Basic Guide Of Cranial Prosthesis Aka Medical Wigs

Basic Guide of Cranial Prosthesis aka Medical Wigs (21)


The idea of losing hair is very potent, one of the most emotional things- anonymous.

Indeed it is true. No one has ever been able to make peace with the fact that natural hair will fall off for whatever reason. More baldness, hair thinning, or progressive hair loss is getting common; greater is the concern people show up on facing the initial signs of hair loss.

Hair loss treatments have expanded in the last few years. From cosmetic surgeries to organic hair repair solutions, a plethora of hair care products have been introduced into the market. People spend tons of money to cover baldness.

Hair replacement units like hairpieces, wigs, and hair extensions are also getting popular. These systems provide a better alternative to surgical cosmetic surgeries for hair regrowth, which many find expensive and unaffordable.

The type of hair replacement system depends upon the nature and underlying cause of hair loss. Cosmetic or fashion wigs are different from medical wigs. Regular fashion wigs serve the purpose of hiding basic to progressive hair thinning, whereas medical wigs are for those who have lost hair due to serious medical reasons.


Origin of Cranial Prosthesis

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A range of medical issues such as kidney problems, cancer, alopecia, thyroid, dermatitis, and scalp infections render the human scalp losing its natural tendency of growing and retaining hair strands. Ultimately the hair strands fall off and do not grow back at the same speed, causing baldness as a physical sign while shame and low self-esteem as an emotional impact.

Cancer, amongst all medical issues, is one of the foremost contributory causes. Radiation therapy or chemotherapy targets the immune cells of a human being, negatively impacting natural hair follicles and resulting in severe hair loss. Most people after chemotherapy have faced complete baldness.

Cancer patients could not make the most of cosmetic wigs due to their base cap material and the quality of hair strands. Chemotherapy makes the scalp extremely sensitive, due to which patients cannot wear regular wigs comfortably.

This dilemma called for manufacturing medical wigs designed explicitly for those subjected to hair loss due to medical reasons. These medical wigs in medical terms are referred to as Cranial Prosthesis.

If you have clients facing hair loss due to medical reasons or cancer, offer them cranial prostheses to make their lives easier. Your interest in this blog shows that you want to discover more about cranial hair prosthesis.

Here is a complete guide to understanding particular characteristics, functional horizons, and production of the cranial prosthesis. Go through it carefully and supply your customers with the best cranial prosthesis, aka medical wigs, at affordable rates.

Basic Guide of Cranial Prosthesis: Preview

  • What is a cranial prosthesis or medical wig?
  • Types of cranial prosthesis
  • Top Ten Benefits of Medical wigs?
  • Difference between the medical wig and other wigs
  • How to select a perfect medical wig
  • Where to buy medical wigs?
  • Medical Wigs Cost
  • Does Medical Insurance Cover Cranial Prosthesis Cost?
  • How to Increase the Lifespan of Cranial Prosthesis
  • Best medical wigs
  • Summary


What is a Cranial Prosthesis or Medical Wig?

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A wide range of medical problems causes natural human hair to fall off. The significant issues are cancer, alopecia, hyper or hypothyroidism, and trichotillomania. People who suffer from such illnesses use specialized hair systems called medical wigs or cranial prostheses.

Manufacturers call these hair systems medical wigs, while doctors or dermatologists highlight these hair units as cranial prosthesis. The cranial prosthesis is similar to a regular cosmetic wig in design; however, its structure differs. Manufacturing cranial prosthesis requires special training and certification in order to supply the patients or customers with carefully designed wigs.

Cranial prosthesis or medical wigs differ vastly in fabric selection, considering the scalp sensitivity of those requiring such hair units. Most illnesses that trigger hair loss also negatively impact the skin of the scalp. Scalp skin becomes sensitive to touch, and slight pressure can cause irritation, itching, or further damage. 

Medical wigs are made with lightweight material to give the wearer a wig that does not cause extra pressure over an already sensitive scalp.

