Permanent Wigs Myth or Reality? What Are Other Durable Alternatives?

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Every hair loss sufferer inquires only one thing on the internet whether the wig they use to overcome their problem can be permanent so that they can wear it just like a hat or tee without any hassle of fixation and attachment.

In this blog, we will address this most frequently asked question on the internet and reveal the truth behind the myth of permanent wigs. In the piece, we will pursue the following timeline to cover all the details of this topic.


Like the term “big wig”, wigs were initially considered a status symbol, and gradually, they evolved as an essential solution for hair loss. Wigs nowadays are being used for many purposes; some use them to enhance their looks, some use them to add uniqueness to their style, especially the big celebrities use them to portray different characters and most importantly, some use them to conceal their hair loss problem.

Wigs contribute incredibly to concealing your hair loss issue, boosting self-confidence and providing an effortlessly natural silhouette. The only issue that bothers you is its durability; however, if you invest in high-quality wigs and keep them in proper care, your wig can last for a couple of years even if you wear it daily.

Wigs have become one of the most followed fashion trends and an essential part of our day-to-day life since it’s the most convenient and harmless solution for hair loss. However, demand for human hair wigs has increased rapidly in recent years. Human hair wigs are famous for easy styling and natural looks; they’re made of real human hair, so people consider permanent wigs a more viable option to blend with natural hair. Nevertheless, whether these wigs are permanent or not, we will find out below.

Dispelling the Myth of Permanent Wig

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The term called permanent wig is nothing but fiction; there is nothing like permanent wigs, and even if there are any, having one can be a very bad idea for the health and hygiene of your scalp. Any wig requires some kind of adhesive, tape, or other attaching material to fix it on the scalp. These wigs need occasional removal to wash, clean and dry, so we can’t call them permanent but semi-permanent.  

Usually, people term human hair wigs as permanent wigs as they are versatile and crafted with real human hair. These wigs are permanent because they blend seamlessly with your natural hair texture, color and hairline. Although human hair wigs give their wearer a natural, relaxed, realistic appearance, they can’t last forever. Sometimes you need to free your scalp from this wig and give it and your scalp some rest. The three common drawbacks of wigs that define that we can’t term them as permanent include that you can’t swim, shower and sleep while wearing your wig. Hence, these wigs are realistic, breathable and durable, but they are not permanent.

Types of Durable Wigs

People who suffer from hair problems want to invest in wigs that are very much permanent and natural. They look for hairpieces in which they can swim, exercise, sleep and shower. Normally people opt for wigs with a base of material like monofilament, lace and PU (polyurethane) that one can easily fix on the scalp with the help of glue or tape. These types of wigs can be permanent and last up to a few weeks, depending on the care and maintenance you provide them. 

Regarding durability, nothing beats the rigidness fine mono-base hair systems provide. However, thin skin and lace wigs are also great options if you are looking for durable wigs. We, Bono Hair, are renowned hair replacement system manufacturers from China; we are known for producing the most durable and economical hairpieces amongst our satisfied customers worldwide. Our hair systems are made of high-quality and 100 percent human hair that offers extreme comfort, longevity and a natural appearance. Here are a few of our most durable and in-demand hairpieces that one can’t resist to buy: 

1.     BH1

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BH1 is one of our selling semi-permanent hairpieces; it’s highly popular among our clients for providing its wearer with a realistic silhouette. This hairpiece is known for its realism, breathability and comfort. BH1 is our in-demand hair system; this super thin hair toupee can provide you with a flawlessly realistic hairline so that you can give your hair any style. BH1 is an overall skin base hairpiece that measures 0.08mm in thickness, which is super thin, light weighted and real. This beautiful hair system has medium-light density and is available in a wide range of 40 colors to easily blend with any hair color and type. To provide our customers with the most natural look, we bleach the knots of the front hairline to make them invisible.

2.     Hollywood Lace Hair System

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This beautiful base design by Hollywood by Bono Hair can always stay on trend. The base of this hairpiece is constructed of French lace in the middle and PU all over. Hollywood is popular for giving its wearer an undetectable hairline, comfort, and style. For men suffering from baldness and looking for semi-permanent options with great hair quality, this product is made of premium quality 100% Indian human hair. Our team of artisans has specially designed this hairpiece as light and airy, which makes it withstand all harsh seasons.

3.     BH5P Fine Mono Hair

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We at Bono Hair recommend our wide range of Mono wigs to clients looking for rigid and durable semi-permanent hair systems. BH5P has a fine mono top, one such hair system with a lace front and PU gaze. Mono hairpieces are known for their longevity and for holding heavy hair densities. BH5P is a rigid hair system that hardly sheds any hair, but it’s breathable and very light-weighted so that anyone can easily wear it. This hair replacement system is available in 25 unique hair colors, and it comes in an 8”x10” base size that one can easily alter according to your choice and preferred size.


Maximizing Wig Longevity

The longevity of a wig largely depends on hair and base material. These two elements play an essential part in increasing the lifespan of wigs. That’s why most hair manufacturers and stylists recommend human hair wigs. These wigs have far longer lifespans than synthetic wigs because no chemicals are involved in their production, so they hardly get tangled and frizzy. Monofilament wigs are also long-lasting because they have tight-weaved foundations.

Although these inherent elements contribute to the wig’s longevity, you can always maximize your wig’s lifespan by giving it proper care and maintenance. Proper rinsing, shampooing, and storage can drastically improve the lifespan of your wig. Here are a few things you can do to maximize your wig’s longevity:

  • You can make your wigs last longer by using high-quality hair products. Always use good quality products that can hydrate your hair, as ordinary hair products contain chemicals that can be extremely harmful and can cause irreparable damage to your wig.
  • Convenient washing can enhance longevity and durability as it amplifies the condition of wig fibers. However, we suggest that one should never overdo washing; human hair requires wig proper washing and cleaning every month, while synthetic hair wig requires washing after every four to six weeks.
  • It is also suggested to wash your wig like your natural hair and always follow the style and construction of your wig while washing to ensure safety and smoothness. Moreover, never massage or rub your wig; rather, soak the wig in shampoo or conditioner. Rubbing can cause shedding, knotting and matting to your wig; hence, always soak the wig and detangle it with a wide brush after every wash.
  • Although wigs nowadays are very versatile and can tolerate harsh climates and heated tools to maximize their longevity, it’s better to use fewer heating tools on your wig.
  • With so much evolution in the wig producing industry, it’s now possible to swim, sleep and shower with the wig but to make it last longer; it’s better to avoid sleeping, swimming and showering with your wig.


Nobody can guarantee a permanent solution to your hair loss problem, as there’s no such thing as permanent wigs. However, Bono Hair can offer you a blessing in disguise for your hair trouble in our hair replacement systems. We specially design our wide range of hair replacement systems to match the needs and preferences of our customers. Our motto is to provide our customers with hairpieces that offer premium quality, supreme comfort and durability.

Hence, check our web page if you are looking for hair replacement systems with longer lifespans, undetectable and realistic appearance and super comfort.


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