12 Best Toupee Tape And Toupee Glue For Sweating ( Or Long Time Wear)

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In order to enjoy your toupee, you want it to be secured in place so you can comfortably and confidently enjoy your life. During the summer activities that mostly include swimming, outdoor activities, and working out, you want the hair system to safely stay on the head. Understandably, one might fear that their toupee may detach as they swim and it is left floating in the water! The best way to secure a toupee is with toupee glue or toupee tape which are adhesives that will attach to the hair system and scalp safely holding the men’s toupee in place.

We want the wearer to feel their best, not worry about sweating or a falling toupee so we thought it is important to recommend the best toupee tape and toupee glue that will have you enjoying your toupee.

This is an amazing and effective men’s toupee tape that is very flexible, durable, and works well with all hair systems. It is one of the strongest tapes out in the market. It has holes making it breathable and comfortable to wear during the hot and humid weather where circulation is a necessity.

The installation and removal process is flawless. It is very thin so it will not feel heavy on the scalp. For the hot summer weather, this toupee hair tape will secure your toupee for a long period of time of up to 4 weeks. Its hypoallergenic formulations prevent the wearer from an allergic reaction or a scalp infection from irritation from the tape, making it ideal for people with a sensitive scalp.

2. No Shine Tape Contour- Walker Tape
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A double-sided adhesive tape that has an incredibly long-lasting hold of 2 – 4 weeks. It is clear on the skin. A great toupee tape that will not only hold the hair system in place throughout but will protect the hair. It has an odorless formulation that is great for the summer when heat and sweat mix. It is made from urethane, which makes it very flexible during installation.

The men’s toupee tape does not wrinkle when applied around the curvatures of the head which gives the toupee that natural invisible look. The tape can lay flat, making the toupee’s appearance more realistic and appealing. Easily comes off without much effort when you are ready to take it off.

3.No Shine Hair System Rolls- Walker Tape
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This hair toupee tape is a top contender as one of the most sought-after tapes for securing and holding the hair systems in place. It will hold the hair replacement system and your life together! That is how good it is. It is absolutely perfect for the hot summer weather and it will hold any hair system in place for 2- 4 weeks plus. You do not have to worry about slippage after working up a sweat which makes it perfect to apply during the summer as the toupee will not move at all. It has a non-sticky formulation which provides that perfect hold.

4.Lace Front Support Contours- Walker Tape

It is great for all hair systems and its dullness makes it particularly ideal for the lace base hair system. This is because the dullness reduces the effect of shine which gives the hair system that natural appearance we all love. It is odorless and bacteria resistant making it perfect for that hot humid summer weather. New wearers will love this toupee adhesive tape as the tape can bend easily making application easier as one can easily bend and shape the tape to follow the line of the hair system.

This men’s toupee tape will hold well even if you have an oily scalp. Do not worry about the linear being blue, the tape is actually clear. Please note it’s a bit tackier than most tapes for durability purposes and it may require more practice to effectively use it.

5.Ultra Hold Tape Contour- Walker Tape

Just like the name, this toupee tape has an ultra-long-lasting hold. It is one of the strongest tapes available in the market. You will get to enjoy your whole summer rocking your wig thanks to this toupee tape as it can go up to 6 weeks of a durable hold. It has a urethane carrier that is very stretchy, making it comfortable to wear and ideal for the hot humid weather where comfort is key because of continuous exposure to the sun. The toupee tape is very tacky and flexible, making it easy to use.

The linear is white but do not worry the actual tape is clear. It also features a “fingerprint” textured pattern that helps reduce shine. This helps the toupee seem less detectable and gives the illusion that the hair is out of the scalp. The mini shapes of this toupee tape are very versatile and can be used on different perimeters of the hairline.

