1B and 2 Hair Colors – How are They Different and Choosing Tips

1B and 2 Hair Colors – How are They Different and Choosing Tips

Three of the most prevalent hair colors include 1, 1B, and 2. While they may seem similar initially, distinct features set them apart. Explore a blog to gain insights into the differences among 1, 1B, and 2 hair colors that aid you in selecting the perfect shade for your upcoming wig, braid style, or weave installation.

In the sphere of hair colors, the distinctions between 1B, jet black, and 2 unveil a range of unique and individual characteristics. Each shade holds its allure, creating diverse options for those seeking the perfect hue for their hair. From the off-black sophistication of 1B to the profound darkness of jet black and the rich depth of 2, each color boasts its uniqueness, allowing individuals to express their style with a touch of personal flair. Let’s delve into the distinctive qualities that define 1B, jet black, and 2 hair colors.

What is 1B Hair Color?

What is 1B Hair Color

1B hair color, an off-black shade often confused with jet black, is a naturally profound choice popular among individuals seeking a hue leaning towards brown color without the stark intensity of jet black. Positioned between the extremes of 1 hair color (the darkest black) and 2 hair colors (the darkest brown), 1B provides a subtly softer black, making it an excellent option for those desiring a dark tone that resonates with the natural look of brown hair, subtly bordering on dark brown hair.

#1 Jet Black Hair Color

1 Jet Black Hair Color

Jet black, represented by hair color 1, is the deepest and darkest shade of black, characterized by a calm tone with subtle blue undertones, creating an almost supernatural allure. This rich hue is exceptionally glossy, which may appear unnatural to most individuals. Despite black being a standard natural hair color, achieving the intense depth of jet black often requires dye, distinguishing it from the more subdued brown color present in natural brown hair.

#2 Hair Color

2 Hair Color

Hair color 2 is frequently characterized as a deep shade of brown, darker than 1B yet not as intense as jet black. This cool-toned, very dark brown hue appears almost black from a distance, but upon closer inspection, its distinct dark brown undertones become apparent, differentiating it from the lighter and warmer tones found in 4 hair colors. It offers a color depth that bridges the gap between the starkness of jet black and the softer appearance of brown hair, making it a versatile choice for those inclined toward darker hair colors.

1B Hair Color VS 2 Hair Color, What is the Difference?

B Hair Color VS 2 Hair Color, What is the Difference

Naturally, the undertones of natural black hair complement so many skin tones compared to artificial black shades. That’s why opting for a 1B hair color, which is typically raw, 100% virgin human hair and not chemically processed, is often considered a safer choice for individuals contemplating black hair dye. This choice provides a balance between the desire for a black hue and the need for a more natural look. However, this doesn’t preclude experimenting with a darker tone, especially when considering that jet black hair is colored to get a consistent hue, differing from the natural essence of 1B hair.

1B human hair usually offers an authentic and harmonious look, while number 2 hair is colored to achieve a uniform look, presenting a different kind of beauty. However, achieving a perfect match with 1B hair color may only be guaranteed in some instances, despite the effectiveness of salons and hair products in approximating the off-black shade.

On the other hand, jet-black hair presents a more striking and distinctive appearance. When deciding between 1B and jet black, factors such as skin undertones, eye color, and desired aesthetics play a pivotal role. It also depends on one’s preference; some may prefer a hue that mimics natural tones, while others may embrace the intensity of jet black.

Ultimately, there’s no definitive superiority between the two colors; the ideal choice depends on personal factors like natural hair color, desired aesthetic, and individual preferences. Considerations such as matching natural hair color, prioritizing hair extension health, and aligning with your skin tone can guide decision-making.

How do You Choose Between 1B and 2 Hair Colors?

How do You Choose Between 1B and 2 Hair Colors

When deciding between 1B and 2 hair colors, consider specific factors to tailor your choice to your desired look. There’s no inherent superiority of one color over the other; instead, each shade may be more suitable based on the aesthetic you aim to achieve. This section provides tips to determine which shade best fits one’s preferences and desired style.

● Assess Skin, Hair, and Eye Color

Considering one’s skin tone, hair color, and eye color is crucial when selecting the right hair color. Women who desire a harmonious match between their hair and eyebrows should opt for 1B, as jet black can lighten the appearance of brows, resulting in an unnatural effect.

Typically, darker hair shades complement darker skin tones, while lighter skin tones are advised to stay within the range of off-black to brown shades for a better color match. However, exceptions can be made for those seeking an edgier or attention-grabbing style. Although jet black may potentially dull pale skin tones, it can simultaneously create a striking contrast for individuals with light-colored eyes. This underlines the importance of personal preferences and style goals when deviating from traditional color guidelines.

● Note Your Undertones

While choosing a hair color, one should also consider the undertone, as it is essential in enhancing an individual’s skin tone. Those with cooler complexions are generally advised to go for cooler hues like jet black, while those with warmer skin tones should gravitate towards warmer colors like 1B to look their best. Wearing a color that doesn’t align with your undertones can highlight imperfections and create a not-so-appealing visual effect with your skin tone. This underscores the significance of selecting a hair color that harmonizes with your unique undertones for a flattering and cohesive overall appearance.

● Define Your Desired Look

Those who seek a bold contrast and don’t bother precisely matching their extensions with natural hair color should opt for jet black. Jet black offers a heightened and dramatic color contrast despite its potential to seem unnatural. On the other hand, those who prefer a more natural appearance must consider a softer shade like 1B for a subtler and harmonious blend with their natural hair. This choice allows the wearer to tailor the wig color according to their aesthetic preferences and the contrast level they wish to achieve.