Most cancer patients can wear the wig as soon as the chemotherapy is over. Cranial prosthesis saves the patients from the emotionally debilitating effects of baldness by creating an image that patients like. These hair systems allow the wearer to look at themselves in the mirror the way they did before catching an illness and losing their precious hair.

Dermatologists recommend medical wigs highly, so salon owners, distributors, and other online wig shop keepers shall keep a good stock of cranial prosthesis. Refer to these super comfortable wigs whenever your customers ask for a hairpiece that helps combat hair loss due to medical reasons.

Often people do not know the fundamental difference between the cranial prosthesis and fashion wigs. Fashion wigs can be uncomfortable for those having a sensitive scalp. Customers accuse wigs of being good-for-nothing and give low ratings even though the problem is instead with their selection. Here the type of wig is to be blamed.

Suggest such clients switch to a cranial prosthesis for an exciting and smooth wig-wearing experience. Medical wigs will protect their scalp, making them feel comfortable and confident hence, they would like to order more.


Types of Cranial Prosthesis

The cranial prosthesis further has two major types. The difference between the two types of the cranial prosthesis is its base material and fabric. Understanding the difference would help you recommend the one that suits your client perfectly.

  • Silk Top Medical Wig

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This type of medical wig is manufactured with silk and lace fabric. The base cap is of the softest lace fabric with small holes to increase the ventilation across the hair unit. Similar material is used in manufacturing the sides of the wig.

Hair strands are hand-tied to the base in order to maximize the realistic look of the hairpiece. Over the knotted hair strands, another small piece of silk is used to cover these knots. The purpose of this additional silk piece on top is to hide the unnatural hairline perfectly.

These medical wigs are most suited to people who have lost hair due to medical issues, and now they want a hair unit that does not look fake upon wearing. Clients who ask for a hairpiece closer to natural hair would love to receive silk top cranial prosthesis in their mail.

  • Monofilament Medical Wig

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The monofilament medical wigs are ideal for those who have a super sensitive scalp. When clients come to you in search of a hairpiece that could provide head covering without irritating the scalp, suggest a monofilament cranial prosthesis.

Monofilament wigs have a particular material in the center of the wig. This material is a gauze-like transparent and ultra-thin fabric to support lightweight and breathability. Hair strands in a monofilament piece are tied with the soft cloth, so this type of medical wig looks ultra-realistic.

  • Customized Medical Wigs

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Customized medical wigs are those which are made according to the demands and specifications given by a customer. Manufacturers like Bono Hair deal with customization of the cranial prosthesis in order to help distributors and salon owners retain clientele by providing exactly what the customer wants.

Natural hair texture, color, and density are the key elements of a customized medical wig. The wearer needs to give accurate detail regarding their hair color, texture, and density to receive a medical wig closely resembling their natural hair.

Some clients want their natural hair to be used in a medical wig which is also possible. For this purpose, clients need to send a bundle of their hair, packed carefully, to you, and you can send this bundle to us at Our cranial prosthesis specialists will convert this bundle into an elegant and durable medical wig for your valuable client. 


Top Ten Benefits of Medical Wigs?


Basic Guide of Cranial Prosthesis aka Medical Wigs (21)

Medical wigs do not only differ from fashion wigs in the structure but also serve numerous other benefits. Below are some of the benefits of the cranial prosthesis, making these wigs an ideal choice for patients and customers.

  1. Soft and Comfortable
  2. Undetectable Base
  3. Realistic Look
  4. Easy to Maintain
  5. Offers Versatility
  6. Boosts Self-esteem
  7. Made of Human Hair
  8. Tailored Stitching
  9. Silicone made Anti-slip Strap
  10. No Need to Apply Adhesives
  • Soft and Comfortable

Most people who have lost hair after contracting a medical illness cannot wear regular wigs comfortably. Traditional wigs are manufactured with synthetic poly material or any other fabric that is not soft enough. Fashion wigs are perfect for those who want to wear wigs temporarily or for aesthetic purposes. Those who wish to cover the head almost all day require more comfortable wigs.

