Discover the Virat Kohli Haircut Trends 2024 – Top 22 New Hairstyles to Try

Discover the Virat Kohli Haircut Trends 2024 - Top 22 New Hairstyles to Try1

Who doesn’t know Virat Kohli, one of the most celebrated names in the cricketing world? Virat is known for his marvelous batting skills and is equally famous for his hot looks and fashion sense. Today, we are covering 22 haircuts of the Indian style that has taken Indian cricket to new heights. This article will cover classic Virat Kohli hairstyles that he has kept throughout his journey.


Virat Kohli, the cricket maestro, not only dominates the pitch but also sets a trend off-field with his charismatic style and ever-evolving Virat Kohli hairstyle. His hairstyles are as dynamic as his cricketing prowess; his haircuts reflect his fearless and bold personality. From the classic short crop to experimenting with edgy spikes and fades, Kohli seamlessly blends athleticism with contemporary fashion. His stylish appearance extends beyond the cricket field and has captivated a fan following of millions globally. Whether sporting a casual look or formal attire, Kohli exudes confidence and flair. Each haircut of this run machine becomes a statement, echoing the dynamism of a modern sports icon. Virat Kohli’s haircuts are so trendy that his fans eagerly anticipate the icon’s next style evolution.

Virat Kohli Gets a New Haircut on His Birthday

Virat Kohli Gets a New Haircut on His Birthday

2023 was a remarkable year for King Kohli as he surpassed his maestro Sachin Tendulkar’s 49 centuries in One Day Internationals milestone. Virat celebrates his birthday on the 5th of November. This time, the big day happened during the biggest cricket tournament; while celebrating his birthday during the World Cup 2023, Virat Kohli debuted a new hairstyle, showcasing his new look. He shared his picture on social media that he got a new haircut, which gave the tournament a fresh and dynamic vibe. The evolution of the cricket icon’s style adds extra excitement to the global cricketing event.

Classic Virat Kohli Haircuts Throughout His Career

Here are some of the most classic haircuts that this star of cricket, known for Virat Kohli’s hairstyles, has maintained throughout his career:


1. Mid-High Fade Hairstyle

Mid-High Fade Hairstyle

Virat Kohli effortlessly rocks a chic and uncomplicated hairstyle featuring a mid-high fade. This haircut skillfully blends a gradual fade from the midsection to the high point, seamlessly transitioning from shorter sides to longer tops. The versatility of this style is evident in the various ways the length on top can be groomed, whether it’s slicked-back for a refined appearance or fashioned into a quiff for a touch of sophistication, delivering a polished and well-groomed finish. Kohli’s choice of a mid-high fade reflects a perfect balance between simplicity and style, showcasing his knack for embracing contemporary and trendy looks.


2. Side-Fade Hairstyle

Side-Fade Hairstyle

Virat Kohli has also rocked a side-fade hairstyle; this style merges a polished side part with a gradual fade, striking a perfect balance between contemporary style and classic sophistication.


3. Thick Side Quiff Hairstyle

Thick Side Quiff Hairstyle

Virat Kohli naturally owns the style arena with a bold, thick side quiff that’s nothing short of a hair masterpiece. Just imagine a voluminous quiff, boldly swept to one side, effortlessly marrying classic charm with a modern edge. But that’s not all – the sides play their part, tastefully tapered down to seamlessly blend into the beard, adding texture and definition to this jaw-dropping look. Virat Kohli’s hairstyle isn’t just a statement; it’s a visual journey where classic meets contemporary and leaves the admirers in awe of his trendsetting flair.


4. Side-Quiff Haircut

Side-Quiff Haircut

Virat Kohli’s hairstyle has been a captivating journey, but the side quiff is one of his most iconic hairstyles. With its carefully crafted balance of classic sophistication and contemporary flair, this particular haircut has added an extra layer of charm to Kohli’s already impressive looks. Although Virat has always been a fashion inspiration, the side-quiff has elevated his style game to new heights. It perfectly complements his persona, blending seamlessly with his bold and dynamic image. Moreover, this hairstyle accentuates his facial features and creates a complete aesthetic treat for admirers.


5. Low Fade with a Line Hairstyle

Low Fade with a Line Hairstyle

Virat Kohli takes his style game up a notch with a dash of sophistication in the low fade with a line hairstyle. Imagine a clean-cut look, where a deep side part meets a precision line-up, crafting a sharp, well-defined appearance. This haircut is a refined elegance, showcasing Kohli’s knack for turning a simple style into a statement of polished charisma.


6. Taper Fade Hairstyle

Taper Fade Hairstyle

Virat Kohli embraced this taper fade haircut to get a timeless and classic aesthetic look. This timeless style showcases a subtle distinction between the shorter sides and longer tops, skillfully tapering towards the nape. The result is a clean and well-groomed appearance, highlighting Kohli’s penchant for refined and enduring looks.


7. Messy High Fade Hairstyle

Messy High Fade Hairstyle

Virat Kohli’s messy high fade hairstyle exudes casual charm and a carefree vibe. This trendy haircut features a high fade, strikingly contrasting the shorter sides and the tousled, textured length on top. Virat Kohli’s haircut effortlessly blends athleticism with a touch of chaotic style and uniquely makes this messy hairstyle his own.


8. Short to Medium Haircut with Glasses

Short to Medium Haircut with Glasses

Virat Kohli confidently showcases a short to medium haircut while donning glasses in pursuit of trendiness and style. This marvelous hairstyle seamlessly blends shorter sides with slightly longer tops, striking a perfect balance for a chic and fashionable look. Kohli’s choice not only enhances his charm but also adds a touch of flair to the classic combination of hair and glasses.


