Buyer’s Guide For Toupee Tapes: Everything You Need To Know

Buyer's Guide for Toupee Tapes Everything You Need to Know (13)

Why is there a need to use ‘toupee tape‘? It is ultimately a client’s personal choice if someone prefers to have their hair system installed by a tape other than glue. Some find it more beneficial than glue, others say it is easy to apply, some say we use tape because it does not leave its place and stays firm. Everyone has reasons to prefer toupee tape, which is their favorite option.

But to fulfill your client’s appointment to apply their toupee with toupee tape, you search about it online; there will be various opinions that make the situation unclear to find out which are the best ones and how to use them. Even there can be fundamental questions that can perplex a new toupee wearer. Therefore, in this blog, you will get an easy-to-understand, general, and complete guide about toupee tapes, including how to apply them and the top 10 toupee tapes. You can also inform your client with quick tips with confidence and simply answer their questions.


What Is Toupee Tape?
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A toupee tape is made of silicon and is double-sided stickable transparent patches. It comes in roll and contour shapes.

When you see a toupee tape, it will be of solid color. Actually, when you unfold the tape roll or pick the contour tape, you will find out that the solid color is because of its sticking wrap on the layer of tape, which is peeled off from a specific amount of tape when it’s time to install tape.

Use at the hairline; among roll and contour shape tapes, contour shape-hair toupee tape is the most common and popular because it’s easy to use. Contour tape is split down in the middle; that split mark indicates the part which needs to be at the middle front hairline.


Why Should One Use Toupee Tape?
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Every toupee tape has its pros and cons, but there are various excellent benefits that every toupee tape offers. Here we will discuss all of those to give the exact idea of how suitable it is for you. Moreover, you will also get the answer for avoiding glue to install a toupee. However, one can only enjoy the benefits of toupee tape if it is installed correctly.

Tape Is Versatile:

Toupee adhesive tape comes in different shapes, from which one can select what suits best according to their toupee hairline and edges’ shape (toupee contour shape). Its shapes are A contour, B contour, BB contour, CC contour, D contour, E contour, straight strip, mini tab, and Boomerang. Picking the suited one between them is straightforward.

Gives You the Most Realistic Look:

When you apply tape to the toupee and apply toupee to the head, it ensures that the sides and front lay completely flat. That brings ultra-realistic, firm hold become invisible. However, not all men’s hair toupee tape comes transparent, so be mindful that it does not have a yellowish tint, especially if you are applying it to a lace hair system. 

Toupee Tape Adhesive Can Be Applied to Any Toupee Base:

Unlike toupee glue that can be applied on specific toupee bases, toupee adhesive tape can be applied on any base, whether a monofilament base, poly base or lace base, etc. So, choosing the best tape can save you from thinking about an uncertain method and questions like which glue to use, how to use, or whether it will hold this type of glue.

Tape Offers Great Longevity:

Hair toupee tape is the best if you want something that can help you install the client’s toupee swiftly and for a longer period. First, you don’t need to pause during taping like you wait for the glue to dry out a bit then lay the system down. Second, it can firmly hold a toupee at its place for weeks while staying undetectable. Moreover, it is the best choice if someone is more involved in outdoor activities like running and swimming. But please bear in mind different men’s toupee tapes offer different longevity.

Easy And Quick to Install and Remove:

Using adhesive tape strips at the front makes the toupee application process a lot easier. You can apply more tape pieces where you find the hairpiece a bit loose, which is an easy and quick process. 

When taking off the hairpiece applied with hair toupee tape, follow the given instruction and use formulated remover. However, water and alcohol also work in removing hairpieces.

Easy To Clean:

There will be no mess when applying and removing toupee tape. In the same way, it is super easy to clean. Even on some hair toupee bases, you can just peel off the tape to clean it. However, it also depends on which toupee tape you are using and which type of base.

A Great Option for Beginners:

Beginners are more prone to make mistakes while installing toupees on the head. Therefore, they are preferred to use adhesive toupee tape because it can be applied without much concern. If you install it at the wrong place, just use certain sprays to loosen it a bit and move it to the exact place where it should be installed.