Medical wigs, therefore, are manufactured with premium quality soft fabric. The fabric is either silk lace or monofilament transparent material to maximize comfort and breathability. These materials allow the oxygen to pass through the hair system and reach the scalp, protecting the scalp from damage or irritation. The softness of the fabric does not cause itchiness on the scalp as well.

  • Undetectable Base

Basic Guide of Cranial Prosthesis aka Medical Wigs (13)

Medical wigs are made to help users regain their confidence. The main point behind manufacturing cranial prosthesis is to mimic the natural hairline to the extent where it becomes undetectable. Once the wig is worn, no one around the wearer shall be able to tell the difference between real hair and wig.

The hair strands in a medical wig are either hand-tied to the base or injected in such a manner that the whole wig looks like a real scalp with naturally grown hair. The wearer can easily style the wig, choosing central or side parting.

  • Realistic Look

People who use wigs for aesthetic purposes such as Cosplay or Halloween often feel no shame in accepting that they are wearing fake hair; however, those who actually need hairpiece support do not want others to figure out their unnatural hair. Ironic, right?

Medical wigs are specially designed to help the sufferers wear wigs without facing the opinions and queries of people around them. Cranial prosthesis is always tailored to perfection in order to provide the users with a realistic-looking hairpiece. The hairpiece resembles natural hair so much that even the wearers seem to forget they are wearing an unnatural coat. 

  • Easy to Maintain

Medical wigs do not require extra care in the name of maintenance. Cosmetic surgeries or hair transplants have post-surgery care, adding in the cost of treatment, while cranial prosthesis proves to be a one-time investment only.

Medical wigs can be easily washed with mild wig cleaning formulas. There is no need to buy special cleaning agents or shampoos. Since medical wigs are made with natural human hair, it is suggested to use heat protectant spray before using heating tools or going out in the sun for a longer time. This will increase the lifespan of your cranial prosthesis.

  • Offers Versatility

Basic Guide of Cranial Prosthesis aka Medical Wigs (14)

You may come across a client who lost natural hair but now wants to try something different. Perhaps a new hair color or a new hairstyle. Medical wigs allow the wearer to enjoy the prestige of trying out new hair styling ways. Your customer may even ask to try on a different hair texture and choose kinky curly Afro hair over natural silky straight hair or vice versa.

Medical wigs help wearers fulfill their dream of having a head full of hair. These wigs can be referred to as a pure blessing in disguise.

  • Boosts Self-esteem

People do not shed hair after a medical illness. Instead, they shed their confidence. The overall self-worth seems to go down the drain with each hair strand. Hair makes a vital part of human existence; thus, losing it feels like losing a crown—no one likes to be dethroned.

Hair loss is painful and emotionally devastating. Cranial prosthesis revert the confidence in the sufferer by providing them a fair chance to hide their illness or weakness from the world. When customers reach out to you searching for a natural-looking alternative to cover their hair loss, ask them to use medical wigs.

  • Made of Human Hair

Basic Guide of Cranial Prosthesis aka Medical Wigs (6)

Medical wigs are made with 100% natural human hair. People often donate hair to significantly help cancer patients who lose their precious natural hair after chemotherapy. These hair strands are woven into medical wigs. Cranial prosthesis outshines other regular wigs because of their durability and natural appearance.

Your customers can also send their hair to get a customized medical wig. Bono’s hair has trained cranial prosthesis specialists who make tailored medical wigs as per your customers’ requirements. Order with us to bring forth a quality that your customers will cherish for a long time.

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  • Tailored Stitching

Medical wigs are manufactured after taking into consideration the perfect head size and head circumference of the wearer. Tailored hand-sewn stitching is offered to maximize the comfort level and grace of a medical wig.

The soft stitching makes the wig wearable all day long. Medical wigs can easily be worn 24 hours. However, it is recommended to remove the wig before sleeping. Otherwise, the friction can cause hair strands to fall off.

Sleeping over a wig robs the hair of its shine and smoothness. Suggest your customers remove their hair piece before going to bed if they wish to enhance the life span of their wig.

