Does the Veteran Journalist Greg Palkot Wear a Toupee?

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Who does not know Greg Palkot? One of the most popular names in the world of journalism; he is a renowned American journalist, anchor, and veteran reporter who is famous for his period as a foreign affairs correspondent at the Fox News Channel. Greg is known for covering many historical events in his four decades-long career; he has reported from war fronts, political turmoil, revolutions, and severe mob attacks. He has also suffered many injuries, and that’s why most of his followers believed that this American journalist might wear a toupee or a wig to cover the bald patches he got from his severe injuries.

This well-known journalist has carried a similar haircut throughout his life, probably because people want to learn more about his life and hairstyles. In this article, we will cover different angles of his life and style to know whether Greg Palkot wears a toupee or not.


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This American journalist was born on March 28th, 1954, in Garden City, New York, New York is the place where he spent most of his childhood and got his early education from the same place. After finishing high school, Greg moved to Connecticut, where he completed his higher education at Wesleyan University in the middle town. Greg Palkot lived his early life with his parents; his father, Edward J. Palkot, is also a known face since he was featured in the book Aging Gracefully, a collection of images of 52 never-aging men from all over the world.

Greg started his professional career as an anchor and reporter in the early 80s; initially, he worked in the different U.S based and international programs that aired on networks like Financial News Network, now known as CNBC, CBS, WABC, and PBS.

It was 1998 when he got a career-defining job at the Fox News Channel as a correspondent. This career move undoubtedly turned out to be a step on the success ladder. It’s almost been two and half decades for this veteran journalist working on the Fox News Network. In this spell, Greg has covered numerous world affairs like wars, catastrophes, and attacks. From starting his career on Fox news with his first story of the deadly crash and death of Princess Diana and Arab Spring to covering the fatal tsunami, Taliban in Afghanistan, terrible earthquakes in Pakistan, Turkey, and Japan, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and whatnot? This great veteran reporter has covered almost all the significant events of current times.

The renowned journalist is a three-time Emmy award winner that he bagged for his ingenious reporting feature articles and news coverage. He also received several other honors like Associated Press and United Press International.

Focusing on Greg Palkot Hair

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This renowned veteran American journalist has always kept the same hairstyle for himself, called the outgrown buzz cut. Greg loves covering his head with hair; at the beginning of his career, he observed long hair and messy hairstyles, but in recent times, he has held a simple and neat outgrown buzz cut. This popular presenter naturally has brown hair; that’s why he still keeps his hairstyle in different shades of brown. Colors also play a revealing part in making people guess about your hairpiece; if the color is not appropriately fit according to your hair color, then you have all the chances of getting caught for wearing a wig. Similar to the case with Greg Palkot, his natural hair color doesn’t sync well with the hairs on the top of his head. However, we are still unsure whether this famous journalist wears a toupee or not.

Does Greg Palkot Wear a Toupee?

During his stay in Egypt to cover the then ongoing insurgency there in 2011, Greg Palkot suffered a brutal beating in a mob attack from the hands of Hosni Mubarak, the then president of the country. While describing his gruesome injuries in the video, Greg showed the wounds he had on his head. That’s the same place where it’s considered that Greg wears a toupee to hide his hairless patch under the carpet.

The discrepancy between the hair roots and the hairline of Greg Palkot gives an impression that he wears a toupee. It also looks like the famous correspondent wears a lace front wig which shows that the hairs are growing from the scalp, but the uneven color of his hair is pointing enough to tell that the journalist wears a toupee.

Where Do Celebrities Buy Their Wig?

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Wearing fake hair or wigs was a taboo in the 90’s era; people used to hide their wigs and wore very high-quality wigs so that nobody could recognize their fake hairpiece, but everything has changed. Nowadays, there are a large number of celebrities who dauntlessly sport their wigs and faux hairstyles without any hesitation and embarrassment. The most important preference of these celebrities are the wigs that are natural looking and of high-quality that perfectly match their hair texture and hair color.

Most of the wigs that the celebrities wear are the ones that are full lace wigs that also with 150% density. The celebs use such wigs to get a naturally-full look for their hair so that the coats look voluminous, bouncy, and natural. The famous stars usually use monofilament wigs with lightweight caps made-up of human hair to give the most authentic natural look.

Hair thinning, baldness, and other hair-related issues are common dilemmas that most men suffer from after a certain age, which is why the fake hair business has recently gained immense popularity. Now it seems that men from almost every walk of life want to enhance their appearance by adding high-quality wigs and toupees to their lifestyle. Celebrities use styling creams, hair heating, and other chemicals regularly, so they use certain conditioners and techniques to make their wigs damage-free.

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Other similar celebrities’ wig


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