Let’s Reveal the Secret How Elon Musk Grew Full Head of Hair Again

Let’s Reveal the Secret How Elon Musk Grew Full Head of Hair Again

Elon Musk is a globally recognized personality known for his innovative vision and influential presence on social media, particularly Twitter. Recent discussions about Musk have centered not on his acquisition of Twitter but on the circulating news stories speculating about his baldness, fueling rumors of an Elon Musk hair transplant.

Elon musk's twitter logo in front of a building. Elon musk's twitter logo in front of a building

Elon Musk is the name of that one business tycoon who is famous across the globe. He is renowned as the CEO of electric car manufacturer Tesla (TSLA) and the private aerospace company SpaceX. In a concise period, this entrepreneur has gained global prominence. Musk, an early investor in numerous tech ventures, concluded a deal in October 2022 to privatize X (formerly Twitter).

Born in 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa, Elon Reeve Musk is the eldest among three siblings. His father, an engineer from South Africa, and his mother, a Canadian model and nutritionist, provided the backdrop to his early life. Following his parents’ separation in 1980, Musk predominantly resided with his father. In later reflections, he would describe his father as “a terrible human being”.

Technology served as an outlet for Musk during his formative years. At age 10, he delved into programming using a Commodore VIC-20, an early and affordable home computer. Musk’s proficiency quickly grew, leading him to develop Blastar, a video game reminiscent of Space Invaders, which he successfully sold to a PC magazine for $500.

At 17, Musk relocated to Canada and later acquired Canadian citizenship through his mother. His Canadian journey led him to Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, where he encountered Justine Wilson, an aspiring writer. Their connection eventually resulted in marriage and the birth of five sons, including twins and triplets. However, the couple later divorced in 2008.

Elon Musk’s success story started in 1995, when he armed with $15,000 and accompanied by his younger brother Kimbal, founded Zip2—a web software company designed to assist newspapers in developing online city guides. The success of Zip2 was evident when in 1999, Compaq Computer Corp. acquired it for a substantial sum of $341 million. Leveraging the proceeds from the Zip2 buyout, Musk ventured into the financial technology realm by establishing X.com—well before the widespread use of the term “fintech”. And since then, there’s no looking back for him.

His achievements and distinctive personal style have made comparisons with other vibrant tycoons in U.S. history, such as Steve Jobs, Howard Hughes, and Henry Ford. In 2021, Musk secured the title of the world’s wealthiest individual, surpassing Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon (AMZN).

Does Elon Musk Suffer from Hair Loss?

Hair Loss, Baldness, and Hairline Showcase

Once grappling with a receding hairline that seemed destined for baldness, Elon Musk’s bald head (almost) experienced a remarkable transformation—suddenly, he had hair! While the reason behind this change remains a mystery, Musk has remained tight-lipped. Although he hasn’t officially commented on the transformation, the evidence of Elon Musk’s lush new locks was fully displayed at the 2022 Met Gala.

The contrast is striking if we compare his past photographs to the present; Elon Musk’s hair loss evolution is undeniable. He underwent a significant change, especially considering the rapid hair loss at the front of his head. The once-dramatically receded hairline and thinning on the top have given way to a new, fuller head of hair. All signs point to Elon Musk having undergone a hair transplant operation, even if he hasn’t explicitly confirmed it.

On the other hand, his past photographic evidence also suggests that Elon Musk faced hair loss and damage, particularly in photos from the 90s. Online reports indicate that Musk was reportedly at a notable Norwood 4 on the Norwood Hamilton Scale during this period. For those unfamiliar, the Norwood Hamilton Scale categorizes the stages of male pattern baldness or hair loss, ranging from 1 to 7, with 7 denoting an extreme condition of hair loss. However, Musk’s standing in the fourth position proves he was losing his hair quickly.

What Hair Restoration Method did Elon Musk Use?