  • Silicone made Anti-slip Strap

Basic Guide of Cranial Prosthesis aka Medical Wigs (15)

A silicone anti-slip strap is attached to the sides of the medical wig to offer easy installation. This strap fixes the wig over the wearer’s head tightly. Silicone has an ultra-smooth texture that does not scratch the scalp; therefore, it is widely used to manufacture cranial prosthesis.

Some medical wigs have stretchable silicone base caps. In this type of wig, a silicone piece is attached in the middle, while the sides are of either silk lace or monofilament material. The stretchable cap allows the user to wear the wig like a headband. Elastic bands are also often attached inside the base cap to offer maximum security and hassle-free installation.

Even beginners or those who have never worn a wig before can quickly wear a cranial prosthesis.

  • No Need to Apply Adhesives

Medical wigs are supported by a silicone base and adjustable straps to avoid the need for adhesives or hair glue. Adhesives can damage the scalp. Hair glue or hair tape can cause itchiness on the scalp. Since those suffering from medical hair loss already have a sensitive scalp, hair glue is not recommended.

Cranial prosthesis is manufactured uniquely. These hairpieces do not require any adhesive and can be easily worn or removed without any hassle.


Difference between the Medical Wig and Other Wigs


Basic Guide of Cranial Prosthesis aka Medical Wigs (20)

Like mentioned earlier, fashion wigs are used for aesthetic purposes or to cover hair thinning. On the other hand, medical wigs are utilized when the hair loss is due to medical reasons, and wearing a regular wig or using adhesive can further damage the scalp.

Apart from manufacturing design and purpose, fashion wigs and medical wigs have various other differences as well. Here we are discussing in detail the foremost differences between the two wigs to help you decide better when customers ask you to recommend a reasonable hairpiece according to their issue.

  1. Material difference
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Synthetic v/s Real Human Hair
  4. Stitching
  5. Base Cap Type
  6. No Scalp Irritation
  7. Cranial Prosthesis Specialist designs medical Wig
  8. Cost Difference
  9. The medical wig is more durable
  • Material difference

Basic Guide of Cranial Prosthesis aka Medical Wigs (12)

Silk, lace, PU, synthetic- fashion wigs are made with various materials. Low to high-quality fashion wigs are available in the market to help people choose according to their budget and style. Medical wigs are manufactured with premium quality soft fabric only.

As mentioned earlier, cancer patients and others with sensitive scalp cannot withstand the hard or scurfy surface over the scalp; therefore, medical wigs have unique lightweight material.

  • Manufacturing

Fashion wigs have numerous manufacturing styles. Toupees are for those who require partial hair covering, while full wigs offer coverage to those who have bald patches. Colored and curly wigs allow the user to attain a different hairstyle.

Medical wigs are manufactured with a single particular structure. These wigs have an invisible front lace, a stretchable silicone base middle part, and adjustable sides. Cranial prosthesis is manufactured for medical purposes and is not ideal for serving a cosmetic function like Cosplay or dress-up parties.

  • Synthetic v/s Real Human Hair

Fashion wigs can be of both types; synthetic and human hair wigs. Synthetic wigs have plastic fiber that is treated chemically to shape like human hair strands. It resembles closely to human hair in texture and looks. Human hair wigs are made with Remy, European, or Virgin Chinese human hair to give a more natural appearance.

Medical wigs only have one type. Synthetic fiber is never used in the making of the cranial prosthesis. These wigs are only made with genuine human hair. Fashion wigs and medical wigs are equally durable.

  • Base Cap Type

Basic Guide of Cranial Prosthesis aka Medical Wigs (16)

The cranial prosthesis has a specific base. It has a comfortable silicone-made middle part, or monofilament gauze-like breathable part stitched with lace front or silk fabric around.

Fashion wigs have uncountable possibilities. Some wigs have cotton or jersey fabric headbands, some have wrap-around structures to elongate the hair length, some clip-in hair extensions to provide more density, and some have full lace caps. Fashion wigs are available in numerous shades whereas, and medical wigs mainly offer natural human hair shades unless the clients demand a specific color.

  • No Scalp Irritation

As discussed before, people facing hair loss due to medical illness cannot wear a heavy hairpiece around their head. To help these patients, wig specialists came up with a particular type of wig with an anti-slip silicone cap. This cap neither irritates the scalp nor feels heavy.

