A head full of hair looks aesthetically pleasing. Hair density is extremely vital to consider. This is because the reason one chooses to get a hair system is due to the reduction of one’s own hair density reducing via hair loss and hair thinning. Hair density is the total number of hair strands added to the base of the hair systems. It is categorized in terms of percentages that indicate how much hair or how voluminous the hair system is. The higher the hair density percentage, the thicker the hair will be, and the lower the hair density percentage the finer the hair system will be.

The customer must know what type of hair density suits them best as different densities work best for different people. It is understandable for many wearers they may insist on the heaviest densities as they can finally get thick hair. However, choosing the wrong hair density for the hair system can result in an unnatural look.


Selecting Hair Density Depends On #

    1. Natural hair – you want the hair density to evenly match throughout the head. It should replicate your natural hair density (before you experienced hair loss or hair thinning).
    2. Hairstylehow you style your hair determines how much hair you need.
    3. Hair texture –straight hair and curly hair look different with the same hair density. Curly hair looks best with a higher density.
    4. Base materialdifferent bases can handle different densities.
      • Lace base handles the density from light to
      • Mono base handlesthe density from light to heavy. (Mono base used medium density mostly)
      • Skin base handlesthe density from light to medium.
    5. Ageand gender it is natural for hair density to decrease in the later years of life. Old people cannot go for thick densities whilst young people can go for light to heavy densities.

hair system density chart

Toupee Density Chart  #

With hair density, it is categorized in different ways so as to know what hair density one is selecting

    • Extra light density(60%) – It is very thin, The wearers who are aged are fit to it.
    • Light density(80%) This hair density is best suited for those who naturally have fine hair or a lower density with their hair.
    • Medium light density(100%) Those whose hair is not really thin but it is also not thick Density is still on the finer side. It is the most popular hair density.
    • Medium density(120%) It is the category most people fall in. This hair density, the hair is neither fine or thick.
    • Medium heavy(140%) – It is a little heavy for normal user. Unless you are blending with unusually thick growing hair, we rarely recommend a heavy density.
    • Heavy density(160%) Great for those who naturally have fuller heads. The hair system will be thick throughout. Fantastic for those who want to experiment with having more voluminous hair.
    • Extra heavy density(180%)It is a very thick hair unit. It will not look natural on a lot of people. Normally works best for people who want it for an exaggerated look or a specific look such as in a theater performance.

Density scales vary widely from vendor to vendor, so don’t assume ours is the same as another vendor. Bono Hair as a hair system manufacturer will be able to customize the hair system to meet the specific density needs of the wearer.


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