About cost of hair length #

Hair length of a hair system is necessary for the client’s satisfaction. The hair length is the distance of the hair from the root of the hair all the way down to the end of the hair. Different lengths have different prices. The longer the hair the higher the cost.

  • As it requires finding a donor with long healthy hair.
  • The more work and time consuming with the hair in making it.


About length of wave hair #

Different hair lengths look different on straight, wavy, or curly hair. Curly hair can shrink up to 75% therefore will look different and most times one wants a longer length which they were not sure of. For example, 10 inches of hair will look different on straight hair and curly hair as on curly hair it will be much shorter.


About men’s hair length #

Short hair length-for men most will wear their hair short, that comes to less than 8 inches, which will be above the neck.

Medium hair length– for men this hair length is past the chin. It is 10 inches to around 14 inches. Men with medium hair like their hair falling down their faces.

Long hair length– men who consider long hair length starts from the armpits down.


About women’s hair length #

Short hair length-for women, short hair can be a buzz-cut, a pixie cut, or a bob cut.

Medium hair length– for women, medium hair is like a long bob. The hair is past their shoulders to the middle of their back. Hair is between 12 to 16 inches.

Long hair length– for women, long hair is considered anywhere past their back down.


If you are not sure how long the hair should be it’s better to have a longer length that can always be cut and styled to the wearer’s preference. Hair can be considered short, medium, or long. Standard measurement goes as 6,8,10,12,14 inches until it gets to floor length.


How to measure hair length? #

Knowing how to measure your hair will help guide you choose the best hair length to guide you when ordering a custom hair system.

  • The best way to get someone to help.
  • Measure twice or thrice until all the measurement readings are the same for consistent accuracy.
  • Always place the tape measure steady at the root of the scalp. Hold it taut and do not move when stretching the hair as it will change and give you a false reading.
  • There are 5 areas of the head one should measure the front area, the middle area, the back area, the crown area, the back, and the sides.

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