Fashion wigs have different caps. Luxury wigs do have comfortable fabric inside the cap. Average-priced fashion wigs that require hair glue or hair tape to stay fixed often damage the scalp. Adhesives leave a residue if not appropriately removed, which further expose the scalp to fungal infections.

  • Medical Wig is designed by Cranial Prosthesis Specialists

To design a fashion wig, manufacturers require basic training while creating custom-made medical wigs calls for specialized training and certification. Crafting medical wigs requires immense expertise to provide the patients with a comfortable wig-wearing journey. Those in pain due to radiation therapy or hormonal disturbances cannot possibly endure further discomfort or itchiness; therefore, a lightweight and perfectly tailored medical wig is necessary.

Authentic medical wigs manufacturers only recruit well-trained staff and make the hand-crafted, high-quality cranial prosthesis.

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  • Cost Difference

Fashion wigs vary in the price range. The wig is priced according to the material and hair quality. Synthetic fashion wigs are cheaper than human hair fashion wigs. Colored fashion wigs or wigs with bangs also have a slightly higher price. Monofilament and full lace fashion wigs are also comparatively more expensive.

Medical wigs cost higher than simple fashion wigs due to their high quality and gold-standard material. The manufacturing of cranial prostheses is more complicated and demands attention to detail which increases its price. The overall experience of wearing a medical wig has consistently been rated positively by Bono Hair clients. Most people have reviewed our wigs as game-changers. This is the quality of a significant medical wig- it’s addictive.

  • The Medical Wig is More Durable.

The lifespan of a wig depends upon its material and handling. If the manufacturer has used good quality material and the wearer follows the given instructions properly, a wig will last for a decade. Fashion wigs or synthetic wigs often lose their shine, texture, and volume after a couple of washes.

Medical wigs do not have synthetic material, and these are made with fine-quality real human hair, which adds to the durability. A human hair fashion wig corresponds to a medical wig in quality and durability.


How to Select a Perfect Medical Wig

Purchasing a medical wig is indeed a one-time investment. Receiving an uncomfortable cranial prosthesis can be disappointing for your clients. Ask your clients to follow these guidelines before placing an order to ensure the delivery of the proper medical wig.

  • Give Correct Measurements

The head circumference must be noted carefully. Medical wigs do not have adhesives; instead, utilize an anti-slip silicone cap for a better fit. If the given measurements are incorrect, the cap will not sit above the crown perfectly, making the wearer uncomfortable.

Hair length measurements should also be accurate.

  • Order the Wig According to Face Shape

Basic Guide of Cranial Prosthesis aka Medical Wigs (4)

Medical wigs provide an excellent chance to select a hairstyle that perfectly matches your customer’s face shape. People with round faces should order wigs that are denser from the top to create some height; this makes their faces look thinner.

Similarly, those with a heart-shaped face or clear jawlines shall opt for asymmetrical wigs or wigs with layers and bangs. People who have oval faces can experiment more with different hairstyles.

Recommend your clients various styles to pick from. Versatility and freedom of choice ultimately increase their trust in the brand.

  • Note Hair Density Carefully

Since the purpose of medical wigs is to provide realistic-looking coverage, most medical wigs have medium density. However, if anyone has naturally thick or thin hair, they should order hair density accordingly. Otherwise, a change in hair thickness may make the wig more noticeable, which most clients do not prefer.

Hair texture should also be considered before ordering. Cranial prosthesis has a slightly wavy natural human hair texture.  

  • Choose a Hair Color that Compliments Skin Tone

Basic Guide of Cranial Prosthesis aka Medical Wigs (2)

Medical illnesses and their treatments change the natural complexion. Often after radiation therapy, the skin loses its natural elasticity and looks paler or greyish. Undertone also changes due to hormonal or kidney-related issues.

Suggest your customers order a wig in one tone lighter shade than their natural hair color. A complimenting hair color instantly grabs attention, due to which lesser attention moves towards changing skin tone. Customers can also order a different hair color to bring a change in their overall appearance. Trying out different looks increases self-confidence, which proves to be vital while fighting off medical illnesses.