9. Short Fade Hairstyle with Beard

Short Fade Hairstyle with Beard

Virat Kohli naturally owns a suave and sophisticated vibe by pairing his short fade hairstyle with a well-groomed beard. Kohli’s hairstyle exudes both style and confidence. The addition of the beard injects a dash of masculinity, infusing a rugged charm that perfectly complements his overall captivating appearance.


10. Short Undercut Hairstyle

Short Undercut Hairstyle

Short undercuts are challenging, defying norms with no hair on the back and sides. However, Virat Kohli effortlessly rocks this hairstyle like a pro; his charisma transforms the haircut into a captivating style, leaving him irresistibly handsome and true hair inspiration.


11. Slick Back Short Hairstyle

Slick Back Short Hairstyle

Virat Kohli achieves a suave sophistication with his slicked-back short hairstyle, a combed-back mane that radiates a clean and polished aura. This look isn’t just a haircut; it’s a style statement. Perfect for formal affairs or whenever Kohli wants to sprinkle a touch of refined charm, this hairstyle is a visual testament to his ability to make even the most superficial look an emblem of elegance.


12. Fade Cut Hairstyle

Fade Cut Hairstyle

Virat Kohli’s fade-cut hairstyle showcases unparalleled finesse and effortless style. His dead-drop persona with this choice deserves a moment of appreciation for setting the trend bar high.


13. Buzz Cut Hairstyle

Buzz Cut Hairstyle

Virat Kohli’s buzz cut has cast a spell, making him the most appealing and hottest Indian cricketer. Effortlessly slaying the style game, his perfect buzz cut has become a trendsetting hairstyle icon.


14. Layered Medium Haircut

Mullet Hairstyle

Displaying a dynamic play of texture and volume, Virat Kohli opts for a layered medium haircut that perfectly complements his style. Kohli typically prefers short hair, but he looks even hotter when he opts for long or medium hairstyles. This versatile look features medium-length hair artfully layered to enhance texture and volume. Tapering down the sides adds a polished touch and allows Kohli to experiment with various styles to switch up his appearance effortlessly.


15. Mullet Hairstyle

Discover the Virat Kohli Haircut Trends 2024 - Top 22 New Hairstyles to Try17

Virat Kohli recently revealed a daring mullet hairstyle, revamping the classic cut with a short front and sides and long cascading hair at the back. This hairstyle earned the cricket icon widespread admiration, and his fans across the world lauded his bold move, with few dubbing him “King Kohli & Royal Barber. “


16. Sporty Hairstyle

Sporty Hairstyle

The sporty look is a unique hairstyle that Virat personally crafted, defying professional norms, yet the result exudes a polished look. His familiarity with the sides guides the front cut, creating a style that seamlessly blends personal touch with a professional finish.


17. Crew Cut Hairstyle

Crew Cut Hairstyle

Virat Kohli also possesses a classic and fuss-free crew cut style. Crew-cut is a timeless and easy-to-maintain haircut with short hair on top, slightly longer at the front, and gradual tapering on the sides and back.


18. Line Upside Parting Short Hairstyle

Line Upside Parting Short Hairstyle

Virat Kohli has also rocked a refined line-up side parting short hairstyle. This hairstyle exudes sophistication with a sharp and well-defined appearance.


19. Messy Undercut Hairstyle

Messy Undercut Hairstyle

Virat Kohli’s iconic messy undercut, defined by a stylish side part and textured sides, effortlessly blends short and spiky tops. This hairstyle is something that all of his fans can keep; it’s versatile enough for formal or casual occasions and radiates an aura of effortless cool.


20. Short comb over Fade Hairstyle

Short comb over Fade Hairstyle

When someone looks for simplicity and style, they opt for this hairstyle. Virat Kohli also rocks a short comb-over fade, showcasing a chic yet uncomplicated look. This hairstyle features short, swept-to-the-side hair on top, complemented by a fade on the sides. Balancing ease of maintenance with undeniable sophistication, Kohli effortlessly radiates a stylish charm through this effortlessly groomed choice.


21. Side Parted Hairstyle

Side Parted Hairstyle

Virat Kohli’s side-parted hairstyle is sheer elegance; it features a sleek, polished look that effortlessly blends classic charm with modern sophistication. The well-defined part adds a touch of refinement to Virat’s versatile and stylish appearance.


22. Long Hair

Long Hair

Virat Kohli with a long lock is uncommon, but his locks cascade with a free-spirited charm, adding a touch of effortless cool to his charismatic persona. The length showcases his versatility, from bold cuts to classic flows, creating a distinctive and iconic look.

How do You Request Your Barber for a Haircut Like Virat Kohli?

When communicating your desire for Virat Kohli’s hairstyle to your hairstylist, you should share a reference picture and discuss your hair’s length and texture to assess its suitability for this specific Virat Kohli hairstyle. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, hairstylists adapt Kohli’s style to your face shape and hair type. Inquire about recommended styling products like pomades or gels and seek maintenance advice. Regular appointments with your stylist ensure your hair maintains the desired Virat Kohli look, keeping it well-groomed and effortlessly stylish.

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Virat Kohli’s career spans over one and a half decades. During this long career, the cricketing maestro has rocked these 22 trending hairstyles, underlining his fashion and grooming influence. From sleek sophistication to daring styles, Virat Kohli’s hair-cutting style versatility caters to diverse preferences. Hence, if your client wants a Virat Kohli-inspired haircut, Bono Hair should be the go-to destination for the most unique and natural hair replacement systems.


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