Hair curl should never be overlooked as it determines the wearer’s style and how the hair will look. Selecting or choosing the perfect and seamless blend with the wearer’s hair.

Hair curl & wave Hair curl size Open size Features
Straight hair / / hair is straight, with no bend, curl, or wave. It often appears shiny and silky as the light bounces off its liner. It can appear mostly fine and a higher density might be added for a fuller look.


Body wave 36mm (about 1.44”) 3″ (76mm) The hair is almost straight but has a slight bend like an L shape.
Slight wave 32mm (about 1.25”) 2″(51mm) The hair is less straight and has a bit more bend to it
Medium wave 25mm (about 0.875”) 1.75” (44mm) The hair has more bends to it sort of like an S-shape.
Tight wave 18mm (about 0.72”) 1.5” (38mm) The hair has a lot of bend that is slowly forming into tiny s-shapes.
Loose curl 15mm (about 0.625”) 1.25” (32mm) The hair is a tight wave that has formed into loose ringlets
Medium curl 13mm (about 0.5”) 1” (25mm) The curls have a slight circular spiral curl
Tight curl 10mm (about 0.375”) 0.75”(19mm) The hair forms into tight ringlets.
Loose afro 8mm (about 0.33”) 0.66”(16mm) The curls are loose coils the size of a pen spring
Medium afro 6mm (about 0.25”) 0.5”(13mm) The hair has almost tight coils but are visible.
Tight afro 4mm (about 0.187”) 0.25” (7mm) This hair is prominent among black people. The curls are so tight and the hair is shrunk up to 75% that the coils are not visible as the hair has clumped.

ps: The curl of our stock hair system is 3.0cm

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