Does Timothy McGee of the Longest-Running Television Series NCSI Wear a Wig?

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Sean Murray is a renowned American television actor who rose to fame for playing Timothy McGee in the longest-running television series NCIS. Sean started his acting career early and has worked with many big celebrities in Hollywood. However, in his almost three-decades-long career, he is popularly known for two of his major characters Binx in Hocus Pocus and McGee in NCIS.


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Sean Murray, the famous American television actor, was born in Bethesda, Maryland, on November 15th, 1977. The renowned actor was born to Craig Murray and Vivienne Lee. Sean’s father was a captain in the Navy who served in the forces for three decades, while his mother was Australian. Murray only has one brother, the producer of NCIS: Los Angeles; Chad Murray is Sean’s only brother. However, Sean’s mother left his father and married famous screenwriter and producer Donald Bellisario. That’s how the actor has seven step-siblings; three out of them are renowned actors. Sean is a dual national as his mother also holds dual nationality; he also holds Australian citizenship, where he spent some of his childhood. Since his father was in the forces, Sean spent most of his childhood traveling to different military bases around the world, like Australia, Singapore United States, and London.

The renowned star decided to become an actor at a very early age; he was as young as 11 when he got his first break as an extra in My Blue Heaven, a film by John Cusak. Later he worked in different television series in some low-key roles. Although Sean is famous for his character in NCIS, there are some notable films and shows that this incredible actor has done. In his teen, Sean also did a classic Halloween movie called Hocus Pocus, which earned him immense popularity. His performance in the movie also earned him a nomination for the young artist and youth award. Besides these shows, Sean has starred in other television movies, including The Lottery, Fall into Darkness, Trial by Fire, The Sleepwalker Killing, and so on. The talented star has also worked in a teenage drama with some big Hollywood stars like Leonardo DeCaprio in 1993.

Sean Murray is a married man; he is married to Carrie James, who is a teacher by profession. The couple fell instantly in love at an event in 2004 and married within a year after their first interaction. They have two kids: a daughter named Caitlyn Melissa and a boy named River James.

Who Played McGee?

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Sean Murray’s career-defining character was when he played Timothy McGee in the famous American police procedural television series Naval Criminal Investigative Service NCIS. His stint for NCIS started in the famous American series JAG Judge Advocate General, where he did a cameo in a few episodes and later bagged McGee’s role. NCIS is one of the longest-running shows. Sean was initially shown as a guest star in the first season of NCIS; however, from the second season, he entered the show as the main cast and has done 18th seasons till now. The star has done 18 seasons as special agent McGee; he was shot in the 18th season of the show and went on recovery after that incident. Sean believes his character evolved immensely during the series and has witnessed many changes over time. This year the actor is returning to the show after a small sabbatical. His step-sister also played his sister’s role in the famous series; recently, his daughter Cyan Ryan Murray also played a cameo in the show with his dad. Sean’s role as McGee is great; there are many things his fans want to know about the famous character. However, the most frequently asked question about Sean as his character is, does McGee wear a toupee?

Does Sean Murray’s Weight Loss Influence His Hair?

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Sean‘s character as a special agent McGee demanded him to play with his appearance throughout all the seasons. In the initial six seasons, McGee was shown as overweight; during the seventh season, he started losing weight. The weight loss of Sean Murray’s character raised many eyebrows, and there were speculations that the actor was going through some serious illness. Sean denied such rumors and said he lost 25 pounds for his character by strict dieting. During the series, the actor had started facing some hair loss, but it had nothing to do with Sean Murray’s weight loss regime. After a couple of seasons of the renowned NCIS series, the actor started facing receding hairline issues, and he sported hairstyles that showed his head covered with hair.

How to Get McGee’s Toupee?

The hairstyles of this sought-after actor have always been the talk of the town. Murray is known for changing his looks; in the early days of his career, the actor kept long hair and earned huge fandom for his stylish appearances. Murray did not try much of hairstyles as McGee. In the early period of the show, McGee was seen in a geeky style, something like tightly-side combed hair, but in the later part of the show, when the character transformed himself and lost 25 pounds, Murray has been keeping a classic undercut hairstyle since then. Undoubtedly, Murray’s role as McGee gained huge popularity, and fans started copying his hairstyle to look like McGee. So if you also face receding hairline issues and want a similar hairstyle like Thomany McGee, then you must check this website

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Other similar Timothy McGee’s Hair


Very few characters make the stars popular by their character Sean Murray’s role as Timothy McGee is one such character that touched the audience’s heart. Sean’s appearance in the show was initially a cameo role that later became one of the show’s main characters and gave him his career-defining opportunity. The actors strikingly good looks also played an integral part in making him popular. Sean’s hairstyle, transformation, and appearance made him popular among the masses; he always cared for his looks and hair, which is why Sean looked young and refreshing, even with a receding hairline.

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