Does the Most Fashionable Politician Rand Paul Wear a Wig?

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Senator Rand Paul is a physician and the most renowned mainstream American politician representing a republican party. Rand is also known for his humanitarian works, as he founded a clinic called Southern Kentucky Lions Eye that does free surgeries and exams for the needy. Paul gained fame for giving a 13-hour prolonged speech on the Senate floor against the Obama administration on drone policy in 2013. Besides his stint as a politician and physician, he is also popular as a fashion icon, and rumors are mill that he wore wigs during his peak times to maintain his fashionable looks.

Well, in this article, we will find out the most frequently asked question about him that, does Rand Paul wear a toupee? We will also cover other details of the politician’s life; we will cover the following details of Rand Paul in this piece.


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Randal Howard Paul, commonly known as Rand Paul, is an American politician and physician currently serving as the junior senator from Kentucky in the USA. Paul remained a practicing ophthalmologist for almost two decades until his election as senator in 2010; he completed two terms and announced his candidacy for the third term this year.

Rand was one of the Republican candidates nominated for the U.S. presidential election in 2016. However, he stood fifth in the campaign and was initially against Donald Trump during the early time but later became his hardcore supporter throughout his term as a president and even after.

Born in Pittsburg, the second-most populous city of Pennsylvania, Rand Paul is the middle child of his parents, who has four more siblings. Like him, his father, Ron Paul, was also a renowned politician and physician. He got his early education in Pennsylvania, and then his family moved to Texas when Rand was five-year-old. That’s how they were brought up in Texas and attended  Brazoswood High School there; he was a promising athlete at school and was a part of its football and swimming team. Rand was thirteen when his political grooming started as his father got elected to the House of Representatives. The young boy used to spend his vacations assisting his dad in his congressional office, and that’s where he got the motivation to enter politics.

Rand Paul went to Baylor University to do an honors program but never completed his baccalaureate degree as he was aiming to get medicine admission. During his stay at Baylor University, he actively participated in several things. Like part of the swimming tea, I was a member of an entertaining organization called the NoZe brotherhood. And he was also a regular contributor to a student newspaper, The Baylor Lariat.

Later, he got admission to Duke University School of Medicine, his father’s alma mater, and earned his degree in medicine M.D. from there. He is a specialized doctor for removing cataracts, LASIK procedures, corneal transplants, and glaucoma surgeries. He has also earned many accolades and awards for his medical services for humanity. It was during his time at Duke that he assisted his father from time to time in his presidential campaign.

After finishing his studies and residency, he moved to Kentucky in 1993, where he started working as a licensed physician and worked for many years. Rand Paul entered professional politics in 1994 when he founded (KTU Kentucky Taxpayers United) in retaliation against the then president Bush’s tax raise.

Rand Paul Hair

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The Kentucky senator has been in the spotlight for the speculations regarding his hair. Paul has naturally curly hairs that sometimes look off and messy; that’s why people think the senator might wear a wig. He has repeatedly mentioned that he loves his hair and doesn’t let anyone touch his strand; that’s why he cuts his hair. His hairstyle has usually been the same, like applying some gel or mousse to make his hair look messy. He adores his hairstyle and keeps it the same way mostly.

Does Rand Paul Wear a Toupee?

The senator has always denied the speculations and says he cuts his hair by himself, but he has lately been under the radar for wearing a hairpiece or wig. As we discussed earlier, Paul usually rocks the same hairstyle; it’s that cutting his hair is the reason that makes people believe that he wears a toupee or a similar hairstyle that makes him popular. Whatever the reason, his hair has been the topic of discussion during all the big events of his political career. Be it campaigning in the presidential election or giving a speech in the senate; his hair always remains the talk of the town.

It’s a popular phenomenon that Americans want their president to be the one who has a head full of hairs, and the most successful presidents have full heads, and it’s their crowning glory. That could be another factor that politicians wear wigs as they want to hide their baldness under the rugs. And that could be the secret behind Rand Paul’s wig store.

Where to Get Rand Paul Toupee?

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Other similar Rand Paul’s wig


Rand Paul is a mainstream republican; we might see him as a president of the United States of America in the future, making him more prominent. His stylish silhouette makes him different from other politicians; that’s why people follow him and want to be like him. Paul’s hair looks unique, whether the secret is his toupee or him cutting his hair, making him stand out. One thing everyone should learn from him is never to compromise on your appearance.

If you also want to buy some hairpieces for yourself due to bald spots or other hair-related issues, then we at Bono Hair suggest that wigs and other human hair pieces are the right kind of investment. You should opt to get a sassy silhouette. Just glance over our new variety of products; we are sure you won’t be able to stop yourself from trying our products.


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