Does the Star Trek legend William Shatner Wear a Toupee?

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William Shatner needs no introduction; this American star has a career spanning over seven long decades; he is not just an actor but has many feathers in his hat. He is a director, presenter, host, and co-writer of the renowned TekWar series and a singer. His outstanding performance in the cinema and television has earned him many accolades; he is a two-time Emmy Awards winner, Golden Globe Award, and Saturn Award, and he has been a star on the Hollywood and Canada’s Walk of Fame. 

One common question that all of his fans worldwide ask is, does William Shatner wear a wig or a toupee? The secret behind William Shatner’s hairs and toupee is something that everyone wants to know. So, this article is being written to give all the details about this superstar’s hair and hair-related questions.


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William Shatner is one of the most prolific actors of Canadian origin who was born in a neighborhood of Montreal to a Jewish family. William’s father was a clothing manufacturer, and his mother was a teacher. Shatner did his early schooling, and high school in his hometown and then got his bachelor’s in commerce degree in Montreal from the McGill University Faculty of Management in 1955.

From a very early age, when William was just eight years old, he started exhibiting his incredible acting skills in the Montreal Children’s Theater and also performed for a radio show on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). It’s there where he shaped his skills and later served as a broadcaster on CBC during his studies at McGill. The Star Trek legend started his professional acting career in 1951 when he was still completing his graduation with a minor character in a Canadian comedy drama. However, 1952 was when he acquired the job at Mountain Playhouse as an assistant manager and debuted onstage in a Tom Sawyer production. Initially, he played minor roles in different movies and shows and moved to New York City to work on the broader platform. His first major break in Hollywood came in 1958 when he was cast in an adaptation of the best-seller novel The Brothers Karamazov.

In his seven decades-long career, the famous star gave some great hit television series and films; it was 1966 when he bagged his career-defining role of captain James T. Kirk in the favorite Star Trek series. He worked for the Star Trek T.V. series from 1966 to 1969, and later for the big screen; he worked in the six Star Trek films produced by The Motion Pictures.

Besides Star Trek, this versatile actor also starred in other famous television series like T.J. Hooker, in which he played the role of a veteran Los Angeles police; this series ran for five hit seasons. William also hosted the popular re-enactment series Rescue 911 for seven years.

Besides all the acting stuff, William has written nine Star Trek novels, which earned him many accolades and some sci-fi novels.

Is William Shatner Bald?

It is noticed and believed by most of his fans and followers that William Shatner has severe baldness. There have been reports that say that this global star started losing his hair in the very initial stage of his career. And since then, he has been wearing wigs; his baldness is why he wears wigs in different movie characters. It’s also a fact that Shatner has, from time to time, accepted that he has gone through severe hair thinning, and the area on the top of his head has visibly thin hair.

Does William Shatner Wear a Toupee?

Well, in simple words, yes, William Shatner has worn toupees for several characters during seventy years long career. Whether it was toupee or William Shatner’s natural hair, the hairstyles he constantly kept in the spotlight. Shatner naturally has curly hair.

His Star Trek character demanded that he wear different toupees in that three yearlong series. Captain James Kirk’s role William played went through some severe circumstances that caused him early aging. Captain Kirk wore several hairpieces in the initial episodes; he sported a hairstyle that gave him a freshly combed look; however, when the aging phase started, he wore front lace toupees that were made aged and showed hair thinning. He used various hairpieces to attain the desired look; sometimes, his rug looked faux, and sometimes it gave a natural look, but there is certainly no doubt that he wore a toupee many times in his life. 

One of the reasons that most of his fans believe that this legendary star wears a toupee is that his hair color kept changing throughout his onscreen career. During the Star Trek series, William Shatner’s hair used to be lighter-colored and wavy, but in The Motion Pictures films, his hairs were dark-colored and curly.

Recently William was spotted twice in a renowned hair replacement center for a treatment to get a minor makeover for himself. The Star Trek legend’s recent visit to a hair replacement clinic raised many eyebrows regarding his secret hair wig and made the news more authentic that he has been wearing hairpieces.

When Did William Shatner Start Wearing a Toupee?

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It was somewhere in 1957 or 1958 when he first wore a wig in the show “The Defender” and also wore some on stage during his theatrical career. However, for his role in the classic Star Trek series, William wore a very expensive front lace toupee and hairpiece that were used to cover the crown on his head. It was also revealed by the producer Bob Justman of Star Trek that William Shatner wore a ratty-looking personal toupee while auditioning for his role in Star Trek. The bald spots on his head and hair thinning started in his very early years of acting, which is why he wore toupees throughout his career. Many articles also reported that the global star could never come before a camera without sporting a hairpiece; he was always photographed in his best image.

As discussed in the above topic, his character in Star Trek also made him wear toupees, so from 1966 to 1969, he wore some modified versions of wigs to get his desired look as Captain Kirk.  


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