The Ultimate Male Wigs Tutorial For 2021

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Wigs are trendy and demanding in today’s era as men who are experiencing hair loss or have hair problems can wear them. Wigs not only make you look the way you want but bring back your confidence as if it’s your real hair. Earlier wigs weren’t that popular as only actors wore them while shooting for shows or movies, but now, as time changed, people have become more open-minded and advanced, and that’s why wigs are being demanded in the market. Every salon and shops have different wigs for their customers or client. Wigs are available in multiple sizes, shapes, colors, which your customer can choose from a hair color ring at your shop or salon.

Wigs are now used as prostheses for aesthetic or practical purposes. They are also created from various materials, and practically every person might have a wig that best represents their personality and unique demands. So if you are a wholesaler, retailer, salon owner, then this article is for you. Read the full article to know everything about wigs so that you can attract more customers to increase your sales.

Different Types of Wigs

To understand wigs in detail, it is essential to know what types of wigs are available in the market, which will make your customer or client look natural and attractive.

1) Lace

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Getting a natural look is difficult, especially with hair wigs. For a distinctive look, you should consider as many choices as possible. Among all options, lace front wigs are gaining popularity among consumers since they provide a more genuine impression to a person than other types of hair systems. These wigs are popular in the market due to their many styles, hues, and, most importantly, their natural appearance.

‘Your natural hair can betray you, but wigs never will’. The lace front wigs provide a natural hairline that starts at the scalp. The lace foundation secures the individual hair and gives the desired effect, making the wig hairs appear as your own and are growing from the scalp. The old wigs let people know that the person is wearing a wig, but the lace front wigs provide a flawless look, and no one can tell whether you are wearing a wig or it’s your natural hair.

Lace front wigs are quite popular. These are manufactured with great care, taking into account all aspects that contribute to a truly unique appearance. A little lace panel is connected to the front half of the wig alongside the front hairline. The hair strands are carefully stitched in the lace openings to give the wig a realistic appearance.

The whole wig is made of a durable material that will not break away easily. Wearing lace front wigs is straightforward and uncomplicated since they cover the entire bald area and are fairly elastic, giving the wearer a perfectly natural appearance. There are different types of lace wigs

⦁          Lace front wig

⦁          Full lace wig

2) Mono Wig

Wigs for males can be defined in a variety of ways. To be more specific, this hairpiece refers to a little hairpiece used by a male to conceal a thinning hair portion or balding region on his head. When males have hair loss or baldness, they frequently use hairpieces.

The ideal hair replacement technique that integrates nicely with your current hair is a mono or mono foundation toupee. The mono base hairpiece is more sturdy and long-lasting than the lace one. It’s quite breathable. Mono hairpieces with human hair are 100% hand-tied, providing naturalness and comfort. Companies, in particular, can execute double split knotted or double reserving split knots on the hair to maintain a high degree of hair density.

Notably, the mono top wig’s foundation structure enables air to pass through. You may style your hair in any texture that reflects your natural hair texture, such as straight, wavy, or curly. To produce a realistic hairline, the hair filaments are manually linked into the finer fiber net. It enables the hair to be brush to any directions, allowing you to parting it easily. The hair system gives the impression that your hair is sprouting from your scalp. A mono men’s toupee comes with a PU-skin covering around the perimeter. They are designed to protect mono base from fray. The PU layer also makes the application and cleanup process as simple as possible.

If you’re seeking a hairpiece that can strike a balance between naturalness and durability, the mono wig is a must-have.

3) Skin-Based Wigs

These wigs are usually in short supply and sell out quickly. Full-thin skin wigs, commonly known as polyurethane, are a wonderful option if you are experiencing hair loss. This is an excellent option if you are allergic to lace or other materials used to make other wigs. The cap fits snuggly on your scalp, giving the impression that hair is sprouting from your scalp. There seem to be numerous hues available to fit your skin complexion.

