Toupee VS Wig-What Is The Difference Between Toupees And Wigs?

Toupee v_s Wig-What is the Difference Between Toupees and Wigs (10)

Did you know that hair thinning and baldness are not only a problem for men but women too? One out of every four women will experience hair loss at some point in their lives.

It’s no secret that hair loss can take a toll on one’s physical appearance and self-confidence. It can be challenging for those balding to feel confident in social settings or meeting new people.

While there are many reasons why this might happen, fortunately, many treatment options are available. So if you’re experiencing hair thinning or baldness, don’t despair – there is help available.

A wide range of treatment options is now viable for those facing hair loss or hair thinning. These treatment options include invasive surgeries, medications, organic hair care products, and alternative hair replacement systems like wigs.

Invasive surgeries are expensive and require intense post-treatment care, whereas medications take long before showing desirable results. For a quick and affordable hair loss fix, wigs and toupees are hands down! The ultimate best choice. You need to know the difference between toupee vs wig.

Toupees vs wigs also have unmatched durability compared to other types of baldness treatment products, making them worth considering as you work toward finding your perfect match.


Looking for a way to add volume and length to your hair without resorting to harsh treatments or chemicals?

Toupee vs wigs are the best hair thinning solution for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money or go through an invasive procedure. They’re also durable, so they’ll last long after most other solutions have stopped working. If you’ve been looking for an affordable way to fix your balding issue, this is it.

With various treatment options to choose from, toupee vs wigs are some of the best hair thinning solutions available in the market. They come in a number of styles that can be customized for your individual needs—and at an affordable price point.

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Wigs and toupees are versatile.

Toupee vs wigs are both inexpensive and fashionable. These hairpieces are now available in a variety of styles, hues, and sizes, allowing users to switch up their looks regularly. It further allows users to switch to multiple looks and styles without damaging natural hair.

Wigs and toupees can be worn over the sensitive scalp.

Those who have sensitive scalp due to alopecia areata, male/female pattern baldness, medical hair loss, or any other scalp-related problem can easily wear a skin base or lace base toupee or wig that has smooth caps. These hair systems do not irritate the scalp.

Toupee vs Wigs

Toupee vs wigs are always a matter of debate. While toupees and wigs both serve the same purpose- that is, to hide hair thinning or balding, they still vary in terms of functionality. Read on to learn more about the differences between the two, their pros and cons, manufacturing, and best toupees and wigs.

Know the difference between toupee vs wig clearly before having your pick!


What is a Toupee?

toupee vs wig (6)

Toupee vs wigs, unlike wigs, which cover the entire head, hair toupee only covers the top half. Toupees are referred to as partial wigs since they are smaller in size and provide only partial coverage. On the other hand, Wigs are full-coverage hairpieces that cover the entire head.

Toupees are ideal for thinning hair. These hairpieces are only used to conceal a receding hairline, leaving your natural hair on the sides uncovered. The toupee’s hair strands blend in with the wearer’s natural hair, giving a youthful volume and bouncy locks.

Toupees are most effective in the early phases of hair loss when thinning or balding is only partial and concentrated on the crown. The toupees are more breathable and give partial coverage.

These partial hairpieces can be worn all day. However, it is recommended that they must be removed before sleeping because it can cause the hair strands to tangle and break off. 

Human hair toupees require the same level of maintenance as natural hair. 


The Types of Toupees

Toupee v_s Wig-What is the Difference Between Toupees and Wigs (13)

When it comes to toupee vs wig. Toupees come in a number of shapes and sizes, and you can pick one that complements your hairline the best. It may be fashioned just like your hair, and you can color and curl it whatever you want. Toupees are an excellent solution to conceal a bald spot or hair loss problem because they blend in well and appear more natural than a wig.

  • Human Hair Toupee

To achieve a natural appearance, most toupees are created from human hair. The human fiber of high quality also has a realistic appearance. Indian or Mongolian hair is often used by manufacturers to make human hair toupees.

Toupee is a partial hairpiece; therefore, it does not cover the entire head. The toupee hair amalgamates with natural hair to create a fuller look.

