20 Most Stylish Haircuts for Men with Round and Square-Shaped Faces


A well-chosen haircut is like a sculptor’s tool that not only enhances a person’s natural facial features but also distracts the eyes from undesirable aspects of your overall look. It’s a transformative art that celebrates individual beauty and boosts confidence. In this blog, we are covering twenty hairstyles that can get you an attention-grabbing appearance.  


Choosing the right haircut can significantly impact one’s appearance, enhancing facial features and overall style. For men with round or square faces, selecting the perfect haircut is about achieving balance and strengthening their unique attributes. In this guide, we’ll explore 20 diverse and stylish haircuts tailored specifically to flatter round and square face shapes. From classic styles that accentuate strong jawlines to trendy cuts that soften round contours, we’ll delve into many options that cater to different preferences, whether you seek sophistication, edginess, or a blend of both. Discover the perfect haircut to redefine your look and confidence.

How to Identify Square or Round Face?

Identifying your face shape, whether square or round, is a crucial step in choosing a flattering hairstyle and understanding how to accentuate your best features. Here’s a detailed guide on how to identify these two common face shapes:

● Identifying a Square Face

  1. Forehead, Cheekbones, and Jawline: Square faces are characterized by well-defined angles. Take measurements of  the width of your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. If they are all relatively equal in width, with sharp, distinct angles, you likely have a square face.
  2. Straight Jawline: The jawline of a square face is typically temperate and robust, creating a squared-off appearance. The jawline is a defining feature.
  3. Chin: The chin may have a slight curve or be slightly squared, but it’s not pointed or rounded. It’s aligned with the jawline.
  4. Length: The length of the face from the hairline to the chin is about the same as the width of the face.

● Identifying a Round Face

  1. Soft Angles: Round faces have soft, gentle angles with no sharp corners. The width and length of the face are nearly equal.
  2. Full Cheeks: The cheeks are the most prominent feature, giving the face a circular appearance.
  3. Jawline and Chin: The jawline is less defined and softly curved. The chin is typically rounded and not sharply pointed.
  4. Forehead: The forehead may be slightly more comprehensive, but it lacks the prominent angles of a square face.

Ten Best Haircuts for Men with Round Face

1.  Modern Quiff


We particularly admire the modern quiff as a haircut suitable for round faces. It effectively adds a sense of length to your facial structure. The key is to generate volume by brushing your quiff upward, allowing you to choose how high you want to take it.


2.  Long French Crop Haircut


The contemporary French Crop, featuring added length, is a fantastic choice for those with round faces. With the incorporation of layers, this cropped hairstyle gains ample texture and mobility, especially when complemented by an extended front fringe.


3.  Classic Pompadour


The timeless Pompadour stands out as a highly favored hairstyle for men, especially for those with round faces. This style imparts both height and fullness to your hair, rendering it an excellent option for men with fine or thin hair.


4.  Two Block Haircut


If you’re seeking more volume for your hair, then consider the Two-Block Hairstyle, characterized by short back and side hair, while leaving the top to extend to eyebrow length. This trendy Asian-inspired haircut is a fashionable choice worth experimenting with to enhance your appearance.


5.  Faux Hawk


The Faux Hawk is an edgy and trendy choice of Hairstyle for men; it combines the boldness of a traditional Mohawk with a more versatile, tapered look. It’s perfect for those who want a distinctive, contemporary appearance without committing to a full Mohawk. This trendsetting haircut exudes confidence and individuality.


6.  Curtain Haircut


The Curtain Haircut is another flattering choice for men with round faces, as it creates an illusion of elongation and structure. This haircut beautifully frames the face with its center-parted, soft, cascading layers while adding a touch of sophistication. This classic style is versatile and timeless, enhancing the overall appearance with a touch of elegance.


7.  Disconnected Undercut


For guys with round faces, this Disconnected Undercut is a great Asian haircut choice. A disconnected haircut provides a voluminous top and shaved sides and back, effectively offsetting the face’s roundness by adding height. Additionally, this style offers a lightweight and refreshing feel in warm weather while infusing a trendy and distinctive flair to your overall appearance.


8.  Jagged Spikes


The Jagged Spikes haircut is an excellent option for guys with round faces, as this haircut gives you a bold and edgy look. Its textured, spiky layers create visual interest and angles that help counterbalance the softness of a round face shape. This style exudes confidence and adds a rugged charm to your overall appearance.