  • Totally understandable wear To better integrate with your customer’s tone, you may modify the full extremely thin wigs by selecting from the hair color chart either: translucent, light brown, medium brown, or dark brown.
  • Capability to retouch hair in any preferred style
  • Another advantage of thin skin foundation wigs is that the elimination of adhesive residue is considerably easier since you don’t have to deal with the difficult task of removing extra adhesive mess from lace wigs.
  • If application was done correctly by a skilled hairstylist, the thin skin base appears extremely natural and produces a genuine hairline.

Kinds of Knots Used in Wig Construction

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There are many various sorts of knots, but these are the ones that are most commonly used while constructing or repairing wigs.

1) Single Knot

Individual knots of hair is applied to the base net in single knotting. When using a fine net, this is the most popular way of knotting. Depending on the volume of hair required for each knot, several sizes of knotting hooks will be employed.

2) Double knots

When you need to ensure that your hair is completely fastened, use double knots. Unfortunately, because the knots are less easily concealed, the overall effect is more ugly. Double knotting is utilized on the crowning and huge portions of the foundation, whereas single knotting is typically employed on the more visible elements of the founding.

3) Underknotting

Flip the item inside out on a bendable block once it has been knotted. Attach single knotting to the foundation’s perimeter, following the path of the hair on the other side. Substitute two or three rows of under knotting. When the wig is finished, it is normally flattened with tissue paper or a towel to preserve the hair.

How to Find Your Perfect Wig Size

Wigs are a terrific method to rapidly modify your hair’s length, style, and color without damaging your natural hair. However, knowing how to estimate your head for a wig is important since the size determines how pleasant and well the wig looks on you.

Wig size can be customized once the hair system factory got the specifiations of your clients. These figures help wig manufacturer to create a well fitted toupee which guarantees the results.

Taking Measures of Your Head

There are three common sizes of wigs: small, medium, and big, but you can also get a wig personalized to your head if an off-the-rack wig doesn’t fit well. It is critical to obtain precise and accurate assessments, but the good news is that it is extremely simple.

A quilting or stretchy measuring tape is nearly always highlighted in this section measures.

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Step1: First and foremost, Circumference

The diameter is the distance measured surrounding your hairline. Begin measurement at the brow, then move the tape to the crest, and finally behind the ears. Pull the file down behind the ear and across the nape (the top of the neck where the head begins to flare out).

When applying the tape to the ears, make sure it is at the highest part of the ear and not tucked behind the ear. Make sure the tape is snug but not so tight that you feel under pressure on your head. The wig will get unpleasant as a result of this.

Step 2: Take an ear-to-ear measurement.

This is the most critical measurement since the wig will not look nice if it does not hug the crown of your head. To begin measuring, lay the edge of the tape on the skull at the level of the topmost portion of your ear and bring it over the crown to the other side. Make certain that there is no space and that the tape is pulled directly across.

A typical error is measuring below the top of the ear, leading the wig’s ear-flaps to press hard on the ear, which is quite painful.

Step 3: Take a front-to-back measurement.

This is a simple measurement. Begin estimating at the hairline and work your way down to the neck, keeping the tape centered and tight. If this dimension is excessively lengthy, it will cause bulging, causing the wig to slide off.

Step 4: Take a Forehead Measurements

To obtain this measuring system, begin just above the ear as well as move the tape to the same location on the contrary ear while documenting along the hairline. The middle of your forehead, where your eyebrow is the thinnest, should be the midpoint of this measure.

Step 5: Measure the Back

This assessment might be challenging. Begin by putting the adhesive at the end of the customer’s forehead at the forehead and pulling it back as well as around their forehead to their other brow. The most typical error is allowing the tape to slip, resulting in an erroneous measurement; therefore, make sure to maintain the tape level and tight.

Step 6: Take a Nape Measurement

The wig’s basis will rest at the back of the neck. Thus an ability to manifest the hairline at the back of the neck is required to maintain the wig appearing tight and without thickenings. Begin by aligning the tape with the base of your customer’s ears and tracing from around the forehead on the back to the same point on the opposite ear.

How to Choose a Right Wig?

