Exploring Different Types of Men’s Hair and Styling Techniques

Exploring Different Types of Men's Hair and Styling Techniques (2)

Do you need help with styling your hair the way you want? Most people go through this problem, and this happens when you don’t know which type of hair you have. As we all know that our hair has different lengths and shades, we will explore different types of hair in this blog. The reason behind creating this blog is that you understand your hair type properly to attain the best possible look for yourself.


Hairs are a fascinating aspect of any individual’s personality, our hairs are our expression, and they define one’s style. Hair plays a significant part in making and breaking our overall look; endless trendy hairstyles for different types of men’s hair give a wide range of styling, grooming, and experimentation options.

Men’s hair defines their style; understanding your hair game is crucial. To explore new hairstyles and experiment with unique trends, every man must understand their hair type, texture, and length. Learning about these factors would help you get the best possible hairstyle for you and help make a lasting impression, and boost your confidence.

 Men’s hair type is an important factor as it plays a crucial part in determining which styling techniques or products would work best for you to achieve the most desirable look.

Men’s hair type encompasses a wide range of characteristics and textures that influence the look, feel, and behavior of your hair, and understanding your hair type is crucial for effective hair care, maintenance, and styling. 

Although there are various hair types for men normally, we can classify them into four common types that include straight, wavy, curly, and kinky. These four hair types can further classify into various unique hairstyles. No matter which hair type you have, each type has its distinct features, and it requires complete care to maintain your hair health and appearance.  

Straight Hair

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Straight hair is the most trendy hair type across the globe. Men from all races and continents adore this type of hair for its smooth and sleek texture and because it doesn’t require much effort for styling. In this hair type, the hairs do not have crookedness and curves; they are all straight that move in a similar direction without bending. Men with silky straight hair find it hard to hold voluminous and curly hairstyles.

Although straight hair is easy to maintain and doesn’t require many styling products to achieve an amazing look. However, you can’t leave it alone, as it becomes lifeless and limp if cared for properly. Classic crew cut, straight pompadours, slick back undercut, and short faux hawk are the few haircuts that look remarkably well on straight hair types. 

 Here are a few styling tips to enhance the beauty of your straight hair:

  1. The tips of hair get frizzy and disperse sometimes. Always use a small amount of oil or serum on your tips to avoid this condition. This trick would make your hair look glossier.
  2. Always sleep using silk pillow covers because your straight hair gets dreadful and damaged by sleeping on cotton covers as it creates friction. Silk covers do not damage straight hair; your hair remains silk and smooth even after a long nap.
  3. Harsh sunlight exposure can be harmful to straight hair as it breaks down the hair protein and makes hair dreadful. Hence, we suggest using SPF hair products to protect your locks from heat.
  4. Straight hair requires regular trimming after every two months to look healthy and voluminous. Regular trimming also helps prevent split ends and gives you a neat look.

Curly Hair

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Curly hairs are gaining immense popularity amongst men these days worldwide. This hair type creates spirals and coils. These hair strands are naturally curly because they have oval-shaped hair shafts, making the hair naturally grow out curly from the scalp.

Its natural bounce ranges from loose waves to tight, springy curls. Curly hair is frizzy and difficult to manage as it tends to be more porous and dry. However, with proper care and styling techniques, curly hair can look incredibly stylish and voluminous. Here are some helpful tips for curly hair:

  1. Have you ever noticed that your hair gets dried and damaged after a shower? It’s because sulfate in your hair products makes your curls dehydrated, dull, and dry. We advise you to always wash yours with sulfate-free products, which would make your hair healthy and hydrated.
  2. Hot styling tools like hairdryers and straighteners severely damage curly hair type. Minimize the usage of heating tools on your strands to keep them healthy.
  3. Curly hair has less natural oil production, which makes them dry and fragile. Regular washing of your can hair can further increase the dryness and make your hair dreadful. Hence, to keep your hair hydrated, don’t wash them daily but twice or thrice a week instead.

Wavy Hair

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This hair type for men falls between straight and curly hair. It has gentle bends or curves that create a wavy pattern. Wavy hair can vary in texture, from loose waves to more defined S shapes. It is typically more prone to frizz than straight but less so than curly hair. Wavy hair offers versatility in styling, as it can be straightened or enhanced for a more pronounced curl pattern. Wavy hair can get frizzy very easily. That’s why it requires moisture-rich hair products to preserve and enhance its natural waves.

 Here are a few amazing tips to style your wavy hair:

  1. To achieve the best look for wavy hair, always get the right haircut that enhances the volume and thickness of your hair. If you have wavy hair, type textured quiff haircut is the one for you.
  2. Wavy hair gets frizzy instantly, so use moisturizing shampoos, styling creams, mousses, sea salt sprays, and light conditioners to keep your hair sassy all the time.
  3. Air-drying does wonders for wavy hair as it effectively cuts frizziness and retains moisture in your hair. It also maintains your hair’s natural shape, so air-dry your wavy hair whenever possible.

Coily/Kinky Hair

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Kinky hair, also called tightly coiled or Afro-textured hair, has tightly coiled or zigzag-shaped strands. This hair type often forms a dense and voluminous afro hairstyle. Kinky hair tends to be fragile, as its tight coils make it more prone to breakage and dryness. Proper moisture and gentle handling are essential for maintaining healthy kinky hair. This hair type is diverse and can range from soft and fluffy to tightly packed coils. Kinky hair requires gentle handling, moisture retention, and deep conditioning for healthy maintenance. Here are a few ways through which you can easily style your kinky hair:

  1. Kinky hair gets tangled very easily, and brushing it with a normal comb causes breakage and damage to hair. We suggest always using a wide-tooth comb on curly strands to minimize this damage.
  2. Coily hair requires more care as they get badly tangled in the pillowcase fiber while sleeping. So it’s better to sleep with a silk scarf on your curly hair while sleeping to keep your hair tangle-free, soft, and moisturized.
  3. To enhance the uniqueness of your hair, it’s important to always use the right hair product on your oily hair. A wrong hair product can ruin your hair’s shape and physical properties, so we advise you to pick only quality products.


Although we have cleared everything about various types of men’s hair, it is also very important to know that some individuals have a combination of textures, and your ethnic background also plays an essential part in your hair type. Knowing which hair type you possess makes it easier for you to achieve a stylish and healthy look for your strands.

Moreover, a proper hair care regime and styling techniques are different for every hair type; hence it’s suggested to always follow it carefully for best maintenance. Hair also changes its texture over type due to different factors that include aging, genetics, hormones, and maintenance. But it’s better to embrace the exclusivity of your hair type as it defines your style and works accordingly for its care. No matter which style you prefer, be it relaxed waves, kinky coils, voluminous curls, or a sleek, polished look embracing your hair type would help you achieve a healthy, stylish, and neat silhouette.

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