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Hair salon owners often experience the same problems with their hair suppliers: hair quality and delivery time. These might be some questions you’ve had for your supplier:

  1. Why can hair vendors not give me a stable production time? I need to tell my customers and they expect a date for their hair units.
  2. Why does the unit not fit my clients’ template that I sent to you?
  3. Why is the gray hair percentage in the custom unit I ordered different from the last hair replacement I received or the color ring I was sent?
  4. Or maybe you have encountered shipping problems, where you need to ship templates or hair color samples again because they have been lost by the supplier.
  5. Or maybe the supplier does not even reply to your messages in time!

Here at Bono Hair, we know that all business owners want and need stable hair quality and production time. This is how we maintain stable hair quality and stable production times within our organization:

Not only do we adhere to strict quality control measures after every stage of production, but we also ensure these measures are met before shipment.

hair systems

The Bono Hair Factory has strict quality control measures in place, and we take the implementation of these measures very seriously. We follow six quality control steps during production, rather than simply doing steps at the end of manufacturing. Our factories implement quality control measures after the following stages of production: hair collection, hair coloring, curling of the hair, construction of the base, hair knotting, and the final washing of the system. Therefore, should any problems arise, workers are able to deal with them effectively there and then as opposed to waiting until the end of production, where fixing a mistake may be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. We also have a highly-trained and professional quality control department located at our head office. Colleagues painstakingly check the details and quality of every order prior to shipment. Here at Bono Hair, we know our products are outstanding, that is why we are proud to offer free repair and remake services for three months after a system is purchased if you are unsatisfied with the systems received.

Guaranteed Stable Delivery Time on Both Stock and Custom Orders

Besides strict quality control measures, Bono Hair is dedicated to delivering orders on time. Colleagues in our head office communicate directly with factory workers to determine the delivery time of your order. That’s why a member of our skilled sales team is able to inform you of the estimated delivery date of your order. You can also track your orders online with ease, check the status of your orders, and get invoices quickly. This allows you to respond to the needs of your clients with haste.

High Quality Hair Systems with Fast Production Time Direct from Hair Factory2

Here at Bono Hair, we have over 10,000 stock hair pieces stored each month which can meet your urgent needs. We employ specialist workers who oversee the stock hair units we have on sale. We maintain the number of stock hair systems that we have available as more are produced monthly by our colleagues to satisfy demand. We have over 40 different stock models available at any one time, covering skin, lace, and mono bases with differing levels of density. Both Swiss and French lace units are currently in stock. You can check out our stock systems here: https://www.bonohair.com/mens-hair/stock-hair-systems/

We also stock women’s hair toppers ( including fishnet toppers, mono toppers, silk toppers, and parting toppers), as well as medium and glueless wigs. Stock orders are sent out for delivery within 24 hours after payment is received. Typically, it takes between 3 and 5 working days for delivery. Please allow more time for custom orders, these usually take between 6 to 8 weeks to be produced before they are sent out for shipping. We offer a “rush service” and “super rush service” for custom hair systems if you need a unit more urgently.

We employ specialist workers to track and monitor each individual process closely. If we detect a delay in production time, our workers will investigate as to why it is delayed and ensure the order is completed promptly. We also have a daily production report, just another way we control production time efficiently. Each department within the organization summarizes the finished and unfinished orders at the end of each day and arranges the next day’s work accordingly.

When ordering with Bono Hair, you do not need to worry about delivery time. We make sure orders are finished and sent out on time and are proud to deliver fast, efficient, and friendly service.

Bono Hair Factory Offers Professional and Timely Customer Service

High Quality Hair Systems with Fast Production Time Direct from Hair Factory3

We can confidently say that, when you contact us here at Bono Hair, you will receive a reply immediately. In addition to our commitment to delivering the very best hair systems, we also take great pride in the service that we offer our clients. Our sales team all speak fluent English and are on hand to assist you whenever you may need them. They are experts in their field and know the industry inside out, they are happy to assist you when any queries you may have. If you have any questions about our quality standards or order production, we can discuss these with you via email or with a video conference. We don’t shy away from solving problems here at Bono Hair. We also welcome feedback from our clients, both positive and negative. We are more than happy to assist you if there is an issue with your order.

We take great pride in the crafting of our toupee hair replacement systems and the high-quality customer service we offer our clients. We have long-standing relationships with our valued clients. You will enjoy the following benefits if you choose us as your wholesale hair toupee supplier:

  • Prompt communication: we will reply to every email within 12 hours.
  • 24/7 service, even on the weekends or during public holidays.
  • A team of professional and passionate English-speaking sales representatives

What More Can You Get from Bono Hair?

  1. We will copy and keep your clients’ templates and hair color samples on file in our factory. This means that you don’t need to ship them to us every time you place a new order. We can easily duplicate a previous order.
  2. Special requirements can be made to stock hair systems to meet any urgent needs you may have. For example:

hair systems

  1. We are proud to employ professional hair stylists in our factory. They can cut and style both custom and stock systems prior to shipment, systems are therefore ready to be worn as soon as they arrive!

As one of the largest hair toupee suppliers in China, Bono Hair Factory can supply wholesale men’s hair toupees at bulk prices. Strict quality control measures are met at each step of production to ensure we maintain our high-quality hair systems and adhere to our strict guidelines. We are dedicated to being a reliable hair system supplier to help you offer the very best systems to your valued clients.


We are a wholesale human hair toupee manufacturer and supplier based in China with our very own hair factory. We are based in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, situated between Beijing and Shanghai on the eastern seaboard. We have been producing and supplying wholesale toupee wigs for both men and women for over eight years. Our factory staff are highly skilled and well-versed in the handcraft of hair system making. They use the latest techniques to deliver long-lasting, natural-looking toupee wigs. We have a large range of stock toupee hairpieces and custom-made hair systems. We offer bulk orders at special rates.


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