All You Need to Know about French Lace Toupee

All You Need to Know about French Lace Toupee (14)


We all want to have a head full of thick hair. Unfortunately, this is not possible for many. Hair thinning and balding are becoming extremely common amongst men in recent times. As the toupee industry has continued to become more popular each year, there has been an acknowledgment that not just women but men do need hair replacement systems. Hair is important to most of us. It is a partial representation of one’s look and personality, depending on how bold you choose to style your hair. Losing hair or balding can cause further stress as it disrupts our hair aesthetics.

A lot of men end up shaving their whole head whilst others are forced to walk around with bald patches and very thin ends. This does not have to be the case today. A lot of men and society are embracing the use of hair replacement systems as a solution to their hair problems. With this high demand for hair replacement systems catering to this issue, there has been an introduction to high-quality toupees being worn by men today. It is important for one to feel their best so as not to get stressed and also be confident.

So how does one get to choose the right toupee and what do you look out for? When picking a toupee best for you, there are two significant factors to take into account:

  • The hair strands- can be either made out of human hair or synthetic hair. We always recommend going for toupees made of human hair as they are high quality.
  • The base material- this article will mostly focus on French lace hair replacement.

Base Material

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This is the most important element to consider when selecting your toupee. Your base material determines the overall suitability of the toupee for you. The base material is vital to the toupee’s foundational construction. It is ultimately how great the toupee will be. The base material is important for;

  • The hair strands using the knotting technique are secured to the hair system.
  • Base material plays the role of being the “scalp” for the toupee hairpieces. It is what is laid on the scalp.
  • Being the scalp for the toupee, base materials will give an illusion that the hairpieces are growing out of the wearer’s head. The base material is meant to mimic the appearance of the skin on the head.

As in this article, we want to focus on the French lace system. It is one of the 3 main base materials: skin, mono, and lace. The choice of a French lace men’s hairpiece  or any other base material should be determined by:

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  • Experience- A lot of men’s hair replacement systems such as thin-skin and Swiss lace are better off installed by a professional toupee technician especially if it is your first time. This is because of the complexity and delicateness of these materials. French lace toupee, some skin base, and mono base are relatively easy to attach and are very beginner-friendly.
  • Cost- Some base materials have a huge cost difference from others.
  • Length- Whether you want the hair strands to be short or long you have to consider the base material. Sturdier base materials are ideal for longer lengths.
  • Naturalness- How natural and seamless do you want your toupee to be?
  • Density- Different base materials can hold different weight densities of hair.
  • Lifestyle- We all have different lives, some are extremely active whilst others live a very sedentary lifestyle. This is important to consider when selecting a toupee.
  • Durability- The base material can either be very delicate and easy to tear or very sturdy and have high resistance.
  • Environment- Heat, humidity, and other environmental elements can affect your choice of the toupee.
  • Lifespan- How long do you want your hair replacement system to last?


What is a French Lace Hair System

French lace hair replacement is one of the most popular hair systems out in the market. A French lace men’s toupee is made from a finely knitted mesh that can very easily blend into the scalp. The mesh fabric of the French lace hair material is made of very tiny holes that allow for circulation in the system. What makes French lace hair toupee extremely popular is their affordability and breathability factor. So how can you identify French lace toupee and what makes them stand out?