Where to Buy Medical Wigs?

Medical wigs are not widely available. Unlike fashion wigs, most cranial prostheses are made as per the order requirements. The two most credible sources to purchase cranial prosthesis are as under;

⮚     Online From Any Seller

Numerous online sellers claim to supply cranial prosthesis. Some provide pre-styled medical wigs, while others offer to tailor the wig according to the size and length given by customers. Purchasing from online sellers, however, comes with a risk. In case you are supplying medical wigs to your customers, make sure you buy from an authentic source.

Supplying wigs to customers without verifying the quality will break their trust in you, causing you a loss of leads and a decrease in sales. Always maintain quality if you want to retain clients.

⮚     From Trusted Wholesalers

Basic Guide of Cranial Prosthesis aka Medical Wigs (8)

Purchasing in bulk amounts from a trusted wholesaler is a wiser move. Find an authentic and certified cranial prosthesis manufacturer and discuss the details and requirements given by your customers. Ask them to show you samples before you make an order. Check customer reviews and ratings to make sure you are going to receive quality products and a standard that will make your customers repurchase from you.

One of the most leading and trusted wholesalers of the cranial prosthesis is Bono Hair. We provide premium quality cranial prosthesis manufactured under strict quality checks. Our designers offer free consultation services to suppliers in order to understand the demands of their customers. We facilitate bulk orders and small-scale orders with the same care.

If you have clients who send their hair bundles and ask you to provide customized wigs, we have got you covered. Send those bundles to us and let us transform hair strands into the most magical pieces. Our well-trained cranial prosthesis team weighs the hair after every step to ensure your client receives medium to full hair density. Excessive product is returned safely to the client.

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Medical Wigs Cost

Wigs are as expensive as gold. Fashion wigs have various cheaper alternatives. Since those who use wigs for aesthetic purposes wear them for a shorter period and do not pay attention to the quality or comfort, a wig is supposed to offer. Synthetic full wigs, toupees, or extensions ranged from $100 to $3000. The fluctuation in cost is due to the material and quality of hair strands.

Human hair wigs are more expensive. These wigs are made with natural human hair and offer more durability. The lifespan of a wig made with natural human hair is longer than the one made with heat-friendly synthetic fiber. Since medical wigs or cranial prosthesis are only made with human hair, the price tag is worth it. The benefits of medical wigs also outweigh their price.

Medical wigs are low maintenance, and there is no added cost in terms of post-wig care, which makes cranial prosthesis a one–time expense. If the medical wig is taken good care of, it can last more than a decade.


Does Medical Insurance Cover Cranial Prosthesis Cost?


Basic Guide of Cranial Prosthesis aka Medical Wigs (17)

Medical wigs are specially designed for people who lose hair due to medical reasons like alopecia, trichotillomania, fungal scalp infections, or cancer. The term cranial prosthesis is used for this type of wig while applying for a tax deduction or medical insurance.

Whether an insurance company covers the cost of a medical wig or not depends upon the chosen medical insurance plan and the contract policies. The respective medical insurance company can only give the final answer; however, here are some points to ponder upon;

⮚     Check your Insurance Policy Plan

Before investing in a cranial prosthesis, either read carefully the policy plan given by your insurance agent or call your agent to solve the query. Your agents will be able to solve this dilemma better.

⮚     Choose a Better Insurance Plan

If genetic hair loss or any other medical problem like alopecia, thyroidism runs in your family, it is wiser to prepare beforehand and choose a policy that covers cranial prosthesis cost. This way, you will be able to afford a good-quality medical wig without having to worry about the price tag.

⮚     Provide Necessary details to the Insurance Agent

If, luckily, you have subscribed for a policy that covers cranial prosthesis cost, ask the agent to provide you with a list of necessary documents in order to proceed further. The insurance company may require the recommendation slip of the cranial prosthesis given by your physician, so make sure you keep the invoices and prescriptions safely.

