Does the Prominent AGT Judge Howie Mandel Have Hair?

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Who doesn’t know the prominent judge Howie Mandel of the ultra-popular reality show America’s Got Talent? Although Howie is best known for judging one of America’s most popular reality shows for thirteen consecutive years, the actor has a long television career spanning over four decades. Howie is a multi-talented star, an eminent comedian, actor, producer, and renowned television personality. After Simon Cowell, Howie is considered the best judge of America’s Got Talent, making him quite famous, and his fans want to know more about him. So, this article is for all those admirers who want to know the different aspects of Howie Mandel’s life, his lifestyle, and why he shaves his head. Did he ever have hair on his head? Let’s find out in the following structure.


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Howard Michael Mandel, lovingly called Howie Mandel is an eminent television personality born and brought up in the Canadian province of Ontario. Howie’s ancestors were Polish immigrants who came to Canada and settled there; his father was an estate agent and lighting manufacturer. Howie received his education in his hometown.

The renowned comedian began his career in show business as a standup comedian at the Yuk Yuk’s comedy club in Toronto. Howie gained popularity for his antics, and his shows started becoming house-full. During his spell as a standup comedian, Howie visited Los Angeles, where he performed a set at the Comedy Store, his performance clicked right away, and Howie got hired to perform regularly. While performing for Comedy Store, he was booked by a producer to make an appearance in the comedy show called Make Me Laugh. His journey on television started; he kept getting great opportunities and delivering the best of his skills.

Before making big on American television, Howie had worked as a lead actor in the Canadian film Gas. His big break in American television came with his spell in St.Elsewhere, a medical drama that ran for six years on the NBC network. Howie donned the role of Dr. Wayne Fiscus in the series and acted in all six seasons. In the meantime, Howie also did some movies and gave his voice to many movie characters. One such character was Gizmo in the super-hit movie Gremlins and its sequel.

Undoubtedly, the actor’s collaboration with America’s Got Talent as a judge made his career reach new heights. But AGT isn’t the only reality that Howie had done; before AGT, the legend had also hosted the famous television show Deal or No Deal. He has hosted both American and Canadian versions of Deal or No Deal.

The famous comedian is also known for creating, voicing, and starring in the popular children’s cartoon show Bobby’s World. His creation ran for eight years on Fox television and earned immense popularity for voicing both Bobby and his Dad.

On the personal front, Howie is married to his high school sweetheart Terry Mandel. The couple got tied the knot in 1980 after dating for over a decade; they are proud parents of three children, and all of them are now grown-ups, namely Riley, Alex, and Jackelyn.

Why Does Howie Mandel Suffer From Hair Loss?

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Most of us have seen Howie with his shaved head, which has now become his signature look, but this is not how the actor used to look. In the early phase of his career, Howie used to have his head fully covered with curly hair. In that era, Howie was never seen with short hair but long voluminous hair that covered his neck. The actor first came up with his bald look in 2005 during his stint in Deal or No Deal show; since then, he has kept the bald look and calls it his signature look.

As we all know, three factors are usually involved in male-pattern baldness, genetics, hormone, and age, but Howie suffers from none. Howie is 66-year-old which is a good age for hair loss, but he looks much younger than his numbers and doesn’t have age-related hair issues. Howie is also not suffering from male-pattern baldness or alopecia, so his anxiety issues are the only reason behind his shaved head. He is such a cleanliness freak that he repetitively washes his hand and gets into physical contact with anyone.

The only time that Howie Mandel wore a wig was when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s live show wearing a hairpiece for little humor, and he later removed it during the show.

Hence, after discovering so much about Howie’s mental illness and his dealing with OCD, we can say that an extremely talented artist has no hair loss problem but cleanliness issues.

Does Howie Mandel Shave His Head?

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The most frequently asked question about Howie is, does the star shave his head? Well, Howie shaves his head as much as he shaves his face. But this is not because he is bald or has patches but because he is a mysophobic (a person who is scared of germs). Howie has struggled with anxiety issues and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) since childhood and came to know the diagnosis in adulthood.

Howie’s distinctive shaved head look could be because of a lack of hair, but the actor has repeatedly admitted that the main factor behind his bald look is his fear of germs. He is so fearful of being exposed to germs that he avoids all such situations that can get him infected, including handshakes and using the public washrooms.

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Dauntlessly, Howie Mandel is one of the most popular judges of his time and also an exceptionally talented artist. Howdie is an inspiration for all those who want to keep the shaved head, and he has set a true example that one can look great without hair. Also, all you need is self-confidence and endurance. But not everyone can be that confident, as hairs are integral to building your image.

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