Are you a hair system manufacturer or a trading company? May I know more about your company? #

Bono Hair is a professional hair replacement system manufacturer based in Qingdao, China. With over 8 years’ experience in this field, we are dedicated to supplying high-quality stock and custom hair systems for wholesale business partners. We have over 80 skilled and experienced technicians at our factory. In addition, we employ more than 500 ventilation workers who knot more than 8,000 stock and custom hair systems one month.

What types of hair do you stock? #

We use standard Indian hair and Indian Remy hair for our men’s stock toupees. If we use gray hair, then we use synthetic gray hair. We use Chinese virgin hair for our women’s stock toppers. For custom-made orders, we use standard Indian hair, Indian Remy hair, Chinese virgin hair, and European hair as you request.

What’s the difference between Remy hair, Virgin hair, and non-Remy hair? #

Remy hair undergoes very little treatment so all its cuticles remain intact.

Virgin hair have been braided and it is cut directly from the head of the donor. This means that all of its cuticles point in the same direction so chemical treatment is only needed on the return hair.

Non-Remy hair is treated to remove all of the cuticles. We do this so that tangling is not a problem in the hair system because non-Remy hair is collected without any regard to the cuticle direction.

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  1. Sam says:

    I’m a professional hairdresser for more than 30 decay ,wants to open new business for wigs and extensions and woman topper,I’m curious to see how you can help in my new business,location is Toronto Canada

    • service says:

      Thank you for sharing your valuable experience and future plans with us. Our products and services are perfectly suited to meet your needs. To assist you better, we suggest reaching out to our professional sales team. They will provide you with detailed information and contact you soon. Thank you again for your inquiry.
      email:[email protected]

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