Men’s wigs are more than just a fashion accessory. They will boost your customer’s self-confidence and happiness if you suffer significant hair loss due to age or medical treatment. On the other hand, Choosing a wig may be a difficult undertaking, especially if they are doing it for the first time. With the article’s detailed guide on selecting a men’s wig, you can save yourself a lot of time, worry, and money.

Choose A Wig

Even if purchasing male wigs isn’t as pleasurable as your customer wants, it’ll become much less of a hassle with the appropriate technique. So, before choosing a wig for your store, consider the following.

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1) Make A Decision On The Price, Material, And Capacity.

When shopping for men’s wigs, consider the quality and price range first. These two variables have a direct impact on one another. Here are some things to think about:

  • Real hair is more expensive than synthetic fibers, so if you’re seeking a temporary solution, an imitation hair wig may be a good choice.
  • If you want something more long-lasting and natural-looking, stick to men’s wigs made of real hair.

2) Go To A Wig Shop

Undoubtedly, you want to buy wigs for your clients. Therefore you will buy as many as you can. Thus it is critical that you select the wigs from a reputable source. Even if you prefer internet shopping, it’s a good idea to pick a store near you that offers a large range of men’s wigs with different shapes and colors which you can choose from a hair color chart. This will not allow you to purchase a pig in a poke. Once you’ve identified one that meets your customer’s expectations in every way, compare prices with an eCommerce website and choose the lowest one.

3) Check To See If The Wig Is Suitable.

  • The major stage of purchasing a men’s wig is a try-on. Make sure the wig fits properly, so it doesn’t hurt your customer’s scalp.
  • Many wig hats include tabs that you may adjust to match your customer’s scalp size. However, be sure to purchase a wig that sits as near to your head’s diameter as feasible.
  • If your wig has one, you may also use double-sided tape to secure it in place.
  • A wig might irritate the skin of a bald man’s head. If this is the case, use skull cap components that may be changed on the inside of the cap.
  • Comb pieces and hairpins can be used to bind a wig to one’s natural hair.

4) Make Use Of The Adjustable Band

Choose a wig with an adjustable band if you don’t want your client’s wig to shift while they are wearing it.

A cushion band can also be obtained. The gel-filled headband is seen here. They wear it under their wig to make it more comfortable. In addition, The wig may produce pressure spots, which the cushion band alleviates.

A wig gripper can be used to secure the wig in place. This is a cloth headband that may be tightened around the hairline to produce friction.

Toupee clips are also an excellent choice if you want their wig to stay in place. You clip them into the wig as well as their own hair.

Now that you have selected wigs for your customers, tell them to take care of it with the following pieces of advice

5) For A Natural Hair Wig, Recommend A Gentle Shampoo And Conditioner.

  • Every male wig, regardless of material, requires frequent washing. Ask your customer to wash their natural wig after wearing it six or, at most, eight times. Also, regardless of the substance of the wig, brush it gently with a specific brush before each wash. This will remove all of the knots. If they wear a curly wig, instruct them to comb it with their fingers.
  • Whenever washing a wig, request that it be turned inside out. Fill a dish halfway with cold water and a little amount of mild shampoo. They must delicately spin the wig in the solution and let it soak for at least 5 minutes
  • After the conditioner has been removed, ask them to put their wig in a dry cloth and gently massage it. Finish with a splash of nourishing spray if desired. Spray it at a distance of 10 to 12 inches.
  • After drying the wig with a wig stand, comb or brush it with a similar instrument. Never expose the wig to heat stress, and never comb a damp wig.

How to Get the Perfect Hair Color Match Hair System?

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Have you been lately worrying about getting to perfect the hair color that will match your hair system? Many men face the problem of extreme oxidation that ruins the entire hair color.

It turns out to look unnatural and artificial. You need to tally this with the hair color of your customer by saving a sample. A hair sample will surely get you the right hair color to match the hair system.

Colors have proper hair color charts that experts prepare. The different codes of their color can help you match the color of your customer’s hair.

There are two proper ways to match hair color to the hair system.