Less Damaging for Toupee:

Glue can get into the lace holes or stick to the hair, which can completely destroy your hair system if you don’t know how to undo it or clean the system well. Also, the more frequently you use glue, the more damage its base gets while cleaning it.

Best For Sensitive Skin:

Tapes are typically not flammable or contain toxic chemicals. So, it is helpful for men that have any skin allergies. As the tape is applied directly to the scalp, manufacturers keep the chemicals too little.

You Can Ship It Anywhere:

When you are doing your business in this industry, you have or may have international clients that demand to provide hair system accessories like toupee adhesive tape. You can ship it anywhere around the world at the usual price, but this is not the case with adhesive glue because courier companies take flammable things as a liability, so they delay shipping to a particular time or charge extra.


How To Apply Toupee Tape?

Using the best toupee adhesive tape is crucial in a long-lasting install, but its application can only look natural if you know how to apply it properly. 

Follow the below-listed steps and tips to apply men’s hair toupee tape on any base every time. 

But before you apply toupee tape

  • Prepare Toupee:

If you have a new lace base toupee, pick a paper towel, fold it and apply acetone or nail polish remover on a considerable area. Dab it on the underside of the base to remove the conditioner that applies to the toupee before leaving the factory. Skipping this step will result in the toupee tape not properly sticking to the system’s base.

You can also clean the new poly base hair system with acetone and isopropyl alcohol.

If you are using a cleaned, dry system, you can use a knot sealer optionally to prevent shedding and to help the toupee tape stick more strongly to the base. 

  • Prepare The Tape: 

It is best that you have already decided and have cut pieces of toupee tape that you will apply to your client’s toupee. At this time, stylists ask, which one is best to use, tape contours or tape rolls? As you read above, tape contours come in different shapes to match the curvature of common toupee contours. It also comes in a straight strip. So, you can use multiple tape contour tapes to install one system. Moreover, you can cut that tape contour to accommodate the unusual curves around the system. 

On the other hand, if you use a roll of tape around the perimeter of the toupee without cutting it into pieces, it will create wrinkles on the base. That’s why tape contours are handy.

  • Prepare The Scalp:

If there is any hair on the head where the toupee will be installed, remove/shave them. Clean your client’s head. Use isopropyl alcohol to remove any oil/sweat or product residue from the client’s scalp.  


Steps To Apply Toupee Tape

  1. Place toupee on the Styrofoam head while its underside base faces up. Use t-pins and attach the clean toupee to the Styrofoam head. But don’t use t-pins on the area where you will need to apply toupee tape. 
  2. Peel off the backing of the first piece of tape that needs to be applied on the front center edge of the system. First, adhere to one side of the tape, then the other. Avoid touching the adhesive area to keep its bonding longevity at its maximum. Apply tape as closer to the edges as it can be, but don’t go past it.
  3. When it’s time to apply the next toupee tape piece, apply it right next to the one which is already applied by slightly overlapping it. You can also bend the tape a bit to match it with the base edge shape. But avoid stretching it as it can cause wrinkles on the base. 
  4. Keep applying until the entire premiere is covered. 
  5. Mark where your client’s hairline should be. Ask them to lift their eyebrows. The most upper forehead wrinkle determines that about 1 and 1.5 inches above, their hairline should be. Mark a point there. 
  6. When you are ready to attach the toupee to your client’s head, remove the backing of the tape. Avoid your fingers and taupe hair to touch or stick to the adhesive part. 
  7. Hold the toupee with the help of hair from the hairline area. Always start applying the hair system with toupee tape from the front hairline to the back.
  8. Start applying where the mark is. Keep it taught when applying but don’t stretch. 
  9. After applying the hair system at the front hairline, you need to apply it backward to cover the bald area. Don’t apply one side to the other. Work on both sides a bit to apply the system to the client’s head. 


The Variety of Methods You Can Apply Toupee Tape
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There is no hard and fast rule that one should apply tape in a specific manner. Applying tape to a toupee is the method that you prefer. However, there are various methods used. 

