Stock and custom hair toppers for women are designed to solve the problems of thinning hair and hair loss. As the professional women hair pieces manufacturers, Bono Hair supplies a wide variety of colors, hair lengths, sizes and textures. No matter the stage of hair loss your client is experiencing, our custom hair toppers and wiglets can add volume to the hair and blend seamlessly into the own wearers existing hair. Silk tops, monofilament and PU wigs are all available, the choice of base material very much depends on budget, lifespan and appearance. For further information and guidance, please feel free to get in touch with us!

1. What is a hair topper?

A “Hair topper” (also called wiglets, hairpieces, a hair enhancer or half wigs), are different from traditional men’s hair replacement systems. The size of stock and custom hair toppers are usually less than 8x10”. As you are aware, women can suffer with hair loss at any stage of their life. In the initial stage of hair loss, the hair will thin in the crown or parting area. Stock and custom hair toppers are designed to cover these areas of baldness. When clients attach custom hair toppers, they can cover up the crown, part or top of the head. The thinning hair will no longer be visible. Wiglets and toppers blend seamlessly with the customer’s existing hair to create a truly flawless and natural look. Many different colors are currently available. If our stock colors don’t meet your clients demands, then our customized hair colors can be color matched to the clients own hair. Most custom hair toppers come with clips, so they are incredibly easy to attach and remove.

2. How should I choose the correct hair toppers for my customers?

Bono custom hair toppers for women come in a wide variety of base types, base sized and hair colors. Customers who have not had much experience of hair toppers may be confused by this product. We find that choosing the correct women’s hair toppers for specific customers is a very common problem, so we would like to share some professional advice with you:


Base Size

Not everyone loses all their hair at once. Some people experience partial hair loss due to aging, stress, alopecia and genetics. In fact, there are different stages of female hair loss. At the beginning stages of female hair loss, women may lose hair in the parting area. If this is the case, your customers may need a 2-4” real custom hair toppers. When your customers are experiencing a progressed stage of female hair loss, the scalp becomes more noticeable. A 4-6” hair toppers will be needed. When it comes to the advanced stage of female hair loss, the area of hair loss will become larger and therefore more noticeable. In these cases, we would recommend a 6-10” top piece.


Base Material

Here at Bono Hair, we offer many different types of custom hair toppers; monofilament, silk base PU, lace front, integration etc. Silk bases are mainly used on parting areas as the knots of a silk base are concealed between layers. This also means the knots are virtually invisible – it looks just like the hair is growing directly out of the scalp! Monofilament base hair toppers are very popular as they have both soft and durable features. If your client has a receding hairline, lace front hair toppers will work to resolve this problem. The main advantage of a PU human hair topper is that it is easy to adhere to the head. For integration base hair toppers, pull the strands of the customers' natural hair through the holes to blend with the custom hair toppers seamlessly. It is very secure and natural-looking.


Hair Color

Choosing the correct hair color when ordering custom hair toppers is very important. It is crucial you match your customers own hair color as closely as possible. Bono hair comes in a wide variety of different hair colors such as lowlights and highlights, T color and blonde shade hair color. Of course, it can be very difficult to select the perfect hair color in the right hair shade. If our stock hair colors don’t match your customers own exact hair color, we highly recommend ordering custom hair toppers. You can order hair colors according to our color ring, clear pictures or hair samples. This is a great way to ensure your customers received the hair color that will suit the perfectly.


Hair Length

The hair length of ladies hair toppers depends on the style the customer is wanting to achieve.  Most people opt for a similar style and length to that of their natural locks. If your customers a seeking a shorter hairstyle, then they should try hair toppers that are around 16-20” in length. A hair length of around 16-18” is prevalent amongst topper hair pieces. If your customers hair is layered, or they are wanting to try out a new layering hairstyle, you should help them choose custom hair toppers with shorter strands of hair than their existing hair. No matter the length of hair topper you choose, the one that suits the customer best is best.


Custom hair toppers can transfer your customers look by adding volume to the hair. The key is to choose the correct custom hair toppers for your customers. If you follow the four simple steps above, this should be easy and hassle free! If you are still unsure about which custom hair toppers is best, then please get in touch with us. One of our specialist team members will be on hand to assist you and find the perfect units for your valued customers.