  • Synthetic Hair Toupee

Synthetic fiber toupee is more durable than human hair toupee, although it is less natural. It is made with synthetic hair fiber. Synthetic toupee is less expensive than human hair toupee; however, the synthetic fiber may look different once it’s worn over natural hair; therefore, human hair toupee is more recommended.

  • Lightweight Toupee

A toupee’s weight is extremely light because its diameter is smaller than that of a full wig. Some toupees are so light that the wearer forgets to put them on during the day. Toupee is ideal for those who have busy schedules and don’t want to wear a heavy piece that can cause a headache.

  • Monofilament Toupee

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A monofilament toupee is made from a thin, mesh, nylon-like material called monofilament fabric. This type of wig is popular among men who suffer from hair loss, as it gives the appearance of a full head of hair. While there are many different types of toupees available on the market, monofilament toupees are often considered due to their durability and natural appearance.

If you’re like most people, you probably think of toupees as being those itchy, unnatural-looking things that balding men wear in a vain attempt to cover up their baldness. However, there is another type of toupee – the welded base toupee. This type of toupee is made entirely out of meshed fabric, and it looks so natural that you can’t even tell that it’s a toupee. In fact, many people are surprised to learn that it’s not actually hair that’s growing out of someone’s head.

Toupee vs wigs, Let start to talk wig!


What is a Wig?

A wig is a head covering that is mainly worn to hide hair loss or bald patches. This is the main difference when it comes to toupee vs wigs. Traditional hair wigs used to look phony because of the unnatural hairline, but new hand-tied hair wigs to lace front or skin-base provide a realistic-looking alternative to disguise hair loss. Given the societal stigma associated with hair loss, natural-looking hair wigs are an excellent way to conceal their hair loss. Hair wigs are also a less expensive option for hair loss than surgical or cosmetic hair surgery.

Human and synthetic hair are both commonly employed in the construction of hair wigs. Human hair wigs appear more natural, and it is difficult for others to tell if someone is wearing fake hair if they are wearing human hair wigs.

Synthetic hair wigs also have a natural appearance and are less expensive. Unlike human hair wigs, synthetic hair wigs do not lose texture or style after washing.

Hair wigs, whether human or synthetic, are usually resistant to heat tools. With the help of wigs, women can effortlessly achieve a variety of hairstyles. However, utilizing hair protectant sprays before exposing the wigs to curling irons or heating appliances is best for extending the wig’s lifespan.

People wear wigs for fashion, comfort, cultural and religious reasons. There are many different types of wigs available on the market. Wig styles vary and continue to change with the times.


The Types of Wigs

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  • Silk and Lace Wigs

Silk and lace materials are used to make this sort of wig. The base cap is made of the softest lace fabric that has small holes to promote ventilation across the hair unit. The sides of the wig are made from a similar fabric.

Hair strands are hand-tied to the base to give the hairpiece a more genuine appearance. Another small piece of silk is used to hide the knots in the knotted hair strands. The objective of the extra silk piece on top is to properly conceal the fake hairline.

These lace or silk base wigs are great for persons who have lost their hair due to medical conditions and now want to wear a hair unit that does not seem false.

  • Monofilament Wigs

A monofilament wig is designed to seem like a genuine human hairline. It appears as if real human hair is sprouting over the scalp due to the hair injection procedure. It’s more difficult to distinguish between a natural and a wig hairline.

A unique fabric is used in the middle to make a monofilament wig. This fabric is a gauze-like, transparent, ultra-thin fabric that promotes lightness and breathability. This type of wig looks ultra-realistic because hair strands in a monofilament piece are hand-sewn into the soft fabric.

For those with extremely sensitive scalps, monofilament wigs are appropriate. When clients ask you for a hairpiece that will cover their heads without irritating their scalp, recommend monofilament wigs.

  • Combination Wigs

toupee vs wig (1)

Some wigs have monofilament sides with a Poly-coated base in the middle or vice versa. Other combination wigs are those that have a machine-made side with a hand-sewn base. The purpose of combination wigs is to reduce the cost of hairpieces. Full hand-made wigs cost a lot more than combination wigs.

