Did Mannix Star Joe Mannix Wear a Toupee In the Famous Series?

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The renowned American actor, best known for his stint as a top detective in the Mannix series, is loved by every American household. His character as Joe Mannix earned him great success and a great fan following. Though Mike Connors also acted in many Hollywood movies, none of it received such popularity that he garnered through his acting on the small screen.

It was noted that the famous detective Joe Mannix wore a wig during his spell in the series; in this article, we will find all the details regarding Joe Mannix’s wigs. Also, we will be covering whether Mike Connors wore a toupee in real life or not. Below is the structural timeline we will be following for this article.


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The tall, masculine and handsome American actor Mike Connors had a short-lived movie career before touching television stardom as an impeccable private detective Joe Mannix in the popular Mannix series. Mannix was a highly innovative and futuristic series of its time, the show on the CBS network lasted for eight long years, and Mike’s character in the series earned him many accolades and awards. Mike Connors was nominated for Emmy Awards for playing Joe Mannix four times, and it also bagged him a Golden Globe award in 1969.

The popular name of every household, Mike Connors, was born Kreko Ohanian in Fresno California in 1925 to Armenian parents. Mike Connors was given his stage name by his agent, who thought that his surname Ohanian was similar to the name of a popular actor. His father was an attorney, and his mother wanted him to pursue the same profession. Mike did his schooling in his hometown and became an avid basketball player, and we can say that he became an actor because of the game. After high school, Mike served as an enlisted man in the Army Air Forces in World War 2.

He was a keen basketball player nicknamed Touch by his fellow players; he went on to attend the University of California in Los Angeles on a basketball scholarship. Later he completed his mother’s dream to become an attorney and went to law school.

Basketball played a key role in most of his career paths; director William Wellman picked him during a basket match and later pushed him to pursue acting. His nickname as a basketball player made him adopt Touch Connors as his stage at the beginning of his career, and he hated changing his name; that’s why he later changed his name to Mike Connors.

Mike Connors’s acting career started in 1950 in a supporting role in the film “Sudden Fear .”The Mannix star did many small roles in films and television before getting his big break on the television series Tightrope. His role as an undercover police officer earned him immense popularity, and the show was a hit but got stopped after a year due to a tiff between sponsors and the channel. After the success of “Tightrope,” Mike bagged many titular roles in television series like Good Neighbor Sam, Where Love Has Gone, and many others. One of the great detective stars, Mike Connors, died in 2017 at 91 due to Leukemia.

Mike Connors as Mannix

Before hitting it big with his stint in Tightrope, Mike struggled for years as an actor. Tightrope made him a popular star, and his outstanding performance in the show helped him get his career-defining role in the detective series Mannix. His character as a private investigator Joe Mannix in the detective series Mannix became his identity, and he is best known for playing this role. Joe Mannix was close to Connors as he was also an Armenian-American person like him; that’s why Connors could relate to the character and reflect him perfectly. He was also seen speaking the Armenian language and quoting Armenian proverbs in many episodes.

The Mannix ran for eight seasons and earned Mike Connors great recognition domestically and globally. The legendary star underwent many surgeries as a top investigator in Mannix during his spell. Since he did most of his stunts by himself, the actor was shot 17 times and suffered around 55 fractures in this series.

Joe Mannix earned him many awards and applauses; it earned him a Golden Globe award as the best actor in the drama series. On the other hand, he got four Emmy Award nominations and was nominated for six consecutive years in the Golden Globe Awards. The show remained successful throughout but got called off because of a fallout between sponsors and the network. Later he appeared in many television shows as a guest star and even reprised the version of Joe Mannix in a couple of television shows.

Did Mannix Wear a Toupee?

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Not everyone has a head full of hair; many Hollywood celebrities suffer from hair loss and other related issues. Some of them face bald spots, some go through receding hairline, and to cover these problems, most celebrities wear wigs or toupees to enhance their silhouette.

There is a frequently asked question about the actor did Joe Mannix or Mike Connors wear a toupee in the famous series? Well, it’s a known fact that the character of hard-nosed top detective Joe Mannix demanded Mike to wear hairpieces as he was a super sleuth, a well-dressed and ultra-modern detective in the show. Mike Connors did 194 episodes of Mannix as Joe Mannix for eight years; his character required wearing a toupee, and the actor molded his appearance according to the character. His muscular looks and hairstyle as Joe Mannix became an instant and most of his wanted to attain a similar look to Joe Mannix.

However, it’s pretty difficult to inform that Mike Connors wore a toupee to hide his hair loss problem or baldness in real life. Because neither he ever admitted wearing the one nor we ever noticed a hairstyle faux. Although, it looks like Mike also suffered from hair thinning and receding hairline. But we can’t make a statement that he wore a wig in his real life, but for reel life, he certainly used to wear toupees for the characters according to its demand.

How to Choose a Mannix Toupee?

Most celebrities believe in having a flawless look as they are an inspiration to others, and to attain the perfect appearance, these celebrities wear various wigs and hairpieces to enhance their look. Hair thinning, hair loss, and baldness are common among men; many stars suffer from hair-related issues, and to hide the issues, they wear different types of natural-looking hair pieces that make them look their best.

Mike Connors kept many hairstyles throughout his career, but if one wants to get the hairpiece the actor kept for Mannix, then you are reading the right article. Bono Hair is a renowned name that offers premium quality human hair wigs to its bulk buyers worldwide. So if you also want a similar toupee like the one Mike Connors rocked as Joe Mannix, you should trust Bono Hair to get a modified version of such hairpieces. Here we have found some of our best-seller that can give you an identical silhouette like detective Joe Mannix.

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This hairpiece is a skin lace hair system, a modified version of the Australian toupee with poly and French lace around the hair system. The poly and French lace combination make this hairpiece perfect and sturdy, which is why this model is one of our best-sellers.

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2. BLN465810 French Lace Men’s Toupee

This one on our list is our most sought-after and in-demand hair replacement system. The reason behind its awesomeness is it’s layered with PU, which makes it super comfortable and flawless. This French lace men’s toupee is extremely easy to use and customizable so that it can fix perfectly to any head.

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3. Hollywood DYF Lace Hair Toupee:

If you are looking for a Hollywood-inspired hairpiece, then this hairpiece is certainly the right choice. This hair system has a French lace front, French lace top, and poly perimeter, making it unique and different from other toupees.

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Other similar Joe Mannix’s wig


Mike Connors was a highly talented artist who did all he could to reflect Joe Mannix, the most sought-after character he played. Mike made sure to give his viewers the best of his performance and looks for the show that ran for eight long years. In the Mannix series, he tried different toupees to portray the tall and muscular Joe Mannix; however, he never wore one in real life and preferred originality. But his massive followers want to get his Joe Mannix look and search different places to find similar toupees he wore in the series.

So if you are also looking for a similar hairpiece then Bono hair is where you can find the ideal piece for yourself. We provide the most natural-looking hair wigs and use the latest techniques that offer a natural hairline and the most pleasing appearance.


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