Wigs or Hair Extensions: Which One to Pick?

Wigs or Hair Extensions Which One to Pick (3)

Do you think wigs are the only option to conceal your hair-related issues? Then, you must check hair extensions that do the same job of extending your hair length and adding volume to your hair. Eventually, they both do the same task, but which is better? We are going to find out in this blog.


Wigs & hair extensions are two different things that do the same job of making one’s hair look thicker, longer, and voluminous. These are interchangeable things that give you similar results. Hence, deciding which is better can be difficult because it ultimately depends on the preference, hair type, and condition of the wearer. Both things have some aspects that are better than others, so we are breaking down all the essential points to help you make the right choice. By the end of this blog, you can make your choice!

What Are Wigs?

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A wig is a hair replacement system used to wear over your head to mimic natural hair. Wigs are the best solution to address various hair-related problems. Wigs have been in the business for centuries, and it’s been used for ages as a fashion accessory, to manage hair loss and baldness, and hair for theatrical purposes. Here are a few benefits and drawbacks of wigs:


Let’s discuss the advantages of wigs first:

Versatility: wigs are known for their versatility. It opens the doors to endless styling options for their wearer. It allows you to experiment with unique and different looks by quickly and easily changing your hairstyle. You can style a wig easily by trying different haircuts, new hair colors, and textures without going through chemical treatments.

Hair Protection: one of the most significant advantages of wigs is that it provides complete protection to your natural hair by covering it. Wigs shield your hair from harsh weather, sun exposure, pollution, and other environmental issues. Anyone with hair-related options must pick a wig as it controls further damage and preserve the health of the wearer’s hair.

Confidence Booster: wigs contribute significantly to enhancing your confidence and self-esteem. It does wonders for the individual who struggles with hair thinning, balding other medical conditions by completely concealing their root cause. It makes these individuals return to normalcy by providing their desired Appearance.

Privacy: Hair-related problems like baldness, hair fall, and medical conditions are personal, and not everyone likes to keep them private and confidential. Wigs provide that level of privacy; wearing them helps keep your circumstance and hair situation private.


Cost: One of the most common drawbacks of wigs is their price; high-quality human hair wigs are quite expensive. The price varies depending on the construction, craftsmanship, and type of hair used in the making. Moreover, wigs also require occasional maintenance, which can also increase the expenses, that is why they are a bit costly.

Adjustment Period: individuals who have never worn a wig find it challenging to adjust with one because it’s irritating having something on the head all the time, and the weight can take some time to adapt.

Heat and Discomfort: Wigs can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially in hot and humid weather. Extended wear makes the scalp sweaty, itchy, and irritated in hot weather. Although with the advanced versions of breathable and lightweight wigs, this is no problem anymore; they can still cause discomfort sometimes.

What Are Hair Extensions?

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Hair extensions are strands of hair made of either synthetic or human hair. These extensions do the purpose of adding volume, length, and beauty to one’s natural hair. Unlike wigs, one has to attach hair extensions to the wearer’s head in various ways. There are many hair extensions; the most famous are tape-in, clip-in, bonded or fusion, and sew-in hair extensions. Now we are going to discuss some pros and cons of hair extensions. 


Length and Volume: Hair extensions are a great way to add volume and length to your hair. They can instantly transform short hair into longer and fuller locks allowing you to try new hairstyles.

Natural Appearance:  high-quality hair extensions are known for providing a seamlessly natural appearance to their wearer as it blends well with the wearer’s hair texture, type, and color. Extensions blend so well that one can hardly distinguish between real and fake hair.

Confident Booster: Hair extensions contribute immensely to boosting your self-esteem and confidence and improve the self-image that you lose while going through severe hair problems. It also gives its wearer a glamorous and eye-catching silhouette.


Cost: The price range of these extensions is one of its most common drawbacks. High-quality hair extensions made with human hair are expensive. And extensions require proper care and maintenance regularly, which can increase overall expenses.

Professional Application: Unlike wigs that don’t need much effort, hair extensions require professional assistance for proper application. Only clip-in extensions are the ones that the wearer can apply herself; otherwise, all other types require an excellent professional application, making it expensive.