Combination wigs are perfect for clients who want a durable yet affordable hairpiece. These wigs are also ideal for clients who want to experience the difference between machine-made and hand-sewn material before having their pick. If you have clients who couldn’t decide between the two types, send them combination wigs.

  • Welded Lace Wigs

Made with tightly interwoven knots, the welded lace fabric is the most durable type of wig. It allows you to split the unit wherever while keeping the hairline natural. Welded lace is made out of closely intertwined fibers that form a “welded” fabric. This enables you to divide the unit into sections from anywhere without looking unnatural.

Welded lace wigs are perfect for women who want to create multiple looks with a single wig. One can easily create several partings while wearing a welded wig. Men who are extra-conscious regarding their appearance must also invest in a welded hairpiece.

  • Polyurethane Wigs

toupee vs wig (2)

Polyurethane is a polymeric base that is usually transparent or skin-toned. The poly bases are often utilized in combination with wigs to create the natural-looking middle part. For further durability, polyurethane is usually applied to the edges of monofilament toppers.

These types of wigs are more versatile and luxurious. You may recommend your clients these wigs when they ask for comfortable hairpieces that could last for a long time, and they wouldn’t have to invest in hairpieces repeatedly.

The poly coating increases the durability of wigs, making a wig more resistant to heating tools or environmental damage.

  • Silicone Base Wigs

Silicone is a soft, colorless, rubber-like material. The silicone material is often used in the making of wig base caps. The wigs that have silicone base or anti silicone straps are ideal for those who are completely bald as the material has the natural suction capability. The silicone material easily glides on the scalp, providing a secure fit and non-irritant texture.

People who have wide and visible receding hairlines, fungal infections, bacterial growths, psoriasis, or scurfy dandruff on the scalp must use wigs that have a silicone base. Silicone wigs are slightly more expensive than regular wigs; however, if your clients are not able to afford it, you may ask the manufacturer to customize a wig using silicone hair patches in the middle or sides with monofilament or lace fabric around.


The Difference Between toupee vs wig

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Toupee vs wig, a wig is a hairpiece that’s made from human or synthetic hair and worn on the head, while a toupee is a relatively smaller hairpiece sewn to a cloth base. The major difference between toupee vs wig is that wigs cover the entire head of your natural hair, while toupees only cover bald spots or thinning areas of your scalp.

Wigs are made from real human hair and styled to look like natural hair. Toupees are mostly made of synthetic materials, such as nylon or polyester and designed to cover balding. However, both can be customized according to the preference of clients.

Wigs are hairpieces that are made of human or synthetic hair and can be styled to match the wearer’s natural hair, while toupees are wig-like pieces of similar material but are relatively smaller. Wigs cover the entire head, while toupee only covers a smaller area.


Which is Better, Toupee vs wig?

The main purpose of a wig is to cover the entire head, while toupees are used to only add volume and hide initial hair loss.

Both wigs and toupees help men and women to flaunt fuller and healthy hair. These hairpieces instantly boost the confidence of the wearer and provide an instant fix to their hair problems. These hairpieces also cost way less than transplants, surgeries, or medications which is why most people like to invest in wigs and toupees.

While both serve a different purpose, which one is better depends on your client’s requirement. If your client is looking for a hairpiece to hide baldness or progressive hair loss, a wig would be a better choice.

Similarly, if your client requires a solution to fix hair thinning or to hide a visible receding hairline at the front, a toupee would be perfect. Toupee is also used when the client only wants to increase hair length and hair volume.


The Pros and Cons of Wig

toupee vs wig (5)


  • Wigs are a great way to change your style without the commitment
  • They can be styled in many ways, so you can find one that suits your personality. You can wear wigs of any color, length, texture, thickness- whatever you want.
  • With wigs, you don’t have to worry about hair damage or bad hair days.
  • It’s easy to wash and style wigs at home for quick fixes between salon visits.
  • There are many different types of wig materials available, including human hair and synthetic fibers, which both offer their own benefits.
  • Wearing a wig is an especially good option if you’re undergoing chemotherapy because it will make it easier for you to keep up with self-care routines like washing your face or getting dressed.
  • They’re a great option for people who have lost their hair due to illness or medical treatment.
  • Wigs are less expensive than hair extensions.
  • You can change your look without having to cut your own hair
  • Wigs are easy to maintain- just brush, wash, and go.
  • A wig is a perfect way to cover up a bad haircut or style you don’t like anymore.


