-fade, make it gradually denser when you reach the top of the head.

How to style:

You need to create texture, volume with a good hold. First, you need to blow-dry the hair in the direction you want to create a spiky hairstyle. Then apply gel or pomade depending on the choice. After rubbing it between hands, do freestyle and gentle motions to apply. Insert fingers in hair and make upward movements and give the desired spike to the hair.


5. Side Part Hairstyles for Older Men:
Best Hairstyles for Older Men with Thinning Hair (5)




If your client has a high hairline or hair thinning on the head’s top, the side part hairstyle is best. It never goes out of style and is worn in different ways. It can be worn with tapered or faded sides and back of the head or with a nice amount of hair at the sides and the head’s back. 

How to style:

Create a partition line. Pick a part of hair on top of the head and blow dry in an outward, folding direction. Another easy thing is, blow dry hair in the opposite direction. For example, if you want to sweep the hair left, blow dry hair while combing in the right direction. This will create fluffiness and add much volume to the hair when left sweeping hair. In the end, comb with fingers or comb with a wider tooth vented brush for a more polished and natural look.


6. Short and Textured:
Best Hairstyles for Older Men with Thinning Hair (6)

Short and textured hair is an option for looking like a modern, professional, yet easy-going gentleman. For example, if your client has a receding hairline or bald front head or is experiencing hair thinning at the top. 

Short and textured hair for older men must have finger-length hair all over the head but a little more than finger-length hair at the top. Cut the hair slightly taper with a scissor on the sides back of the head. That’s what most gentlemen like, but however, you can always ask them if they want a fade or more tapered look. 

How to style:

Pick the water-based pomade, rub it between palms and work with fingers messily all over the head to create the perfect hairstyles for older men. 


7. Messy Crop:
Best Hairstyles for Older Men with Thinning Hair (7)



This hairstyle for older men is very similar to a French crop cut. However, this one is a little more casual and messy on top. This hairstyle for older men has a very heavy top and fades on the sides and back. It gives the look of an experienced, classy, and modern man. Moreover, this hairstyle is best for men with a high receding hairline and balding edges/temples. 

How to style: 

The idea is to cut and style the hair forward. First, spray some salt spray on the top hair and blow dry hair in a forwarding position. Then take a thin styling brush and roll out a part of the hair in a forwarding position when blow-drying. After doing this on all hair on top, use your hands to blend it and make it natural. Then pick the styling clay, rub it between hands and apply it in the hair, making upper and forward potions. It will make a perfect hairstyle for older men. 


8. Short Fringe or Parted Hair:
Best Hairstyles for Older Men with Thinning Hair (8)



In this hairstyle for older men, there is not very long hair on the top of the head, but it needs to be fuller. This hairstyle for older men is best if the client has hair thinning all over the head. It can be worn as a forward position or parted hairstyle. This will hide the temples and receding hairline. 

For this hairstyle for older men, you need to cut hair short on the sides but not tapered. The little bit of long hair at the top can be parted in such a way that it hides balding temples. Or, if your client is experiencing a receding hairline, make it a forward hairstyle. 

How to style: 

Pick a styling product like water-based pomade that is lightweight and provides medium hold. Comb hair in the desired position. Don’t go with an oil-based product; it will make bald spots see through the hair. 


9. Comb Over Older Mens Hairstyles Thinning Hair:
Best Hairstyles for Older Men with Thinning Hair (9)



This hairstyles for older men looks very modern and gives older men a fresh appearance. This older mens hairstyles thinning hair is achieved by giving the person a tapered, faded, and fuller look, and a hair partition place is decided. The lower back of the head has a faded look, and it gets tapered and gradually gets fuller when reaching the crown. On the sides of the head, hair is tapered. 

How to style?

On a medium-low heat setting, give the hair a proper direction. Then start combing hair upward and backward while blow-drying after that, do finger-combing after rubbing styling gel between hands in the same direction to give it a more natural and fuller look. 


10. Sleek Back Hair:
Best Hairstyles for Older Men with Thinning Hair (10)




This hairstyles for older men looks very modern and gives older men a fresh appearance. This older mens hairstyles thinning hair is achieved by giving the person a tapered, faded, and fuller look, and a hair partition place is decided. The lower back of the head has a faded look, and it gets tapered and gradually gets fuller when reaching the crown. On the sides of the head, hair is tapered. 

How to style:

Start on damp hair. Use a great hydrating oil, finger comb all hair to the back, from sides, and from the top. Use a hairdryer to smooth back all hair with a comb. Make sure to follow the brush with the hairdryer. Repeat this until the hair is completely dry. Then take a pomade, rub it between palms, and work with your hand to sleek back hair all over the head. Focus on the sides of the head, too, assure that sides are completely sleek back.



Older mens hairstyles thinning hair makes the biggest impression when someone looks at us for the first time. And balding happens to 85% of men in older age. However, it does not mean they cannot appear well-preserved anymore. Among many hair replacement systems and older mens hairstyles thinning hair, a non-surgical hair replacement system is the only one that provides instant results for sure without hurting the scalp and spending a lot of money. This non-surgical hair replacement system is basically a toupee for men. It can be a stock or custom system. An already created toupee is called a stock system, and a custom system is made to order after taking each detail of the man’s head’s measurement and hair details. 

If you get a professional consistent older mens hairstyles thinning hair supplier, you can start a business of helping men and women experiencing hair thinning or hair loss. If you already have a business, you can be in the spotlight in the industry. We, the Bono Hair, are here for this. 

With 10 years of experience in making hair replacement systems, we are confident that we will fulfill your demands and be your long-term older mens hairstyles thinning hair supplier. We provide stock and custom older mens hairstyles thinning hair crafted in our own factory based in Qingdao, China. The interesting thing, we focus on cost control even when making custom systems. It means you can remain to get a hair replacement system at wholesale prices. During the years of services till now, we have worked and are working with numerous clients, and they still pleasantly want to longer the collaboration. Because, according to WebMD, 70% of men give negative reviews about toupee, but with our handcrafted hairpieces, those businesses aren’t getting complaints. 

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