First, use tapes at the sides and back, not at the front, because some clients want to use liquid adhesive at the front. 

Second, applying tape to all perimeter of the toupee means along all edges of a toupee. 

Another method is, applying a toupee to the entire perimeter and a strip style toupee tape from the front middle hairline to the back.

Use hypoallergenic, long-lasting and waterproof, and strong hair toupee tape to ensure that your client will leave your place with full satisfaction. 


Tips To Apply Toupee with Tape on Your Client’s Head

We are informing you about these tips because if you do everything on point but miss something when applying a hair system with toupee adhesive to the client’s head, it will not have great results. So, have a look at the tips.

Clean the head so that it does not have any stickiness or residue on the scalp. 

Make the skin smooth. After that, use 91% isopropyl alcohol. Get it on the cotton ball, make sure the cotton ball is not dripping, clean the head in one direction. So that an excessive amount of isopropyl alcohol and friction when cleaning does not hurt your client’s scalp. 

Then apply a scalp protector. Applying a scalp protector is imperative, but applying it too much can have adverse and bad side effects. So, apply it in a thin and uniform coat. 

When you apply the hair system, you must press it down so the tape’s adhesive works perfectly to stick to the head. For this, use a comb along the edges, get it into the hair closer to the scalp and press the comb down. It will help the toupee adhesive tape stick strongly and excellently.


How To Remove Toupee Tape?
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Before removing the tape from the toupee, you need to remove the hair system applied with tape from the client’s head. So, let’s know it first.

  • Remove Toupee Tape from The Head:

We recommend using a spray adhesive remover but always test on the client’s arm first to check if your client is allergic to it. 

 Never apply force to remove a poly or lace hair system from the head. It can heavily damage the hair system. Determine where the toupee’s edges are and spray the adhesive remover. Wait for a few minutes to let the adhesive remover work and loosen the adhesive properties of the tape. 

Then start removing the lace hair system, don’t yank or start pulling the hair system to remove it. Always start removing it from the back, then roll it up all the way to the hairline lightly and gently.

Apply a bit of tension to adhesive tape to leave its place. Let that little tension and adhesive remover spray do their work for removing the hair system/toupee. At a point, the toupee will stop leaving its place easily, then spray adhesive remover again. Then apply consistent and little tension to remove the hair system. If stopped removing again, then use adhesive remove again. Remember not to apply high force or extreme pressure to remove the toupee applied with tape. 

  • Remove Tape from The Hair System (Toupee):

When you take off the hair system applied with tape from your clients, there is toupee tape with sticky residue on the toupee. It feels frustrating and is difficult to clean. To clean that residue, you need the right adhesive removing products and an authentic process to use them to remove toupee tape and its residue.

Removing tape is necessary to apply the same hair system again. Removing tape and cleaning the hair system is easy, whether lace or poly, to remove any kind of adhesive residue make it last longer, too, if you know how to do it correctly. 

Removing tape from the hair system can be a bit tricky for the first time, even if you are using the right hair products. So, let’s know some tips.


Tips To Remove Toupee Tape

If you have applied the removal product or cleaner and waited for a few minutes and still toupee tape is not coming off, do not pull it. Just remain the hair system as it is with product application on it and try a few times later. Check if there’s a lack of product becoming the reason for not removing toupee tape. If there is, then apply more products.

Moreover, if you are applying liquid adhesive remover, make sure to apply in the direction that adhesive remover penetrates under the tape. 

After removing the tape, it’s time to clean its sticky residue. First, don’t ever vigorously rub on the hair system to clean residue. If it’s a lace system, the lace is a bit stretchy, so its mesh pattern becomes large, loose, and can cause wrinkles when installing a lace hair system again.

While if you aggressively rub the poly hair system, it will tear. As you know, finding the perfect hair system is challenging, so be gentle with it. 

Furthermore, when you remove the hair system from the client’s head, you will see the residue on the client’s head. That should be removed for the next accurate hair system install. Wipe the head with an adhesive removal product, then wash the head gently so that there’s no glue left over. 