⮚     Ask the Dr. to Address the Insurance Company

Often the insurance procedures take longer than usual. A simple prescription slip may not be enough for your insurance company to allow you for this prestige. You may ask your doctor to write a detailed description of your problem so that your need becomes apparent.

If you need a cranial prosthesis after chemotherapy, chances are you have already spent enough on cancer treatment by far. Radiation therapy cuts both ways- the financial and emotional aspects.  Ask your doctor to describe the emotional pain of losing hair after radiation therapy and why you need an insurance policy to cover the cranial prosthesis cost.

If the need for cranial prosthesis becomes evident due to medical reasons, most insurance companies cover the cost of the cranial prosthesis. You may receive one cranial prosthesis every year, which is even better.


How to Increase the LifeSpan of Cranial Prosthesis

Basic Guide of Cranial Prosthesis aka Medical Wigs (10)

Medical wigs are durable. However, the wearer shall keep this hair replacement unit with proper care. Ask your customers to follow these steps if they want to increase the lifespan of their hairpieces.

⮚     Avoid Over Washing

Fashion wigs or medical wigs, over-washing can ruin both. Washing frequency depends upon the usage of the wig. The more you wear it, the more you shall cleanse it. If you wear a wig daily, debris and dirt accumulate under the hair knots, which must be cleaned out properly before these particles damage the wig.

Use medicated mild formulas to wash the wig. Regular shampoos have stronger formulas and chemicals which damage the hair knots, causing the hair to fall off. Gentle soaps are better to clean the wig. Soak the wig in a tub filled with water and mild soap and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash off the wig under cold running water and use a wide-tooth comb to detangle the strands.

Remember! Being gentle is the key.

⮚     Do Not Apply Hair Creams or Masks

Hair creams or masks have heavy formulas which are not suitable for medical wigs. Though medical wigs have natural hair, still the hair is not able to absorb moisture and nutrients from rich formulas.

Note that absorbing nutrients is the function of the scalp and not hair strands. Medical wigs do not have scalp support. Heavy creams loosen the hair knots.

⮚     Avoid Heating Tools

Medical wigs only have human hair. It cannot absorb natural oils from the skin, which is why avoiding heating tools is necessary. Hating tools rob the hair of natural luster, which cannot be restored. Using heat protectant spray before curling or ironing hair can help balance the hair Ph. Styling hair with heating tools once in a blue moon is acceptable; however, refraining from excessive styling is a must.

⮚     Protect From Environmental Damage

Exposure to the sun and dry winds can damage a cranial prosthesis. People who are exposed to harsher climates shall protect their wigs by covering them before going out. Using a hat or a turban can protect hair from environmental damage. Heat protectant spray works wonder if applied before stepping out in the scorching summer heat.


Best medical wigs

Losing hair at any point is crucial. Hair loss can prove to be emotionally traumatic. Seeing your hair falling off in clusters is indeed painful. We understand how important it is to provide people with realistic-looking wigs to restore their confidence and inner sense of self-worth as hair manufacturers—our Bono Hair cranial prosthesis specialists design graceful and affordable wigs for your customers.

A wide variety of medical wigs is available to choose from. Buying good-quality wigs require extensive market research.  Here are some fine-quality medical wigs by Bono Hair. Carefully go through the details of these wigs to recognize what an ideal cranial prosthesis must look like.

  • KIKI Medical Wigs from Wholesale Wig Suppliers
  • CICI Wholesale Wigs China from Bono Hair Wig Supplier
  • Wholesale Medical Wigs in Stock Silk Top Wigs for Cancer Patients

KIKI Medical Wigs from Wholesale Wig Suppliers

Basic Guide of Cranial Prosthesis aka Medical Wigs (18)

With the softest quality base cap, KIKI is available in more than ten exciting shades. The wig is perfect for customers looking to get straight and silky-textured hair in various color options. The lace front is hand-tied with hair strands to provide a natural-looking hairline. This is the most sought-after wig and takes less than three business days for production. Bulk orders, however, require more time. Custom orders can also be placed.

It’s a single-colored wig for those who do not want two-toned wigs. Bouncy locks towards the end look exceptionally beautiful.