  • Wigs provide full coverage so they may not suit those who have slight hair thinning or hair loss at the initial stages.
  • Wigs are more expensive than toupees or hair extensions.
  • Wigs are comparatively heavier.


The Pros and Cons of Toupee

toupee vs wig (4)


  • Toupees are an affordable way to cover up balding
  • You can wear a toupee on the beach, in the pool, and at the gym without worrying about it getting wet.
  • There is no need for expensive styling products like gel or mousse when you have a toupee- just brush and go.
  • A toupee won’t get caught in an updraft of wind because they stay firmly attached with clips and glue.
  • It’s easy to find a matching wig for any outfit, so you don’t have to worry about what will look good with your clothes anymore.
  • Toupees are a great alternative for those who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy or any other medical illness. These are lightweight and airy, so they help those with sensitive scalp.
  • Toupees can be styled in any way, from slicked back to curly and everything in between
  • A toupee is a fast and easy solution for people with alopecia or other types of baldness.
  • Toupees come in many different colors, so you’re bound to find the perfect one that matches your skin tone. Toupees can be customized to match your hair color or style.
  • You can also choose from an assortment of styles, including short, medium, long, layered and more. Choose the style that best suits your needs.


  • Toupees only provide partial coverage, so they may not suit those who have hair loss at progressive stages or very wide receding lines.
  • Toupees are more expensive than hair extensions.
  • Toupees do not completely hide original hair, so you have to find a shade that closely resembles your natural hair color.


How to Use Tape and Glue?

Hair tape or hair glue can be used in a variety of ways for wigs and toupees.

Applying hair adhesive to the wig’s foundation is the best and most reliable technique to wear it. A thin layer of hair glue should be applied to the wig’s edges and in the middle to fix the wig to the head. However, if the wig is to be worn over natural hair, the adhesive on the edges will suffice.

Another option is to attach the tape inside the lace front wig’s base cap. Cut the tape into small pieces, adhere it to the wig from one side, remove the upper sticker before wearing it, and put it on your head. The adhesive tape will keep it firmly attached to your head.

The wig can also be accessorized with hair clips or adjustable hair straps. If the wearer has natural hair, these clips can be used to secure the wig to his head. While removing the wig protects the natural hair from being damaged or breaking off.


Toupee vs Wig, How to Buy?

While toupees and wigs provide the perfect solution to hide hair loss or baldness, purchasing an ideal hairpiece that suits both your personality and pocket is not an easy feat. It requires a proper understanding of what a good toupee or wigs look like; otherwise, you may end up investing in a poor-quality hairpiece.

Whenever you want to buy a toupee or wig, look for a few qualities that are:

Toupee v_s Wig-What is the Difference Between Toupees and Wigs (17)

Comfort Level

A toupee vs wig has to be comfortable. When people complain of their hairpiece causing discomfort, they might have chosen the wrong one. Always select a hairpiece that is comfortable, especially if you have to wear one all day long.

While ordering a hairpiece online, provide correct measurements.

Toupee vs wig, in order to find a comfortable wig, make sure the wig cap fits well and is not too tight, and choose a lightweight wig if possible.

Base Type

There are a variety of different base caps that can be used with wigs. Each type of cap serves a different purpose, and it is important to choose the right one for your needs.

Monofilament and lace base caps provide a natural-looking appearance; however, these wigs or toupees may not feel as comfortable as a silicone base cap would feel if you have an extremely sensitive scalp. Therefore, keeping in mind the purpose of ordering a hairpiece is necessary.

Whichever base you choose, make sure the quality of the fabric is excellent and durable; otherwise, your hairpiece will not last long.

Realistic Look

Traditional wigs and toupees went out of the market due to their heavy appearance and unrealistic look. Even when people wear hairpieces for aesthetic purposes, they want an all-natural appearance. So, if your wig does not look natural, you have not found a perfect hairpiece yet.