The Process to Remove Toupee Tape
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  1. Prepare For the Lace Removal:

Gather all things needed, toupee tape adhesive remover, infant nasal aspirator ear or oral syringe, and paper towels along with your system.

2.  Fill The Aspirator:

Now, fill the aspirator or syringe with liquid adhesive toupee tape removal. 

3. Apply The Tape Remover: 

Hold the hair system in the left hand with the help of the thumb and index finger from the edge of the system. Place the tip of the aspirator or to the edge of the toupee tape where the tape meets the base. Release the adhesive removal all around the perimeter and places you have applied tape.  

When you apply the lace remover with a syringe or aspirator, make sure it flows under the tape. The lace removal will work the best to loosen its adhesive properties quickly.

You are not bound to use only one filled aspirator or syringe when you apply the adhesive removal to toupee tape to check if any areas are left or need more removal product. 

4. Lift And Then Remove the Tape: 

Wait for a few moments, like 2 minutes, before removing the adhesive toupee tape. This will help the adhesive removal penetrate the tape and release the bond. Please don’t wait for too long; it can evaporate or dry the liquid adhesive removal then the tape will not be removed from the system. If this happens, apply the adhesive removal product again and wait for a minute or two.

Find the loose edge of the toupee adhesive tape and begin to lift it. If you can’t find an edge to lift the tape, take a paper towel, fold it and rub lightly on the edge of the tape in one direction. You will see an edge of hair toupee tape is releasing its place. Pick that up and take the tape off with good stable tension. If there is an area where the tape is stubborn, spray removal product again rather than forcefully pulling up. 

If you are working on a poly hair system, there must be a gooey residue that needs to be cleaned. Most people feel it’s not easy to get rid of, but it is. 

Just spray removal product on the gooey areas, wait for 1 to 2 minutes, then pick the folded paper towel, hold the system snug and work with a paper towel on gooey residue outwards. 

5. Care For the Hair System Consistently:

Since having the right hair system is challenging. So, suggest your clients consistently take care and clean their hair system so it can last longer and look good. However, the longevity of the hair system also depends on how good a hair system is made. 

For suggesting your client a durable, realistic snug-fitting hairpiece custom-made or ready-made, have a look at our inventory and call us at +8617561788081 or email at [email protected] to send details for a custom hairpiece or any queries. We are ready to deliver the hair system from our inventory on your notice. See how Bono Hair has helped the new business to grow; now it’s your time to flourish.


How Long Does the Hair System Tape Last?

The Toupee tape application method is preferred by men who want to take off their hair system by the end of the day and those who have sensitive skin and don’t want any suffocation on the scalp. Moreover, clients like it because using isopropyl alcohol at home; they can remove the taped hair system off with some steps in minutes at home.

But the question arises how long the best toupee adhesive tape can last if one doesn’t want to remove it. 

Honestly, it depends on the toupee tape. Generally, some offer hair system bonding to the scalp for a longer period of time, and some offer shorter bonding. Moreover, it depends on your client’s preference if they want the hair system to stay on the head for weeks or want to take it off every night. However, when installing a toupee adhesive according to the client’s demand, make sure to get the original product and avoid the fake version so that a toupee can’t fly off with a gust of wind. 

How Long Is It Okay to Leave a Hair System Installed with Tape?

At the point where toupee adhesive tape offers longer installs, how long one can keep the hair system installed on the head. 

After the estimated time for which tape can hold the system on the head, one’s hair system does not fall off, but the tape starts losing its adhesive properties, and the hairline starts feeling thick, sticky, and grimy.

To avoid any harmful effects on your hair, scalp, and hair system, one must take off the hair system every two weeks and do the cleaning.

Don’t tell your client that you can have this hair system installed on the head for 3 to 4 weeks, like other hair clubs, because the oil that skin generates and sweating make the hair system terrible. So, it’s crucial to take off the hair system, exfoliate the scalp, clean the system and reinstall it for a healthy scalp.

How To Make Hair System Tape Stay Fastened for Longer?