Firstly, by taking a sample of your customer’s existing hair, as we have already mentioned. Keep a hair color chart handy to match your customer’s hair to it. Find out the color code of the found color from the chart.

For accurate results, you should take hair samples from three areas of your customer’s head. The hair taken for sampling should be taken from the back of the head. The hair at the very end has the most natural and authentic color to it as it is less exposed to direct sunlight.

And the final way to get the color is by choosing one from the color ring or hair color chart. Evaluate the exact color from the ring or hair color chart directly. There are more than 150 shades in it, so finding your ideal one is not a hefty task.

Important Tips for Wig Noobs

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Are you new to the world of wig styling? Or do you really have a like-dislike relationship with cosplay wigs? If yes, then this section is just for you and your customers. You, as a wig styler or a wig seller, must not only give your customers the right type of wig, but actually, you must give them the right tips as well that can transform them from Wig Noobs to Wig Pros.

So, here, we’ve listed below some of the top tips that you must definitely keep in your mind and suggest to your customers the same in order to offer them a happy wig experience.

Tip 1: Buy a large Enough Wig Head for Styling

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If you, as a wig styler, are planning to do any wig styling, then you will need to invest in a large wig head. Cutting the wig directly on the head of your customer can prove to be pretty tiresome for you, and it does not even deliver any clean results.

So, for better results and better wig styling, you can go for foam heads. Foam heads are cheap that will not cost you much but make sure to buy a one that is roughly your own head size and has realistic proportions. You can check the head circumference in the item description while buying a wig for your customers.

Tip 2: Learn a Cutting Technique

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Sooner or later, you’ll need to trim the wig. The requirement of trimming the wig can come if it is too long or if it does not come in the same style that your customer wants it to be in. The task of cutting the wigs may seem intimidating at first go, but make sure to remember that it is only plastic that is not going to be mad at you if you mess up.

Always try to make the wig style look natural by avoiding cutting all the fibers the exact same length. Some tips to remember while cutting the wig involves:

  • Move your scissors up and down while cutting
  • Use a razor and pull the blade across diagonally

Tip 3: Use Hairspray But Don’t Overdo It

Cheap and strong Hairspray is a preferable go-to styling product for cosplay wigs. For you as a wig-styler, there is no need to buy special wig spray or care products that you use for real hair since they will not do any good to the synthetic fiber. The most basic thing to remember while buying a hairspray is that- it can make the hair look shiny and stiff as if it has been glued! So, you will have to use it sparingly, at least in those places where you can see it later. Make sure to apply the hair spray in thin layers and mist it on by moving the can continue as you spray.

For big hairstyles that require a lot of hair spray, don’t attempt to style all the hair at once. Instead, take a thin layer of hair, apply a little bit of Hairspray, and then cover it with the nest layer of hair and so on. In this way, the light misting of strong Hairspray will almost glue the hair together.

Tip 4: Don’t Use Products Just Because They Work Perfectly For Real Hair

Some wig styling products that work perfectly on real hair do not have any effect on synthetic hair. At worst, they will make the synthetic hair look gross and dull. Most shampoos and conditioners that you or your customers use for real hair contain nurturing ingredients that are generally meant to be absorbed by real hair, but when they are used on synthetic hair or synthetic fiber, they end up building up on the outside instead.

Remember, soaking a wig in anything for an extended duration of time will not do it any good as nothing can penetrate the plastic fibers and improve their structure. Instead, advise your customers to use a very neutral and mild shampoo, and in fact, you too must use the same to wash the wigs of your customers. The fewer the additives are, the better for the wig.

Tip 5: Don’t Use Brute Force

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Last but not least, the final and the most important tip that you and your customers must keep in mind is not to use brute force. A badly tangled wig is obviously not a pretty sight, and we know you or the wig wearers just want to brush it out but wait, it’s suggested to put the brush away and take a deep breath.