High-quality hairpieces are those that look extremely natural. When you are wearing a wig or a toupee, no one shall be able to differentiate between your real hair and wig hair. Another main factor behind a natural-looking hairpiece is its hairline. Make sure the hairline mimics the natural human hairline.


High-quality wigs and toupees do not require a lot of maintenance. Spraying the hairpiece with heat protectant spray before using heating tools, washing the hairpiece once a month, and combing the piece with a wide-tooth comb is usually enough to keep a good hairpiece intact.

If your current hairpiece has started looking worn out after a few washes and hair strands look frizzy due to styling, you need to invest in a good quality hair system like those manufactured by Bono Hair.


People often think of wigs as being only for women who are experiencing hair loss, but that’s not the case at all. Wigs can be used by anyone for a variety of purposes. There’s no need to spend a fortune on hair products when you can get the same results with a wig.

Wigs and toupees are versatile and can be styled in many different ways to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a new style or just want to add some extra volume to your hair, wigs are a great option.

Invest in a wig or toupee that is freestyle to enjoy multiple hairstyles.

Hair Quality

If you’re in the market for a new wig and want something that looks realistic and natural, be sure to choose high-quality strands. High-quality hair will blend in better with your natural hair color and texture. It will also be less likely to frizz or tangle. Secondly, a wig made with high-quality hair will last longer than one made with lower-quality strands. Finally, high-quality wigs just look better overall – they’re more realistic and flattering.

Order from manufacturers who use real Mongolian or Indian hair to get natural-looking wigs or toupees. All other pieces are useless.

Stitching and Shine

When purchasing a wig or a toupee, selecting one with high-quality stitching is important. Poor-quality stitching will look artificial and may not last as long as those made with high-quality knots.

To ensure you get the most out of your wig purchase, it is important to inspect the hair strands before making your purchase. Be sure to check for tangled or matted hair, as these factors can indicate a low-quality wig.

Additionally, examine the color of the hair. Wigs made with synthetic fibers often have a plastic sheen that can be detected when the light hits them at certain angles. If you are looking for a natural look, avoid wigs with this shine.

Types of Adhesives

Have you ever had a wig that just wouldn’t stay on your head? It seems like every time you turn around; it’s sliding off. You may think that all wigs are the same, but that’s not the case. Good wigs have strong adhesives like anti-silicone straps or clip-ins to provide a secure fit.

The type of adhesives that come with the hairpiece is enough to tell the quality of it. Good quality hairpieces come with either an adjustable cap, clip-ins, or silicone straps to give the user a confident hair fix.


7 Best Toupees for Men and Women


The BHS Swiss lace toupee for men is made with high-quality materials, so you can feel confident that you’re making a smart investment. With this toupee, you’ll be able to feel more self-assured. The toupee boosts your confidence instantly by adding volume without looking fake. The Swiss lace provides a comfortable and airy base for those who already have sensitive scalp or hair loss due to fungal infection.

Additional features

  • Base construction: Full Swiss Lace
  • Base size: 8*10”
  • Hair type: Indian Human Hair
  • Hair length: 6”
  • Hair color: #1, #1A, #3, #4, #6, #7ASH,#18, #22
  • Hair density: Medium
  • Hair curl: 3.0 cm
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle


Looking for a way to hide your bald patches and add volume to your hair? Look no further than BH2 toupee for men. This hairpiece is made from the highest quality materials and is designed to look natural and discreet. Whether you’re headed to a meeting or out on a date, the toupee will help you feel confident and stylish.

Additional features

  • Base construction: French lace with hand-sewn stitching all over the base
  • Base size: 8”x10”, cut be cut into any size
  • Front contour shape: CC
  • Hair type: Indian human hair, gray in synthetic
  • Hair length: 5-6”
  • Hair density: Medium-light
  • Hair curl: 30 mm
  • Hair colors: More than 35 striking colors to choose from


The comfort that French lace delivers against the scalp is well-known. This toupee is for men who can’t stand extra pressure on their scalp and are looking for a hairpiece that does not feel heavy. This hairpiece’s French lace base with poly top not only gives it a sumptuous feel, but also gives it an unnoticeable hairline.