Don’t apply too many greasy products to the client’s hair; it will cause early greasiness on the scalp, and the front hairline will be loose after two weeks.

When cleaning or exfoliating your face, don’t clean the installed hair system’s hairline with it; it can be reasons to lift up or unbind the front hairline. 


10 Best Toupee Tapes

When installing the hair system on your client’s head with toupee tape, you want to make sure you are using the best product in the market  to give them a fantastic experience. The best toupee tapes give a person a sense of security and confidence to move around and do stuff he wants to do.

Therefore, among a variety of tapes present in the market, we are going to reveal the top ten toupee tapes of 2022 with specific distinguishing instructions for them. So, let’s start. 

1. TRUE TAPE 36 Pieces Double Sided Waterproof Lace Front Wig Tape
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True Tape is the most loved tape by some time to use on hair systems. This toupee tape is best because the gel on it won’t melt and does not cause any gooiness on the hairline. Therefore, it is easy to apply, stick, remove and wash and provide natural results. It provides extreme form hold that can last 2 to 4 weeks depending on the humidity, temperature, and body oils. As it is waterproof, there are no restrictions; you can swim, bathe or sleep without damaging your wig. Moreover, it is comfortable and healthy and does not irritate someone’s skin. 


2. CREATE BEAUTY 36 Strips Waterproof Wig Tape
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If one has an active lifestyle, then Create Beauty toupee tape must be your preferred choice. The best thing is it has no shine and promises to hold your hairpiece even if the person is sweaty. It is quick to apply and remove. Moreover, whatever base of your hair system is, it will keep it sticking to your head 2 to 4 weeks and up to 6 weeks. 

Same as the previous one, its installation period is affected by humidity, temperature, sweat, and body oils of a person. This clear, double-sided, waterproof medical adhesive toupee tape comes in strips. 


3. SACUBEE 4 Rolls Lace Front Wig Tape
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This best toupee tape comes in rolls and the width of 0.8 cm/0.32 inches and 1.0cm/0.39 inches. You can select the preferable width toupee adhesive tape that is thin and non-traceable when applied. It has strong viscosity that why it offers long-lasting installation of 3 to 5 weeks. However, humidity, sweat, and body oils affect the duration of the installation. Its adhesive ability is nice and offers good resistance from sweat and water Sacubee wig tape is strong, breathable, and great to use on all types of wigs and hair systems. 

You can cut the tape in desirable design and curves, but we recommend you do it prior to installation, not when installing the hair system.


4. COLORYOUNG 36 Strips Double-sided Tape
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This is one of the best men’s hair toupee adhesive tapes that comes in blue color and has a length and width of 0.87″ x 3.35″. It is quick and easy to apply because you can select from various shapes the required one. Moreover, it is water and sweat-proof and offers a hold time of 4 weeks. Furthermore, this medical adhesive tape is perfect for skin and can be used on any type of hair system, wig, or hairpiece. 


5. REOU Double-sided Strong Adhesive Wig Tape
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This double-sided strip adhesive toupee tape is easy to apply and. REOU keeps all types of hairpieces, wigs, or hair systems on the head for 4 to 6 weeks. It is waterproof and best for tape suppliers of hair systems, hair extensions, and wigs. 


6. BHF 36 Pcs Adhesive Tape (Blue Color)
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This double-sided toupee adhesive tape has the qualities of being waterproof. You can bathe, sleep, or even swim while the system is applied with this tape. Its installation period is 4 to 6 weeks; if the weather is cold, it can last up to 6 weeks. 


7. BHF 36 Pcs Adhesive Tape (White Color)
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This tape contains the same properties and is best in regard to stickiness, durability, hypoallergenic, waterproof, and thin and light as BHF blue tape. But people find it more blending/natural than BHF blue tape. 


8. WALKER’S Ultra Hold Mini Tabs
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This is one of the renowned adhesive toupee tapes. It is easy to clean, waterproof, and provides hold for up to six weeks. It is super flexible to move with the skin and designed for all types of hair systems. Fingerprint technology is used in this WALKER’S tape to reduce shine in it. 