Initially, apply a considerable amount of wig conditioner or oil sheen spray in order to help the wig detangling. Simply tap the knots with your fingers or use the flat handle of the comb to loosen them a bit. As we constantly lose and grow hair every day, that’s why most of the hairbrushes for real hair are meant to pull out the loose hair.

On the other hand, for wigs, everything that puts strain on the fiber will put out hair that can never grow back again. So, make sure not to use brute force on wigs while styling and suggest the same to your customers; otherwise, they will end up damaging their wig too soon.

Make sure not to skip any of these tips in order to offer your customers a happy wig styling experience. Also, don’t forget to pass on these tips to them as they too, as wig noobs, need to know some of the important tips stated above.

How Do Men’s Wigs Stay On

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Everyone has a fear of wigs falling off all of a sudden. So, a little extra care and reassurance won’t hurt you much while putting on wigs in customers’ heads. There are various ways that you use to keep wigs in place. So, let’s find out the best ways to keep your customer’s wig in place throughout the day. Use these methods, and we assure you a happy customer each time.

Wig Bands

Wig bands are true to their name. It is a band that goes around your scalp that adds grips to the wig. Get rid of glues, tapes, and clips. Wig bands are filled with a specific gel formulated to maximize the hold yet make it comfortable to wear. Amazing wig bands also have properties that soothe your head when you wear them for long hours. It also gives you more confidence while wearing a wig on windy days as the grip it creates is immaculate compared to other methods.

These make front hair or bangs look incredibly natural. The hairline in your forehead also gets blended well with a wig band. The wig band goes from the forehead to the back of the head, giving you 360 support. They come in various sizes that you can choose according to the head size and shape.

Wig Tape

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A cheaper and easier alternative to wing bands is wig tape. They are the most skin-friendly, non-allergic tapes that can stick with both sides. It adds extra security and control to your wig. The adhere in the tape is rigid enough to stick the wig to your scalp, making it last for long hours. Some precautions are still needed before sticking this tape to your scalp. Those are:

Do not stick this tape on the scalp areas where natural hair may grow. Natural hair pores can get damaged and blocked and also cause immense pain while pulling the tape off. So, before applying the tape, carefully scrutinize your scalp and leave all the natural hair areas. Clean the scalp with a bit of rubbing alcohol and remove any oily residuals before striking the adhesive on the scalp. Follow it up by placing the wig carefully.

Wig caps

A wig cap is a soft mesh cap that goes tight around your scalp before putting on a wig. A mesh cap beneath your wig squeezes your hair and scalp making it easier to put on and adjust wigs. There are many reasons to wear a wig cap. Fiesta nf foremost, it flattens all the natural hair growth and makes it an even palette to work on. When the scalp is even a wig looks more natural.

Often wigs tend to make scalps itchy, sweaty, and oily. There is only one way to avoid this, which is by wearing a wig cap. It also gives the perfect grip and support to your wig and keeps it intact throughout the day.

Wig’s Built-in Security

Some fabulous wigs have unique features to hold them intact. These wigs have some comfort strips and anti-slip technology that hold the wig to one’s scalp. These wigs also have adjustable elastic tabs, often called comfort strips. They support correctly fitting the wigs, often allowing adjusting like loosening or tightening of the wig. Men’s wigs also have an anti-slip poly strip on the ear tips to ensure better hold of the wig.

The Best Wig Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

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Every face shape is beautiful in its way. And thus, you need to determine your face shape to precisely decide which wig hairstyle will compliment it. It does not matter whether you are wearing a wig for medical issues or want to spice up your hairstyle temporarily. Purchasing the correct wig hairstyle is essential to match your face shape. When the wig suits the shape of your face, it flatters you best.

Confidence is one of the critical aspects of pulling off a wig. But it would be best if you still had your ideal wig hairstyle to feel comfortable in it. And you surely don’t want to invest in a wig that does not make you feel good. Wigs can be pretty expensive sometimes, so before investing in any wigs, go through our guidelines. These will change your mind and end you in a more precise and composed situation while buying a wig.