Additional features

  • Base construction: French lace with brush-poly all around, and a lace front
  • Base size: 6”x5”, 6”x8”, 6”x9” or customized size
  • Front contour shape: CC
  • Hair type: Indian human hair
  • Hair length: 5-6”
  • Hair density: Medium
  • Hair curl: 30mm
  • Hair colors: #1B


Our hairpiece is made from high-quality materials and is designed to give you a natural, undetectable look. The toupee is perfect for various events such as a job interview or a corporate presentation. When you want to feel more confident in your appearance, this silk toupee will help you look your best.

Additional features

  • Base construction: Silk top with PU coated back and sides area, and a French lace front
  • Base size: 7”x8 1/2”
  • Hair type: Indian Remy hair
  • Hair length: 6”
  • Hair color: Natural color
  • Hair density: Medium
  • Hair curl: 2cm
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle


If you have clients who ask for a solution to hair thinning and hair loss, this toupee is perfect for them. The toupee instantly adds volume and length to hair with ease, and look beautiful doing it. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, Bono hair has the perfect toupee for every woman.

Additional features

  • Base construction: French lace all over
  • Base size: 6”x8”
  • Hair type: Chinese virgin hair
  • Hair length: 14”
  • Hair color: #6RD from our men color ring
  • Hair density: Medium
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle


Made with 100% Mongolian hair, this toupee is specifically designed to help women hide hair thinning and hair loss while adding beautiful volume and length. With so many colors and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect toupee for your needs. The silk base provides a comfortable and smooth fix, while clip-ins help secure the toupee in place.

Additional features

  • Base construction: Silk top base parting with monofilament in the middle; 1/2″ PU coated in front with folded lace in front; 1/2″ cloth ribbon at back and sides; 4 pressure-sensitive clips.
  • Base size: 16cmx18cm
  • Hair type: Mongolian hair
  • Hair length: 12”
  • Hair density: 130%
  • Hair texture: Straight, can be styled with heat tools
  • Hair colors: Natural black, #4-6, #22
  • Head coverage: Top & crown
  • Application method: Clip in or use with adhesive


This beautiful custom toupee for women by Bono hair is made of high-quality materials. The toupee looks extremely natural and blends in with the original hair of the wearer to provide an invisible hairline. This toupee is an ultimate choice for women who want a quick fix for their hair thinning and receding hairline.

Additional features

  • Base construction: French lace in the center; 3/4″ PU coated at the front, extended to 1 1/4″ PU coated at back and sides; 1/4″ French lace at front
  • Base size: According to the template
  • Hair type: Chinese virgin hair
  • Hair length: 10”
  • Hair color: According to a hair sample
  • Hair density: Medium-light to medium
  • Hair curl: 6 cm
  • Front shape: According to the template
  • Hair direction: Freestyle


7 Best Wigs for Men and Women


The finest wig from the whole line of full cap wigs for men is this Full Lace hair system. Made with premium quality French Lace fabric, the wig ensures that it looks and feels great on your head. Whether you are looking for a new style or just want to cover up thinning hair, this wig is the perfect solution.

Additional features

  • Base construction: French lace all over
  • Base size: According to the customer’s template
  • Hair type: Chinese virgin hair
  • Hair length: 8”
  • Hair color: Hair sample
  • Hair density: Medium
  • Hair curl: 2 cm
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle


Thin skin wigs have a poly base that resembles human scalp skin and provides an undetectable hairline. It is perfect for men who are scared of looking unnatural while wearing a wig. Bono hair makes customized wigs according to the given template to ensure a secure and natural fitting. The wig is further made with Indian hair that closely resembles original human hair in texture and looks.

Additional features

  • Base construction: 14mm clear poly all over with V-loop hair
  • Base size: According to the template
  • Hair type: Indian hair
  • Hair length:6”
  • Hair color: #17 color from our men custom color ring
  • Hair density: Medium-light
  • Hair curl: 4.0 cm
  • Front shape: According to the template


You may be looking for a wig that will make you look presentable. This is the ideal choice for this purpose because it’s very soft and easy to wear. The Hollywood lace hair system has taken inspiration from Hollywood celebrities who look picture-ready all the time. You can also look the same by wearing this durable and graceful hair system to fix all hair problems.