9. MAITYS 8 Pieces Lace Front Adhesive Tape
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This toupee tape is waterproof and reusable. One can easily wash it in daily life. It can stay in the hairpieces and hair systems for a longer period of 3 to 5 weeks. This popular tape is quick and reliable to use. It does not get exposed, has no side effects, and does slip from its place.


10. AIRAO 40 Strips Double Sided Adhesive Wig Toupee Hair Piece Tape
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This double-sided tape is straightforward to use, and hold can last longer, between 1 to 4 weeks, with good care. It is waterproof and skin proof and can be used on any type of hairpiece, wig or hair system. 


Toupee Tape Vs. Toupee Glue
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There are multiple reasons why a person offers toupee tape or toupee glue to install their hair system. And it is the most anticipated and curious question that everyone wants to answer. Therefore, without favoring a specific one, we will judge toupee tape and toupee glue on some factors that help you find out which one is best for your client. So, let’s start.

  • Flammable:

Being straightforward, let us inform you that toupee glues are flammable if you check the precautions or description of the product. If it is flammable, it contains chemicals that are not good for the scalp. If the person’s hair system is installed with flammable toupee glue, smoking and standing near a bonfire are dangerous.

On the other hand, toupee tape does not have any of these concerns.

  • Tedious: 

Some people might feel that using tape on a hair system is more tedious than glue just because they need to peel off the backing of tape when applying the hair system. While applying glue, they are more exciting because they can instantly apply the hair system.  

  • User-friendly:

Despite offering a longer hold but losing its adhesive quality, acrylic glue adhesive is not a user-friendly way. It can get into the hair, start dripping out from the hair system. 

In this sense, toupee adhesive tape is more user-friendly. 

  • Less Maintenance: 

If the tape is applied correctly, it needs less maintenance than glue. Ensure there are no wrinkles on the base when you apply tape on the base. Edges will stay bound and do not leave their place or make the hairline sticky like adhesive glue. 

  • Safer Giving:

Among tape and glue, toupee tape is safer because it stays in its place. There is no uncertainty of it being washed out from its place. Moreover, if installation somewhere goes wrong, you can take it off easily while this process is harder with toupee glue. 

  • Easy In Cleaning:

When you take off the hair system, if installed with toupee tape, its cleaning will be hassle-free and less time-consuming. While cleaning the hair system installed with toupee glue, it will be a mess and can be hard to clean the system. 

  • Best For Person with Medical Issues:

As you read above, men’s toupee tape does not have any toxic chemicals or is not flammable. That’s why it is more suitable for sensitive skin. At the same time, flammable chemicals can also cause issues to people with respiratory problems.

  • Best For Active Person:

If your client has an active lifestyle, there needs to be more ventilation through the scalp and a thing that did not wash out or leave its place easily. At this point, toupee glue is not best because it covers the scalp and does not let the scalp breathe fully. This toupee tape is best because its pieces are applied to some areas and offer more air to go in and out.

Which Is Best?

Other clients love to have their hair system installed with both toupee tape and toupee glue. Deciding which one is best depends on the application. If your client’s hair is not exposed, use toupee tape. If the hairline is exposed, use toupee glue. Because, in the end, all wear their hair system to hide their baldness and hair system to look natural, so use toupee tape and toupee glue where they need it while informing the down points each can have. However, while considering all the factors that make any adhesive best between glue and tape, toupee tape is best.

Where To Buy Toupee Tape?

You can buy toupee tapes by Bono Hair. Moreover, you can purchase from any online platform but make sure the brand presented there is original, not a local buyer to get the true product. 



Let’s summarize and conclude the article here to give you a more precise idea to help your client and give them a spectacular experience. Why does a toupee need tape? A toupee tape is traditionally a double-sided adhesive strip that helps a toupee or hair system stick to the head. The popularity of toupees is increasing day by day as the hair loss percentage is going up; even young males at the age of 21 start losing their hair, increasing the demand for toupee tape.