Comparison of Musk's Hair Loss

User Elon Musk’s quest for lush, healthy-looking hair has sparked speculation among experts about his choice of hair loss treatments and hair transplant methods. While there’s no explicit confirmation of Musk undergoing significant hair restoration treatments or miraculously regrowing his hair, many believe he opted for either Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) or Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) procedures. However, pictures from his early days reveal Elon Musk’s bald head.

The mystery surrounding Musk’s hair transformation prompts the question: What steps did he take to achieve his now thick and vibrant locks in just a few short years?

Musk’s hair suggests that the ideal procedure for addressing his balding and getting his hair to grow back is a hair transplant, given the thickness of his hair on the sides and back, which provides a substantial source for transplantation to the front. Interestingly, with Musk recently opting for a close shave on the sides and back, few reports suggest the potential discovery of a scar from the speculated procedure on his now exposed scalp.

However, the experts speculate that Musk underwent two FUT procedures involving the extraction of a lengthy strip of scalp skin from the back and sides of his head. From this strip, individual hair follicles were meticulously dissected and transplanted onto the previously hairless areas at the front. While this technique delivers impressive results, the only drawback lies in the residual scar left behind, marking the journey of Musk’s pursuit for a fuller head of hair.

Did Elon Musk Have a Hair Transplant?

Elon Musk, much like other celebrities, has never openly admitted to undergoing a hair transplant, but subtle changes in his hairline suggest a possible intervention for balding. Reports indicate that Musk may have turned to a renowned hair transplant clinic, where he allegedly spent $20,000 for two Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) procedures. FUT is a very famous hair transplantation technique involving taking a strip of scalp skin and transplanting individual hair follicles onto balding areas. While Musk may have undergone FUTs in the early 2000s, advancements in technology have seemingly erased any visible scars, leaving him with a natural-looking mane. Musk may also be using medications for hair restoration, although they typically don’t achieve the dramatic results seen in his case.

How to Get Hair to Grow Back Easily?

How to Get Hair to Grow Back Easily

Promoting hair regrowth involves lifestyle changes, proper hair care, and, in some cases, medical interventions.

1. Maintain a well-balanced diet. To stimulate hair growth naturally, start by maintaining a well-balanced diet, a nutrient-rich diet that contains vitamins A, C, and E and minerals like iron and zinc, which are crucial for hair health. Adequate hydration is also vital for promoting a healthy scalp.

2. Regular scalp massages. Incorporate regular scalp massages into your routine to improve blood circulation and stimulate hair follicles. Try using mild, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to keep your scalp clean and nourished. Avoid excessive heat styling and tight hairstyles that may damage the hair shaft and scalp.

3. Over-the-counter topical treatments. Consider incorporating natural remedies like castor oil, rosemary oil, or aloe vera gel, which is believed to promote hair growth. Additionally, explore over-the-counter topical treatments containing minoxidil, an FDA-approved ingredient known to encourage hair regrowth.

4. Consult a healthcare professional or a dermatologist. If hair loss persists, consult a healthcare professional or a dermatologist for personalized advice and potential prescription medications. Combining proper nutrition, care, and targeted treatments, a holistic approach can contribute to healthier hair growth.

Although we have shared several options to get hair to grow back, the easiest and most economical option is yet to be defined. If you find yourself dealing with severe hair thinning and damage, achieving recovery through typical recommendations like topical solutions and over-the-counter drugs would be a challenge for you. A hair replacement system emerges as the most viable solution in such cases of aggressive hair loss.

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Elon Musk’s hair evolution, from a receding hairline to a seemingly fuller head, has captivated observers. While the entrepreneur has not explicitly addressed the transformation, the change sparks discussions and raises questions about potential hair restoration interventions. The intrigue surrounding Musk’s evolving appearance adds a unique dimension to his public persona, leaving the specifics of his hair journey open to speculation and curiosity. We have covered all the aspects of the tycoon’s hair story in this blog and shared how you can deal with similar conditions most affordably.


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