6.Ultra Hold Hair System Roll- Walker Tape
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The longest hold you will get from a toupee tape making it one of the most durable long-lasting tapes that will hold the hair system in place for a very long time. You will be able to wear your toupee without worrying about hairline front touch up thanks to the stronghold of the hair system tape. It also has the “ fingerprint ” textured pattern that keeps the tape from shining, making the toupee tape less detectable, and giving the toupee that seamless natural appearance we all expect from a high-quality toupee. It is very gentle on the skin, therefore no scalp irritation. It is waterproof so you get to enjoy wearing your toupee confidently on the beach or when swimming and get to live you’rae not worried about sweat!

7.Ultra Hold Adhesive for Lace Wigs & Toupees by Walker Tape
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An acrylic adhesive that provides a stronghold. Because of its thick consistency, a little goes a long way. The wearer will be able to do everything with this glue used to secure their hair system for up to 4 weeks.

Do not forget to use an alcohol scalp cleanse to maximize the adhesion of this toupee glue. Make sure to remove any oil, sweat, or dirt on the scalp before application. It dries clear and holds the toupee in place. It will easily blend with the hair system giving it that natural appearance the toupee wearer expects.

8.Davlyn Waterproof Adhesive
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You want something that will get the job done without worrying about oily skin interfering with the adhesive hold. When you apply this toupee glue, after 2-3 minutes it starts to get really tacky. Do not be fooled by the watery consistency at first glance. Once it is tacky you can easily install the toupee as it dries within 5 minutes.

A  little goes a long way for this toupee glue and a thin layer around the perimeter of the hairline is more than enough to lay the toupee flat. This allows the wearer to be flexible with the wig parting with how they choose to wear the toupee as the toupee glue has a seamless finish and is undetectable. It’s a great hair toupee glue to use if you sweat a lot as it is humid resistant and will hold the toupee in place even on the hottest day of the summer.

9.Ghost Bond XL Hair Replacement Adhesive
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It is a lightweight adhesive toupee glue so you do not have to worry about it building on the scalp. Well formulated to have a higher melting point than most toupee glue therefore it will not break down its adhesiveness in high heat making it one of the best toupee glues for the summer.

It is great to use on both poly base and lace base hair systems. This toupee glue does not play when it comes to maximum hold. It is formulated without latex, harsh insolvent, or any harmful toxic ingredients which makes it great for people with a sensitive scalp reducing the likelihood of scalp irritation or an inflamed scalp.

10.The Hair Diagram – Bold Hold Extreme Creme
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It is a water-based lightweight formula that will provide a long-lasting stronghold without causing any damage to the scalp or the hair. It is a skin-friendly toupee glue as it is formulated with no latex, harsh insolvent, or any toxic ingredients preventing scalp irritation making it very comfortable to wear. It is water and oil resistant and will keep the toupee in place if you have a sweaty or oily face. It dries clear when applied therefore giving it a natural look.

11.Esha Absolute Lace Wig Adhesive Glue
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This highly recommended glue will be loved by the wearer. It is easy to use and really lives up to the claim of being water-resistant. The glue holds well if you choose to go swimming or your sweat from working out. One of the best products to use in maintaining a lace hair system application.

A little goes a long way so use a light thin layer to give you a stronghold. This glue is very strong but still gentle enough on the scalp and on the hair system thereby it will not irritate the scalp. It is formulated for both dry and oily skin. Important to make sure the wig glue dries clear in order to get a proper long-lasting hold.

12.Vapon No Tape Liquid Adhesive
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One of the best glues to use during the summer. This toupee glue has a maximum stronghold that will secure the toupee for a very long time. It is an amazing durable glue that will blend right into the toupee’s hairline until the glue is undetectable. It gives the illusion that the hair is growing directly from the scalp. A dime-size will be enough and is silicon-based therefore it will not be compromised when exposed to heat, humid weather, or water and the toupee will be just fine.

Do not let your confidence be compromised by an unsecured wig. Take time in experimenting, consulting with hair professionals to select the perfect adhesive for the toupee.

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