9.  Curls with Bangs


If you naturally have curly strands, this Hairstyle is also for you; celebrate your curls and let them flow into an extended front fringe. The textured quality of these lengthier bangs effectively directs focus to your eyes, contributing to a more defined and angular appearance for your face.


10.  Buzz Cut


A Buzz Cut is an excellent choice in this that men with round faces can pick; this haircut offers a clean and balanced appearance. This short and minimalistic haircut minimizes emphasis on facial roundness, creating a more structured and confident look. Its simplicity and low maintenance make it a practical and stylish option.

Ten Best Haircuts for Men with Square Face

Here are the ten most stylish and masculine haircuts for men with square faces:

1.  Comb Over Hairstyle


Having a square face doesn’t necessarily dictate masculinity. What’s important is to highlight either your Hairstyle or facial features. For square-faced individuals with thick hair, a sleek comb-over haircut can exude a polished and sophisticated look suitable for formal occasions.


2.  Buzz Cut


Buzz Cut is a hairstyle that is suitable for both face shapes, be it square or round. This haircut, being inherently short, effectively accentuates the features of a square face. Choosing a crew cut, butch cut, or Ivy League style will draw attention to your distinct facial angles. The short hair’s length complements the face shape, but it’s essential not to trim it excessively.


3.  Side Swept Hairstyle


A distinctive twist on the Side-Swept look, this Hairstyle stands out as one of the most unconventional choices for men with square faces. It elevates the standard side part by extending it to the extreme, with chin-length hair in the front. This bold and daring style is a perfect fit for those who appreciate adventurous and unique hairstyles.


4.  Faux Hawk


The Faux Hawk has gained immense popularity as a men’s haircut for square and round face cuts. The Faux Hawk has a trendy and edgy appeal, resembling the Mohawk, yet versatile for formal or professional environments. Men with straight or wavy hair and square faces will discover this Hairstyle as an intelligent option. Additionally, a subtle beard can complement this short haircut nicely.


5.  Slicked-Back Undercut


Among Undercut Hairstyles, the Slicked-Back Undercut reigns as the most stylish and in-demand choice. This “short sides, long top” high-contrast style combines the best of both worlds, making it a versatile and attractive option for business professionals, date nights, parties, or casual gatherings. Achieving a sleek, swept-back look requires a minimum of 3 to 5 inches of hair length on the top of your head.


6.  Messy-Wavy Haircut


The short, Messy Haircut is an excellent choice for square-faced men, adding a touch of relaxed charm. This style complements the face’s angles and emphasizes a casually confident look. Its tousled nature provides a laid-back yet stylish appearance.


7.  Back and Side Swept Hairstyle


Back and Side Swept Hairstyles are a fantastic choice for square-faced men, as they soften facial features with a touch of elegance. These styles blend sophistication with subtlety, creating a well-balanced and refined look.


8.  Mega Pompadour Haircut


While the Pompadour remains a timeless classic, a contemporary update can add a fresh touch. The Modern Pompadour amplifies every aspect of the Hairstyle, crafting a bold and edgy appearance. Confidence is critical when sporting this revamped look, which features sharper angles, making it incredibly flattering for square-faced individuals.


9.  Top Knot Hairstyle


The men’s Top Knot Hairstyle sometimes called the Top Knot Bun, combines elements of the popular undercut and man bun styles. In this hybrid, all the hair is gathered and tied at the crown with a band, forming a distinctive knot.


10.  Close-Cropped Curls Haircut


The Close-Cropped Curls Hairstyle for men is an intelligent and low-maintenance option, combining a neat appearance with textured curls. This style exudes a refined yet effortless charm, perfect for those who want a stylish look without too much fuss. The short length and curly texture create a balanced and timeless aesthetic.


In conclusion, the quest for the ideal haircut for men with round and square faces is a journey of personal expression and confidence. Our exploration of 20 distinct haircuts showcases the versatility of styles available, tailored to accentuate the unique attributes of these facial shapes. Whether it’s a sleek undercut, a rugged beard with short sides, or the timeless charm of a pompadour, there’s a haircut for every taste. Ultimately, the perfect choice lies in aligning the haircut with individual preferences and lifestyle, providing a powerful tool for self-expression and enhancing one’s overall appearance. The right haircut can redefine not just your look but your self-assuredness, too.

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