10 Amazing Hair Colors to Conceal Hair Thinning

10 Amazing Hair Colors to Conceal Hair Thinning (2)

Women who struggle with hair thinning look for options to add volume and fullness to their hair like everyone else. Hair dye is one such safest option through which you can add volume to your hair and transform your entire look. We will discuss the best hair color for thinning hair in this blog, which helps your hair look thicker and voluminous like never before. Below is the structure we will cover to give you all the knowledge regarding the best hair colors for thin hair.

Do you struggle with hair thinning and are looking for ways to add weight and body to your locks? Then, you are no exception. Many women suffer from hair thinning issues, and all you need is some tips about adding colors to your hair thinning.

Well, women with thin hair look for ways that can make their thin hair look voluminous. In this regard, hair colors are a great option. The new, rejuvenating hair color can revamp your overall appearance and make your thin hair look naturally fuller and thicker. We have carved out the ten best hair colors for thin hair in this blog; these trending hair colors can instantly give your dull hair a funky and refreshing appearance. To enhance your hair game, you can try these colors in different styles, like hair contouring. In hair contouring, the stylists use dark and light hair colors to give new dimensions and style to hair. This new technique gives people the impression that your hair has more weight, making your thin hair look thicker and fuller.

Is It Safe to Color Thinning Hair?

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Usually, women color their hair to transform their silhouette and add volume to their hair, but most of us with hair thinning issues worry about whether coloring our hair is safe or not for thin hair. Well, coloring is utterly safe for thinning hair, but if you are still baffled about your specific type of hair, then it’s best to get a professional hair stylist’s assistance before opting for any color. These stylists are professionals who can assist you with the precautions you must take to make the coloring safer for your hair shaft. They know how to protect the hair shaft from breaching caused by harsh permanent colors. Coloring is usually safe, but permanent blooms can be harmful at a time if it’s not done in the right way.

Here are a few helpful tips to safely get an attractive new hue without damaging your hair.

  • Usually, bleaching harms our hair and skin, so if you have thinning hair, it’s better to avoid a colour change that requires bleaching. It’s better to use regular hair color to prevent hair damage.
  • Always go for hues contrasting with your original hair color, as this will not draw attention to your hair thinning. Coloring the same color as your original hair brings little change to your appearance.
  • The best hair colors for hair thinning are those with henna, cellophane, and vegetable-based colors. These colors are generally available in salons, so consider these colors and always opt for ammonia and peroxide-free colors.

Best Hair Color for Thinning Hair

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Good hair colors give your hair an illusion of thickness and help hide hair shedding and thinning. That’s why it’s better to color your hair if you are struggling with hair thinning, as it would give you a thicker and more saturated appearance. Below we have compiled the ten best hair colors for thinning hair that would help you get a fuller and bouncier appearance.

1.     Neutral Blonde Hair Color  

Dauntlessly blonde is considered one of the most loved colors by women and men because of its carefree appeal and vivacity. Neutral blonde color is the ideal choice for thinning hair and for women who possess pale skin tones, as the richness of this color enhances their beauty and hides thinning. 

2.     Dark Chocolate Hair Color  

If you ask us what is hip these days, our first choice is dark chocolate, as it helps you get a fuller and thicker look for your thinning hair. This deep, rich brown, dark chocolate also gives an impression of extravagance and sophistication. The best thing is that this hue goes well with all skin tones but looks best on brown and olive skin.

3.     Multi-tonal Highlights  

Single color requires high maintenance. That’s why it can be challenging for thin hair to maintain a single tone. Hence, if you can’t go to salons for regular touch ups to renew your hair and color, it’s better to opt for these chic multi-tonal highlights. Choose the multi-tonal highlights that go well with your natural shade. This will boost your color and would give your rejuvenating look. 

4.     Pink-Brown Ombre 

Ombre color, which means blending two shades to make one, can be an excellent option for thin hair as the two tones give an illusion of thickness. Try a darker shade, like brown, on the roots, and dramatically change it to pink while going to the edges. This transformation would give a fuller appearance to your thin hair.

5.     Auburn Hair Color  

Auburn is also one of the best hair colors for thinning, as this reddish-brown hair diverts all the attention from your thin hair to its luxurious appeal. This color looks best on curls and waves. You can also style this hue with balayage highlights to attain the perfect look for your thin hair.

6.     Jet Black Hair Color  

This list is incomplete if we don’t add the naturally black or jet-black color to this list.jet black is known for its thicker appearance, and it covers the entire scalp, which helps conceal hair thinning. You can mix this color with henna and indigo to achieve a thicker and denser effect.

7.     Ash Gray Hair Color  

Ash gray can also be an incredible hair color for thin hair; this hue goes well with all hair types, whether curly, straight or wavy. Another great thing is that it suits all complexions and skin tones well. You can also use metallic streaks with this color to spice up your silhouette.

8.     Dark Green Hair Color  

Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish have recently made dark green hair color a trend. Dark green hair is highly fashionable, funky and playful and will grab all the attention you are looking for. The only drawback of this vibrant hue is it fades very quickly, so you would have to deal with this style statement with much love and care.

9.     Blonde with Turquoise Highlights  

So if it’s the first time you are dying your hair and want to transform your look, then always dye your hair with either a lighter or darker shade than your original hair. By this small test, you can see whether the color suits you. Blonde is usually an excellent choice for thin hair, and you can add more flavor to your hair game by highlighting your hair with some turquoise highlights; this would be a head-turner for you.

10. Purple Hair Color

If you want to change your dull, thin hair with something vibrant, bold and trendy, then it’s time to add some purple hues to your hair. Purple color doesn’t only do wonders in concealing thin hair but enhances your eye color and gives you a rejuvenating silhouette.

How to Choose the Safest Hair Dye?

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Usually women with thinning hair issues don’t experiment with things that can trigger their hair loss problem. Many people believe that hair dying has devastating effects on hair health; it damages the hair and its growth. That’s why women with thin hair don’t opt for dying their hair.

Hair coloring can be safe for your thin hair if you pick hair colors that contain fewer chemicals; darker shades typically have a high level of toxins, so it’s better to choose lighter shades like blonde and semi-permanent colors. It would be better for your thin hair to never bleach and use a product that contains less than 20% peroxide. 

Most hair dyes contain some chemicals, and getting an entirely toxic-free, safe hair dye is virtually impossible. Although many hair colors come with the label of natural and organic, you can only rely partially on what the product says because they are not regulated. So if you want the safest hair dyes that don’t contain ammonia, PPD and resorcinol, you should choose hair colors that are henna or plant-based. The best thing about these dyes is they are harmful chemical-free and deliver the best results. Hence, if you are struggling with hair thinning, you must opt for one of these plant or henna-based hair dyes. 


The hair colors mentioned above are the best thing you can do to revitalize your damaged tresses and thin hair. These hair colors are best for your thin hair and are the most trending styles of this year. Your hairstylist can play with these colors and style your hair in the proper dimension and depth by which your hair would attain the natural appearance of volume. However, you can only sustain and flourish this denser look for hair by preserving the color.

Besides, the best wouldn’t be enough for your thinning hair if you don’t use the proper techniques and color schemes. Hence make sure that hair dying should be done with appropriate care, whether you do it on your own or get it done by a professional stylist, so that your scalp and hair remain undamaged.


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