All You Need to Know about Hair Extensions, Their Types and Cost

All You Need to Know About Hair Extensions, Their Types and Cost (2)

Voluminous, long and luscious hairs are so much in fashion these days, and so are hair extensions, but most of us don’t opt for these extensions as we consider them too extravagant and expensive. How much are the hair extensions, and how long do hair extensions last? This is the most frequently asked question nowadays. We are writing this blog to drill down on such queries regarding hair extensions; below is the structure we follow to give you all the information about this topic.

Luscious long hair is something that every woman dreams of, but not everyone has it. However, hair extensions come to the rescue for women who don’t have long locks. Hair extensions are the most feasible way to add fullness, length and volume to your natural hair. But those who have never used extensions consider these extensions costly and get baffled by seeing various hair extensions.

How much hair extensions are is something that everyone wants to know. However, it entirely depends on the quality and material of the product. Some hair extensions cost as low as $20, while others can be as expensive as $3000. The prices of these extensions may vary depending on their types and length. A good quality, non-permanent hair extension would cost $200 to $500. On the other hand, permanent extensions are expensive as they are professional and high-quality, falling in the price range of $600 to $3000.

We will cover how much each type of hair extensions cost and other details about hair extensions in this blog.

Cost of Hair Extensions by Type

All You Need to Know About Hair Extensions, Their Types and Cost (3)

1. Cost of Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in is one of the most common hair extensions; these extensions come in different sizes and lengths. These extensions are made of the weft of hair, are clipped at the base of silicon or fabric piece, and are suitable for shoulder-length hair. Clip-in are famous for being easily manageable; you can fix it to your hair within 15 minutes. The cost of clip-in extensions depends on their size. Typically, a 20 inches pack of nine sections of clip-in hair extensions costs around $100, while a 30 inches long would cost $500. This type of hair extension is less expensive as they are temporary extension. You only wear them occasionally and quickly pull them off when you are done. Clip-in extensions are also available in a cheaper price range, but such extensions have poor quality that comes with loose and cheap clips that slips out while wearing.

2. Cost of Tape-in Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are known for their longevity and easy installation. Like its name, these extensions have double-sided tape so that one part can attach to your natural locks and the other to the extensions. These are semi-permanent extensions that last for more than two months. Tape-in extensions are mostly made of human hair. That’s why the price range for these extensions starts from $200 for partial extensions. These hair extensions are famous for providing their wearer with an undetectable appearance, and they are clearly more reasonable than the rest of the types for thin hair.

3. Cost of Sewn-in Hair Extensions

Sewn-in hair extensions are semi-permanent extensions; in this type, the weft of hair is attached to your hair by sewing it up on the cornrows with the help of thread and needle. These hair extensions are secure and can last more than three months if properly managed. That’s why most women choose this type. The price range of sewn-in hair extensions begins from $275; the salon also charges an extra amount for sewing the tracks of hair. This type of hair extension involves a lot of skill and technique, but it provides a seamless appearance to your locks.

4. Cost of Real Hair Weave

Hair weave is a modification of sewn-in extensions, but this extension is permanent. To fix these extensions, you style your original hair into braids, and then the extensions are sewn into your braids. The cost of this hair weave can vary; it falls somewhere around $100 to $600. If you provide proper care, hair weaves last up to eight weeks; you would require around 8 to 10 tracks of hair weave to get a full head. The hairstylist would charge additionally for attaching the weave. This extension type is not suggested for thin hair but looks best on thick hair.

5. Cost of Fusion Hair Extensions

You might find this name confusing, but fusion hair extensions are the most secure and less damaging hair extensions among all other types. This type included bonded extensions, microbeads, loops and other extension systems. These extensions are then installed for you through cold or hot fusion methods. The cost of fusion hair extensions is somewhere between $200 to $1000.The hot fusion method is cheaper as it involves heating for installation, while the cold one is expensive but safe and secure.

6. Cost of Glued-in Hair Extensions

Glued-in hair extensions are preferred by women with thick hair as this extension depends on your original hair for a stronghold. These extensions are not an excellent choice for thin hair as they need a potent combination of the original strands. The price of a glued-in extension starts at $300 and goes up to $500.

7. Cost of Cold Fusion Bonded Extensions

Cold fusion bonded extensions are comparatively expensive as no heat is involved in the process. These pre-bonded, or keratin bond extensions come in hair strands with keratin on top. These hair extensions price range from $1500 to $3000.Unlike traditional hair extensions, these extensions are less damaging because human hair is made of 95% keratin, a natural strengthening protein.

8. Cost of Microbead Hair Extensions

Microbead extensions are beaded-weft extensions; these extensions are beaded to the small section of your original heart with the help of a metal crimp bead and a thread. Usually, these beaded extensions with human hair cost around $300 to $500, while the synthetic one costs $200 plus the installation charges by the stylist.

9. Cost of Micro Link Hair Extensions

Micro link is almost the same thing as microbead hair extensions. They only differ in size, style and colour. These extensions also cost $200.

10. Cost of Micro Loop Extensions

This type of hair extension comes with a plastic loop through which one can easily attach these hair extensions to his natural strands. Three sets of 18inches long micro loop hair extensions cost around $35, which is comparatively cheaper than micro ring extensions. These rates are available at online beauty stores with a higher salon price.

How Much Are Hair Extensions in a Salon?

All You Need to Know About Hair Extensions, Their Types and Cost (4)

Prices of hair extensions vary from salon to salon, a partial head of hair extensions from a salon may cost you something between $400 to $600, and the price range for a full head of hair extensions may go up to $1600. The prices at salons are higher than the retail outlets and wholesale suppliers. However, the expertise and styling salons provide need to be more matchable. The salons don’t only assist you in finding the perfect hair extensions for your natural hair and texture but also offer haircuts and styling to bring the best results of these hair extensions. Besides, hair experts at the salon also guide you about the quantity and length you would need to blend seamlessly with your natural hair to give you a natural-looking appearance. Most hair extensions require professional assistance to be appropriately attached; getting it done from the salon is the safest option.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

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How long do hair extensions last? This is yet another question in the minds of people who want to invest in hair extensions. Well, lasting hair extensions depend immensely on their type and quality and how you maintain them. Different types of hair extensions last for different periods; however, clip-in extensions last the longest as they are not worn continuously.

  • If you keep them carefully, glue-in hair extensions can last one to two months.
  • Tape-in hair extensions last a bit longer. It ranges between six to eight weeks.
  • Bonded hair extensions have the same last as tape-in extensions. It lasts for six to eight weeks.
  • Clip-in hair extensions are worn only some of the time. This type can last up to a year if given the proper care.

Excessive use of styling products and tools also affects the longevity of hair extensions. Regular blow-dry and curling irons make the extensions frizzy and dry. Hence, use fewer tools or thermal-protection sprays and conditioning at least once a week to avoid damage.


Hair extensions are a great way to conceal your hair problems and also, it’s an ideal way to give volume and length to your original hair. Women often worry that these extensions might damage their natural hair, well some of these extensions that have glue, tape and other heating tools involved in the instalment can cause damage to your hair, but only when they are not assisted by a stylist apart from that these extensions do minor damage.

Many women consider it expensive, that’s why we don’t invest in this gorgeous hair product, but now that we have cleared the air by covering all the aspects, costs and types of hair extensions, we hope that you can happily spend your money on these fake locks to enhance your overall appearance.


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