A mono hair system is a traditional hair replacement system. It is durability and breathability has increased its popularity over the years. As one of the industries leading men’s hair pieces manufacturers, we are highly skilled when it comes to combining monofilament with different base materials to produce our systems; such as mono top with a poly perimeter, fine mono with PU and a lace front hairline toupee. Compared to lace, monofilament has smaller holes which makes it more durable. These larger holes also mean that monofilament bases can withstand a heavier hair density than lace. For these reasons, many wholesalers opt for a mono base hair system when choosing units for their clients.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is a Monofilament Base?

    You will learn more about a monofilament base in this next section. Did you know that it is the most durable base material? Bono Hair as men's hair pieces manufacturers offers three different types of monofilament base. They are all the common base materials that are needed by men's hair pieces manufacturers to craft the hair replacement systems for men. Some customers who are new to the hair replacement system business may be confused between the different types. We hope this next section will be informative for you.

    Fine mono (#3) is often used as a combination base because fine mono needs to be closed off with another base material. In the exact same way you would knit a sweater, fine mono is fixed by lockstitch stitching. Commonly used bonding materials include poly coating, poly with gauze, and clear poly. Examples of these base materials in action are the Hollywood, BH5, BH5P, BH7, BH11 and BH12. The name of our products is different from other mono hair system suppliers.

    The porous structure allows it a high degree of breathability. Did your previous men's hair pieces manufacturers tell you? Glue and tape are not recommended to be placed on the fine mono sections of the hair patch as the holes aren’t as big as with lace bases. Tape/glue will restrict the heat and sweat from passing through which will damage the base construction and the systems integrity.

    Fine welded mono (#0.12) is made from a quadrilateral nylon fiber. The holes in this fiber are large, making the men's hair replacement units more breathable than fine mono hair toupees. Due to its durable properties, many people choose fine welded mono because of its natural looking front hairline. It is important to note that the material can look a bit shiny when placed directly under light. This is the only disadvantage of this base type. P1-3-5 has a fine welded mono front hairline.

    Super fine welded mono (#0.11) is also made from a quadrilateral nylon fiber. It is similar to fine welded mono, but super fine welded mono is softer than fine welded mono. Unlike other men's hair pieces manufacturers, our stock hair replacement (ICON) is made from super fine welded mono with the single strand single knot technique. It provides end users with a very natural finished look.

    If you have more questions, please feel free to contact your reliable men's hair pieces manufacturers here.

    Remove hair systems

    The key to prolonging the use of a hairpiece is in the maintenance of the hair system. As previously mentioned, tape/glue are not recommended for use on mono base areas. Monofilament hair pieces often have a lace or skin perimeter, tape/glue can therefore be used on the lace/skin perimeter to adhere the system to the scalp. It is essential that the end user removes the male hairpiece and cleans both the scalp and the hair systems every 4 weeks (at least).

    As a experienced men's hair pieces manufacturers, we got a lot valued feedback from our different customers. The adhesive used to keep your customer’s hair system in place will become sticky and unclean after a long period of continuous use. The adhesive will seep through and stick to the hair. This will not only damage the hair systems, but it will also make them very difficult to clean.

    Wash the hair system

    It is highly recommended to wash hair systems two to three times a week. Human hair systems will become dried out if they are washed too often as there is no sebum produced and secreted by the sebaceous glands to protect the hair.

    For your final customers, it’s important to gather the correct information from a credible source of men's hair pieces manufacturers. Your suggestions are key to obtaining your trust. We would like to share more professional information to better serve the needs of our customers.

    As a professional men's hair pieces manufacturers, we would like to share with you the difference between monofilament base material and lace base material. Learning about the differences between monofilament and lace bases will allow you to make the very best decision.

    Usage: Mono base material is only used at the top area and lace can be used elsewhere, especially in the front hairline. Lace is soft, breathable, comfortable and invisible so it completely blends in with the skin.

    Appearance: Monofilament base hair systems are made from nylon monofilament mesh. It is typically used to make filter bags, so it has small holes to ensure the scalp can breathe. Lace base toupees are made from lace which is typically seen in wedding dresses, the hexagonal shape makes the lace totally invisible.

    Durability: The more natural looking a hair system, the less durable it is. Lace is more delicate than mono. On average, you may need to order two monofilament base hair systems from men's hair pieces manufacturers a year, but in the same year you need to order four lace base hair replacement systems from men's hair pieces manufacturers. There is a compromise to choosing one material over another; choose both! You can easily order a combination of lace and mono from men's hair pieces manufacturers, we have many stock hair systems with this base type including the BH5P, P1-3-5.

    Price: Mono base hair systems are cheaper than lace base toupees. Because of the durability of the unit, lace hair systems last longer than mono base hairpieces so mono costs less than lace. Choosing the right men's hair pieces manufacturers to lower costs!!

    Helping your customer to choose the correct nonsurgical hair replacement system depends on many factors including your customer’s lifestyle, budget and expectations. Our experienced consultants will work with you to find a solution that works for you and your valued clients.