You can easily satisfy your client’s needs by installing their hair system with the best toupee tape. But if the system is not good after a few installs, toupee tape’s adhesive power will start damaging the base of the hair system. If you want to help your clients install a hair system with toupee tape, we recommend having a high-quality, durable hair system other than having excellent toupee tape.

For this, you can order a hair system from our inventory or order a custom hair system. Contact us at +8617561788081 or email at [email protected] to send details for a custom hairpiece or any queries. You will be responded promptly. We will help you grow and earn trust from your client, just like many others. 

Due to its characteristics, a toupee tape has several benefits and gives you the reason you should use it on your client’s head.

First, tape comes in many shapes, not just in rolls. Moreover, you can cut those shaped strips into any size and curve. It helps you accommodate any unusual curves around the system. Second, when the tape is installed, it lays flat on the edges and does not cause bumps like when installing with glue. Third, men’s hair toupee adhesive tape is best to apply on hair systems with any kind of base. Fourth, tapes offer longevity when worn in summer, when a person is swimming and sweating. Fifth, after removing a toupee from the head, toupee tape is convenient and quick clean than a toupee glue. Sixth, if a person is a beginner, then hair toupee tape is best because if they applied it wrong, then spraying small of the adhesive product will help to remove the tape from its place. That’s why it is easier going than a toupee glue. Seventh, the tape will not damage the hair system’s base while glue does. Eighth, it does not contain any flammable and toxic chemicals that can harm sensitive skin or cause problems to the person with respiratory issues. In comparison, toupee glue may be toxic. Ninth, you can ship tape anywhere in the world as it is not flammable, while there may be restrictions in shipping the toupee glue. 

Applying toupee tape from the system to the client’s head is straightforward in 3 steps. 

When you pick a new system to install on a client’s head, use acetone or nail polish remover to clean the conditioner applied to the hair system before leaving the factory; this helps the tape stick on the head more firmly. Then determine how long or short tape pieces you will need, prepare them in advance. You can use differently shaped tapes or shape them by yourself. Now, it’s time to clean the scalp. Shave or remove the head area where the toupee needs to be installed, then clean the scalp with isopropyl alcohol. Start installing the hair system from the front to the back of the client’s head while keeping the system taut and working on both sides but never pull the hair system when installing it.

When removing the hair system from the client’s head, determine where the system’s edges are and spray the adhesive removal product on them. Wait for a few minutes, 1 to 2, then start removing the hair system from the back of the client’s head. If there is any stubborn area found while removing, don’t pull it, spray a bit, and then that tape will be removed. Always make sure you never apply force to remove the hair system from the scalp. It can hurt the scalp and damage the hair system and its base.

Now, the system is off from the client’s head; you need to clean the tape present on it before reinstalling it. This is a hassle-free step. Spray an adhesive removal product on the perimeter of the hair system and all the areas where the tape is applied. Let it rest for 2 minutes, and then remove the tape. If any part feels stubborn, spray more of the product as you do when removing the hair system from the client’s head. However, make sure that you start removing the tape before the product evaporates. 

The next question to which every client wants an answer is how long a tape hair system lasts? The answer is simple. It can last for a shorter period and for weeks. So, you can ask your client if they want to take off their hair system every night and give them an install regarding toupee tape. However, your client can keep the hair system installed for how long tape’s adhesive qualities remain but suggest they not prolong the hair system’s installation for more than 2 weeks, as the hairline will grease and it’s not good for their scalp health.

Other than the best toupee tape that can strongly hold the hair system, you also need a superior quality hair system that does not get damaged after a few installations. Although the hair system’s base is fragile and requires care while installing and removing the hair system, if it is of bad quality, it will turn bad even if you take care of it. 

That’s why to remain tension-free and earn trust from clients, come to Bono We are a wholesale factory in China that manufactures toupees for men and women. Our professional staff uses the latest techniques to make the hair system/toupee last longer and look natural-looking. Consistent quality, flexible customization, competitive pricing, and efficient delivery are our priorities. Reach us via phone at +8617561788081 or email [email protected] for further details.



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