First of all, determine and study your face shape. If you don’t have professional help handy, you can follow the steps below to find out your face shape:

Look at yourself in the mirror:

You can outline your face shape by standing straight in front of the mirror. Use something like a bar of soap or removable glass markers to outline the face shape to get accurate results.

Take a photo

You can ask someone to click you a close-up photograph of your face. You can have that as a reference while getting the wig.

You can also see a hair expert determine your face shape and get a wig accordingly.

Now let’s see how to choose an ideal wig hairstyle for your face shape:

For Square Shaped Face

The square face form is defined by a broad jagged jaw that will equal the width of the forehead. Square-shaped faces have sharp jawlines and point hairlines. So, it would be to avoid straight-lined styles. A straight-haired wig will not flatter a square-shaped face.  It makes your face more pointy and will bring more attention to angles on your face.

Square-shaped faces lack a bit of height, so grab a wig that will help elongate your face shape. It would be best if you blunted those pointy edges of your face by committing to a soft, wavy, or layered wig. An effortless curly or wavy wig will complement a square-shaped face.

For Heart Shaped Face

Along with a broader forehead, heart-shaped faces have angled cheekbones and a tapered chin. If you consider an upside-down triangle, then you will get somewhat of a heart-shaped face. The general hairline of a heart-shaped face represents the ‘windows peak.’ This kind of hairline gives more attention to the nose.

This elfin feature narrows down the neck area. So, to match a heart-shaped face, you need to invest in a wig with lengthy feathery fringes that will fall softly over the fore-head. Big layered wigs that will keep the wig hair close to the eyes will complement any heart-shaped face. A wig that will frame the face like around hairstyled one with add symmetry to the face. Try not to get a wig that will increase the height of the crown area that make the entire face out proportioned.

For Oval-shaped Face

A typically tapered jaw with a roundish hairline creates an oval-shaped face. The extent of the face is more than one and a half times the face’s width. Oval-shaped faces are soo versatile with hairstyles that it is often considered the ideal and perfect face shape. The face shape is neutral with no sharp proportions and is in moderate symmetry.

So, go ahead with any wig according to your color or style preference. An oval-shaped face can pull off any wig whatsoever. But if you want some suggestions, you can try out long fringes that will not cover up the forehead area. Men with oval-shaped faces can even try out longer or mid-length wig hairstyles.

For Longer or Stretched Face

Longer stretched faces generally have a narrower width across the face and an overall length that makes the chin point and sharp. The sides, forehead, and cheeks equal the width of each other. So, a wig must not create more lengthy illusions that somewhat broaden the width of the face.

Shorter wigs are best for Longer shaped faces. Relaxed curls on a wif can create an illusion of a broader face that will bring proximity to the length of the face. Shorter and crisper hairstyles that can add volume will absolutely be perfect for a longer-shaped face. As longer-shaped faces do not much much balance in their face cut, you need to have enough layers to add symmetry in the face.

For Round Shaped Face

Round-shaped faces are the most customary face shape. A round-shaped face has features that consist of a roomy hairline, and the overall face shape is circular. Round faces have a bit of plump under the non so prominent cheekbones. The most significant and most rounded part of a round-shaped face is the cheeks and the ear area. So the ideal wig for a round-shaped face will help in elongating the face. As a round-shaped face is broad enough, you need to add length to the entire face. So, wigs that will elongate the face structure will make it look symmetrical.

How to Take Care of Your Wig?

The advantages of investing in a wig for your customers are many like it the best way to change one’s appearance entirely. Needless to say, wigs become a part of everyday life whoever uses them because it hides hair thinning, hair loss, and fading hairline. Thus, it becomes extremely important to take proper care of a wig. Otherwise, it won’t last for a good number of years which is the last thing anyone would want.

Nowadays, you will find men buying the best-quality wigs. Furthermore, they also want to learn different ways in which they can maintain them so that it looks the same every time they wear them. It is because, with proper maintenance of the wig, the hair retains its sheen, does not come out of the cap, and looks natural for a long period of time.