Additional features

  • Base construction: French lace with clear PU all around and 1/2″ lace front
  • Base size: 6″x8″, 6″x9″, 7″x9″, 8″x10″
  • Front contour shape: A
  • Hair type: 100% Indian human hair
  • Hair length: 5-6”
  • Hair density: Medium-light
  • Hair curl: 30mm
  • Hair colors: #1, #1A, #1B, #2, #3, #4, #4ASH, #5, #6, #7, #18, #22


GIGI has a half-poly, half-lace basis that gives it a glossy appeal. This wig is great for women who want to appear their best on festive occasions and want a classy hairpiece to assist them in doing so. For added glam, the Chinese virgin hair can be styled with the use of heating tools. The lace top front further adds a natural hairline.

Additional features

  • Base construction: Lace top and front with the open machine made weft at crown and back area; PU at left and right side; elastic band at the back for size adjustment
  • Base size: Medium capsize
  • Hair type: Chinese Virgin hair
  • Hair length: 14”
  • Hair color: #4, #6, #7, #10R, #22R, #613, #30RT,#60RT,#2020T,#1740T,#1620T,#6244T
  • Hair density: 140%
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle

KIKI Medical Wigs from Wholesale Wig Suppliers

This KIKI wig is one of our favorites. It’s a medical wig made for those who have a sensitive scalp as a result of conditions including fungal infection, scalp psoriasis, or oversensitive hair follicles as a result of radiation or chemotherapy. The wig’s base is ultra-smooth to make wig-wearing more comfortable for the consumer.

Additional features

  • Base construction: Lace top and front with the elastic net at crown and back area; Pu at left and right side; elastic band at the back for size adjustment
  • Base size: Medium capsize
  • Hair type: Chinese Virgin hair
  • Hair length:14”
  • Hair color: #4, #6, #7,#10R, #22R, #613, #30RT, #60RT, #2020T, #1740T, #1620T, #6244T
  • Hair density: 140%
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle


URI is a stunning wig for women who want a polished, effortless appearance. Stunning shoulder-length straight hair transitions into beautiful bouncy curls towards the end of the wig. It’s great for people with thinning hair who want a medium to full hair density to create fun haircuts.

Additional features

  • Base construction: Lace top with an elastic net at crown and back area; Clips at left and right side; elastic band at the back for size adjustment
  • Base size: Medium Capsize
  • Hair type: Chinese Virgin hair
  • Hair length:14”
  • Hair color: #4, #6, #7,#10R, #22R, #613, #30RT, #60RT, #2020T, #1740T, #1620T, #6244T
  • Hair density: 140%
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle


The wig has shoulder-length hair with a smooth texture that looks natural. This hairpiece is perfect for those who desire an imperceptible hairline and an undetectable front. The wig is made with the newest injection skin technology in which each hair strand is injected into the base to create a natural and freestyle wig for those who do not like detectable hairpieces.

Additional features

  • Base construction: 10mm injection thin skin all over
  • Base size: According to wig measurements
  • Hair type: Chinese hair, gray synthetic hair
  • Hair length: 8”
  • Hair color: #8 with 5% gray hair all over
  • Hair density: Medium to medium-heavy
  • Hair curl: Straight
  • Front shape: CC
  • Hair direction: Freestyle



When it comes to hair replacement systems and wigs, there are many options available. The more you know about toupee vs wigs, the better choices you can make for yourself or your clients.

Bono Hair‘s best wigs and toupees are made with the finest human hair. We offer a variety of styles for men and women. If you’re looking for an affordable solution to disguise thinning or receding hairline areas, our high-quality wigs and toupees could be the perfect way to look your best without spending too much money on expensive treatments.

Bono Hair is one of the most reputable and well-known wholesalers of wigs and toupees. We offer high-quality hairpieces that are subjected to strict quality controls. Our designers provide free consultation services to suppliers so that they can better grasp their clients’ needs. We handle both large and small orders with the same level of care.

Get a WHOLESALE quote for wigs and toupees

If you have clients that send you hair bundles and ask you to make personalized wigs or toupees for them, we have got you covered.


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