Additional Features

  • Base construction is Lace top and front with the elastic net at crown and back area.
  • PU at left and right side
  • Elastic band at the back for size adjustment
  • Base size is equal to Medium capsize
  • Hair type is Chinese Virgin hair
  • Hair length: 14”
  • Hair color: #4, #6, #7,#10R, #22R, #613, #30RT, #60RT, #2020T, #1740T, #1620T, #6244T
  • Hair density: 140%
  • Hair Texture: Straight
  • The front shape is CC
  • Hair direction is freestyle

CICI Wholesale Wigs China from Bono Hair Wig Supplier

Basic Guide of Cranial Prosthesis aka Medical Wigs (19)

Those who want instant delivery shall order CICI as it can be sent within 24 business hours. The wig has beautiful silky straight hair from the top, transforming into luscious waves towards the ends. It is a medium-length wig that has a monofilament cap. The cap is ultra-breathable and suits best for those having a sensitive scalp.

CICI has two-toned hair. Darker roots are transitioning into a single light color shade which looks super beautiful and ethereal. Hair shade can be customized to order. Hair length can also be adjusted according to the desired length. This wig seems super voluminous upon wearing and is studded with refined-quality human hair. It instantly lifts the mood of the wearer.


Additional Features

  • Base construction: Lace top and front with an elastic net at crown and back area; PU at left and right side; elastic band at the back for size adjustment
  • The base size is Medium Capsize
  • Hair type is Chinese Virgin hair
  • Hair length:14”
  • Hair color: #4, #6, #7,#10R, #22R, #613, #30RT, #60RT, #2020T, #1740T, #1620T, #6244T
  • Hair density is 140%
  • Hair texture is Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction is Freestyle

Beauty I Wholesale Medical Wigs in Stock Silk Top Wigs for Cancer Patients

Basic Guide of Cranial Prosthesis aka Medical Wigs (1)

This wig is ideal for customers who love silky straight hair. It provides an ultimate realm of style. The freestyle direction allows the user to part hair from wherever they want. Hair strands are hand-tied into the base cap, which provides a natural hairline and full coverage. The base cap and front lace are also sheer and almost invisible to keep the wig undetectable.

The wig has beautiful face-framing front layers to offer a natural style. It creates additional volume. We are open to adjustments so wigs can be easily customized according to your given instructions as established manufacturers.


Additional Features

  • Base construction is silk top with a stretch net at crown and back area; 1/2″ French lace in front.
  • Elastic band at the back for size adjustment
  • Base size: Medium capsize
  • The hair type is Virgin hair
  • Hair length:14”
  • Hair color: Natural black, #4/6, #22
  • Hair density: 130%
  • Hair texture is Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction is Freestyle



Hair loss can be emotionally draining. Our society gives much importance to great hair. Thus, a head full of hair always receives impeccable attention. Hair loss, therefore, damages a person’s self-esteem to the extent where they no longer feel like going out or facing the world with a bald head.

Various medical problems cause severe hair loss or complete baldness. Cancer, out of all these illnesses, can be called the most dangerous hair-eating monster. Cancer treatment involves chemotherapy which causes the hair to fall off and makes the scalp super sensitive.

Medical wigs or cranial prosthesis are used to help people suffering from medical hair loss. Hair prosthesis specialists design these hair replacement units to cater to the requirements of those having a sensitive scalp. People who cannot use regular wigs can make use of cranial prostheses with ease.

Bono hair is one of the largest distributors of the cranial prosthesis. Cross cranial prosthesis, African American cranial prosthesis, full cranial prosthesis, and premium quality cranial prosthesis hair units are manufactured under special care. Our medical wigs designers get complete cranial prosthesis training and cranial prosthesis certification before manufacturing high-quality medical wigs.

Do not lose customers over low-quality medical wigs. Instead, please give them a comfortable wig-wearing experience by supplying medical wigs manufactured by Bono hair. We provide superior quality wigs to distributors, salon owners, and suppliers at wholesale prices. Our wigs always receive a satisfactory response from customers, which helps distributors to increase sales.

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