Usually, men follow a tremendously simple hair care routine that works for them. However, it is essential here to highlight that a regular hair care routine won’t be enough for a men’s wig to sustain longer. Following a particular routine for a wig is significant in order to ensure a terrific-looking hairstyle. Since a wig is nothing less than an investment, every customer would want their wig to remain flawless and lustrous.

Thus, every customer should be aware of how to take care of the wig so that it matches with the hair color chart and the base material remains undamaged. Your customers should know the manner of washing, detangling, and protecting a men’s wig. Following are some tips that you can give to your customers so that whoever wears it can ensure its overall condition:

1. Maintain A Cleaning Regime:

Due to dirt, pollution, and germs, it is extremely vital to clean your wig. However, make sure that you never wash the wig when it is not necessary. Doing so may result in hair fall, which can ultimately reduce the quality of the wig to a great extent. The cleaning regime followed for natural human hair is very different as compared to a wig.

That’s why over-washing never helps when it comes to a wig. Thus, on an average, it is best to wash the wig in at least seven to ten days. However, depending on how much dirty the hair is, you can shuffle the cleaning routine accordingly. Also, use lukewarm water instead of hot water to clean the wig as it can further damage the hair leaving them frizzy.

2. Buy The Right Products:

It is essential here to note that while purchasing conditioners, shampoos, and other hair care products, make sure that to buy only those that are specially meant for wigs. Thus, you can advise your customer to go for a mild shampoo or something which is formulated according to the wig they are using. Before investing in hair care products, read their ingredients so that harmful and hard chemicals can be avoided.

It may sound tempting for your customers to wash their wigs with fancy shampoo and conditioners from a nearby drugstore, but the ingredients they contain can weaken your wig, due to which it will lose its luster, particularly if it’s a synthetic hair wig. Moreover, while shampooing the wig, be gentle. There is no need to massage it vigorously.

3.Keep It Hydrated:

Depending on the type of a wig, it is vital to keep them hydrated. If the wig is made of synthetic hair, its plastic fibers have a tendency to dry. Human hair is absorbent in nature. Therefore there is a scope of moisture absorption. When it comes to human hair wigs, hydration is needed so that they can remain in good condition.

So, keeping the wigs well hydrated should be the top priority for all the wearers. The best way to keep them moisturized is by giving them deep conditioning once every thirty days. When applying a deep conditioner, start from the bottom of the wig and work your way up. If not, use a dedicated shampoo or conditioner so that it can retain moisture. It will maintain the hair color chart of the wig and enhance its appearance as well.

4. Detangle It Properly:

As much as detangling is crucial for human hair, it is necessary even for a men’s wig. For all wig users, it is imperative to keep it detangled. It reduces the chances of matting and hair falling from the wig. Also, detangling is a must before washing the wig. Using a wide-toothed wig brush will be beneficial to avoid any kind of damage.

If not, you can advise your customers to use fingers in order to remove the tangles from the wig. Move from the top to down in a single motion to achieve the best results. While detangling a wig, patience is the key. Be gentle throughout the whole process. Otherwise, its lifespan will get affected. To be easier, using a special conditioner will be helpful.

5. Keep It Away From The Sun:

Excessive sun exposure is harmful to natural hair, and men’s wigs are no exception. The harmful rays of the sun can damage the base material of the wig, especially the UV rays. In some cases, it may affect the hair colorof the wig also. As a result, the actual color of the wig may oxidize, which may give it an orange/red hue color.

In order to secure the lifespan and overall health of the wig, it is important to keep it away from severe sunlight exposure and oxidation. To keep the hair color and appearance of the wig intact, you can advise your customers to buy UV protective care products. It includes conditioners that have SPF. It will slow down the process of damage caused by the harmful rays of the sun.


With this, we have simplified everything related to men’s wigs. Depending on your requirements, you can order the different kinds of wigs. At Bono Hair, we keep our customers as our top priority. Thus, every minute requirement will be taken into consideration. We are known for delivering quality products. Thus, you can trust us for all your hair system related needs. If you have any other queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us anytime. We would be more than happy to assist.


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