● Consider Necessary Trade-offs

Picking the correct color for your wigs is crucial, especially when wearing a style with leave-outs. Selecting an inappropriate shade can accentuate the contrast between your natural hair and the wigs. To accurately assess your hair’s hue, examine it in direct sunlight. If your hair maintains a black appearance under bright light, a 1B hair color is recommended for a seamless and natural blend between your hair and wigs. This approach ensures that the color choice aligns with your hair’s shade, enhancing your hairstyle’s overall cohesion.

● Prioritize Wig Quality

The top-tier human hair wigs and extensions are crafted from unprocessed, virgin strands, while 1 (jet black) hair color often undergoes treatments for uniformity. Opting for 1B ensures the highest quality for human hair wigs due to its minimally treated nature. It’s essential to note that this recommendation pertains explicitly to human hair wigs and extensions, as all synthetic hair undergoes treatment.

Despite the apparent similarity between 1 and 1B hair colors, selecting the appropriate shade is pivotal in achieving your desired style. This post aims to provide insights into the distinctions between the widely chosen black shades (1 and 1B) and guide you in selecting the one that resonates with your preferences. While various factors can aid decision-making, the ultimate choice should prioritize the color that brings you the most satisfaction.

Premium Quality Wigs: Bono Hair – Your Trusted Supplier

Premium Quality Wigs: Bono Hair – Your Trusted Supplier

Bono Hair is a stalwart in the hairpiece industry; we have earned great trust and recognition from our clients as a premium quality supplier with a decade-long legacy. With a commitment to excellence, Bono Hair has consistently delivered top-notch hairpieces that redefine standards in the industry. Our range caters to diverse needs, showcasing innovation, durability, and natural aesthetics. Our brand’s reliability stems from a meticulous selection of materials, including high-grade human hair, ensuring a luscious and authentic feel.

Bono Hair’s journey over the past ten years reflects a dedication to customer satisfaction, which has earned us a reputation as a go-to supplier for those seeking unparalleled quality. Our product’s longevity speaks volumes about our expertise, evolving with the dynamic demands of the market. As a trusted name, Bono Hair continues to adorn individuals with confidence by providing hair replacement systems that seamlessly blend style, comfort, and durability. Here are a few of our most selling premium quality hairpieces that are primarily available in 1b and 2 human hair colors:

1. L6-L Hair Unit From Bono Hair

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The L6-L hair unit from Bono Hair offers comprehensive coverage for the entire head of its wearer; this hair replacement system is an ideal choice for various purposes:

  • Embracing a fresh transformation in your hairstyle.
  • Addressing extensive hair loss due to female pattern baldness.
  • Opting for a break from your natural hair.
  • Managing hair-related challenges arising from medical conditions.

Specifically available in color 1B, this hair unit not only provides coverage but also enhances your overall appearance, allowing you to explore a new hair look, tackle hair loss concerns, take a temporary break from your natural hair, or manage the impact of medical conditions on your hair with style and versatility.

2. MAX Mono Top Hair Toppers

The Max mono top hair topper, composed of fine mono, lace front, and PU, stands out as one of the most durable wiglets. This unit is exceptionally durable as it is provided by the fine mono, allowing for versatile hairstyle experimentation without concerns of material damage. The lace front of this piece ensures a soft, light, and comfortable feel, making it an ideal hair crown topper suitable for any occasion. The best feature of this hair topper is its natural look and virtually undetectable hairline; the topper is highly breathable and ideal for hot weather, with a medium hair density of 120%, ensuring durability. Available specifically in color 1B, the Mono Hair Topper enhances your overall look with its natural appearance and hassle-free styling.

3. Australia-L Hair Replacement System

The Australia-L, available in 1B hair color, is a beloved choice for women’s hair replacements, offering confidence-boosting versatility. Incorporating Indian hair in the hair strands provides the 1B hair color product with a glossy, vibrant, soft, and luxurious texture. Enhancing the hairpiece further, it features a poly base encompassing the base’s perimeter. Renowned for its breathability, this wig for ladies, with French lace, eliminates concerns about perspiration. Its robustness allows for a medium-heavy density, and the length options range from 14 to 20 inches. The Australia-L wigs for ladies are perfect for adding length and volume to the top and front, effectively concealing thinning hair and bald spots.

4. NOA Human Hair Silk Topper

NOA is our premium hair system crafted from high-quality Indian hair; it presents a lavish selection of lengths from 12″ to 20″ to suit one’s desired appearance. It comes in an appealing range of premium human hair colors, including #1B, #2, #4, #60, and #4P27, which enables you to showcase your unique style with sophistication. The moderate hair density and naturally straight curl enhance versatility and ensure a seamless blend with the wearer’s locks. With its CC front shape and freestyle hair direction, NOA empowers you to experiment with diverse hairstyles, offering a perfect fusion of elegance, comfort, and individuality. More than just a hair accessory, this topper embodies refined style and provides an opportunity for effortless hair transformations. Embrace the artistic essence of hair styling with NOA’s unparalleled features.


Choosing between jet black, 1B, and 2 hair shades is crucial for achieving your desired look. While they may seem similar, understanding the differences is essential. This blog helps in making an informed decision based on your preferences. Remember, happiness with your chosen color is critical. Additionally, 1B hair color requires minimal maintenance, naturally offering shine and smoothness with little frizz. Routine care, including less frequent washing, conditioning, and regular brushing, ensures the health, vibrancy, and manageability of your 1B hair, making it a practical and appealing choice.


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