 Potential Damage: Hair extensions can severely damage natural hair due to improper application and maintenance. Lack of care and improper application can lead to hair breakage, shedding, and scalp irritation.

Wigs or Hair Extensions, which is better? better?

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Wigs & extensions both are great options for adding volume and length to your hair; however, deciding which is better depends entirely on your preference and hair condition. We suggest opting for wigs instead of extensions when it comes to hair loss issues and baldness due to any illness. Extensions are a terrible choice for weak and damaged hair, as the additional weight of extensions can worsen your case. Wigs, in that regard, are a winner because you can easily install them on even a bald head and look seamlessly gorgeous and natural.

Moreover, comfort and maintenance are important factors when choosing between a wig and an extension. Wigs, as they cover the head completely and the weight of the hairpiece doesn’t lay on one side, are lighter to carry for extended periods. When it comes to maintenance, in that case, even wigs are easier to maintain as it requires minimal maintenance and styling before every use. While hair extensions have a lengthy attachment process, they require proper care and maintenance regularly. Here are some key elements that you need to consider while deciding which of these two a better option so let’s find out is:

1.     For adding hair length

Both wigs and hair extensions are known for adding length to your hair, and which one to choose ultimately depends on your preference and lifestyle. However, there are a few factors that can help you in deciding which one to pick. If you are looking for a permanent solution for adding length, you should opt for extensions, as wigs are a temporary removable solution that you can take off quickly. While extensions last for several weeks, they are attached to your natural hair, giving you a more realistic and seamlessly natural appearance.

2.     For adding hair volume

Hair wigs are hands down best for adding volume to your existing hair. Especially women that have thin locks prefer wigs over hair extensions as they are more suitable options. Wigs are better because you don’t need too much to attach them. Put them on and safely conceal your original hair beneath it; a premium quality wig would instantly give you a flawlessly natural and voluminous silhouette.

On the other hand, hair extensions are not an intelligent choice for girls with thin strands as thin hairs are naturally weak, and the extra weight of the extensions can cause breakage and shedding to your hair. Although transparent tape-in extensions can work better compared to other types, to prevent all sorts of risks of damaging your natural lock, wigs are certainly the right choice for volume.

3.     Hair Maintenance

Hair extensions and wigs both require a lot of care. However, one certainly requires more than the other, and this depends more on the type of wigs or hair extensions you pick, like:

Wigs: Human hair wigs need more care as they are made of natural hair, so they need regular washing, conditioning, and styling to keep them looking natural and tangle-free. Proper storage and heat styling are essential to maintain these wigs’ durability. On the other hand, synthetic wigs are easy to maintain as they are made of synthetic fiber that doesn’t require much care. They need less washing and styling than human hair wigs and are prone to heat damage. Wigs are the winner in maintenance and easy usage.

 Hair Extensions: there are four common types of extensions: tape-in, clip-in, fusion, and weave hair extensions. The one that requires minimal care and maintenance is clip-in hair extensions, this type only requires occasional washing and that also to avoid tangling. At the same time, the tape-in and sew-in hair extensions call for regular maintenance that includes washing, conditioning, and drying to prevent hair breakage and ensure scalp health. Bonded hair extensions are the ones that call for special care as they are semi-permanent hair extensions and have longer lasting than any other type.

4.     Lifespan

The longevity of your wigs & extensions crucially depends on the type of hair you wear. Suppose you use a wig and extensions of Remy’s hair; then both would last several months. However, the longevity of these products depends more on your usage and the care you provide them. Still, many high-quality hair extensions last longer than wigs and even get ruined while sleeping. Hence, if you want to invest in something that has a longer lifespan, then you must go for hair extensions.


Lastly, we have mentioned everything you need to know to make it easier to decide which one to pick. Ultimately, the decision certainly depends on one’s preference and hair condition. Wigs or hair extensions do the same task of enhancing your hair game; however, wigs are a better option for women who suffer hair loss and thinning hair issues.


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