Characteristics of French Lace Hair Replacement System

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  • French lace men’s toupee is breathable. One of the main reasons So many men love french lace men’s toupee is because of its breathability factory. This is its ability to allow for natural air circulation. French lace hair replacement is made of a mesh fabric that has many tiny holes. This is vital because our body naturally produces heat, we sweat and you want to be able to have your scalp breathe and even prevent bacterial growth. If you live in a hot environment, you do not have to worry about feeling uncomfortable with heat as the French lace men’s toupee is very breathable. This makes French lace hair replacement great if you live a very active lifestyle, go on holiday, or during the summer weather.
  • French lace toupees are light. One of the biggest fears for a lot of men is that they are worried that the hair replacement system might feel heavy when worn. French lace men’s hairpieces are very lightweight. When worn the wearer forgets that the French lace men’s toupee on the head. This allows the wearer to go on about living their life without having to be reminded that they have a French lace toupee on their head. The French lace toupee will not be cumbersome or feel heavy on the head.
  • French lace men’s toupee is soft. Because a toupee is attached to your scalp you want it to feel great when laid on your skin. Not all base materials are as soft as French lace men’s hairpieces. Low-quality toupees can feel dry and can cause itchiness or irritation when worn for long periods caused by friction to the scalp. This can also make your scalp sore and sensitive. The French lace hair replacement system is very soft to the touch. You can place a French lace hairpiece that will lay on top of your head for long periods without feeling irritated or uncomfortable. This is important for the wearer to enjoy the French lace toupee.
  • French lace hairpieces are durable. Generally lace material is a delicate material. Lace materials such as Swiss lace are very delicate and can easily tear. The French lace hair replacement system is made of thick coarse lace material and stronger threads. This makes French lace toupee very durable than other lace base materials. It is more sturdy and will not tear easily. This makes French lace men’s hairpieces good for beginners as they will not easily get damaged.
  • Longevity. You always want a hair replacement system that can last you for a significant amount of time. French lace hairpieces can last a long time. As it is a sturdy lace material it can last the wearer between 2 to 4 months if well taken care of.
  • Naturalness.Another main reason why French lace men’s hairpieces are aesthetic appearances when worn. When deciding to get a toupee you want it to cover your bald spots and thinning hair. One wants the toupee to resemble their own hair or at least look like it is their own hair. French lace men’s toupee is growing out of the wearer’s scalp. The hair strands are individually hand-tied to the French lace material to give the virtually undetectable hairline and natural appearance when worn.
  • French lace hair system price. High-quality toupees can be extremely costly as not all hair replacement systems are the same. One wants a high-quality toupee that is coat friendly and that’s where the French lace hair system comes in. French lace toupees are relatively more affordable than skin toupees or Swiss lace toupees. French lace toupees are highly recommended for the first time toupee wearers as they will be more affordable and can code all bald spots whilst giving a naturally seamless appearance. French lace hair system piece is dependent on a lot of things that include the amount of French lace material used on the toupee, the length, the density, of its a custom French lace men’s hairpiece, have the knots been bleached, and the manufacturer.

What is the Difference between Swiss Lace and French Lace


French lace hair replacement systems and Swiss lace hair replacement systems are the two most common types of lace material used in men’s toupees. It can be a bit challenging when trying to distinguish French lace and Swiss lace. Below we identify the differences between both laces.

  • French lace men’s toupee comes from its ventilation method that is derived originally from France. Its threads are stronger and more resilient to damage. Swiss lace men’s toupee is derived from the lace material. Swiss lace men’s toupee is made of fine lace material. This makes French lace men’s hairpieces much sturdier and stronger. Swiss lace men’s hairpiece being finer makes it much more delicate and more susceptible to damage or tear.
  • French lace and Swiss lace are both made of mesh fabric that has tiny hexagonal-shaped holes. French lace men’s toupees have smaller holes than Swiss lace men’s toupees which have larger holes. These holes contribute to the breathability element of the toupee. With larger holes this means more room for air circulation. Therefore, Swiss lace is much more breathable than French lace men’s toupee and will do well in any environment.
  • One easy way to distinguish a Swiss lace men’s toupee and a French lace men’s toupee is the appearance of a French lace hairpiece that appears slightly darker in color in comparison to a Swiss lace hairpiece. Swiss lace has a slightly lighter color appearance to it.
  • The Swiss lace men’s hair replacement system is made of fine fiber material and the French lace men’s hair replacement hair system has a much thicker fiber material. The finer the material, the softer the toupee is. Swiss lace is much softer than French lace toupee making it ideal for those who have a sensitive scalp or easily get scalp irritation.
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French Lace
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Swiss Lace


  • Additionally, with Swiss lace being much finer than French lace toupee, Swiss lace is much lighter than French lace toupee.
  • The French lace hair replacement system is great if you are looking for a toupee that can give you a fuller look. French lace men’s toupee can take up a density of medium to heavy density. However, Swiss lace men’s toupee can only take light to medium density due to its delicateness.
  • The Swiss lace hair system is perfect if you want a very short look. If you want a much longer length that is 6 inches plus, a French lace men’s hairpiece is better for that.
  • Swiss lace with being so delicate is more prone to damage and is not recommended for beginners. For attaching a Swiss lace toupee on, it is advised to have a professional do it to avoid it tearing. French lace men’s toupee is great for anyone, especially newbies as it has a much sturdier base and can be easily applied by the wearer.
  • The French lace hair replacement system is made of high-quality lace material that will give a seamless, invisible hairline and a very natural look. Swiss lace gives a much more realistic appearance than French lace has a more natural appearance than French lace toupee will give the illusion that the hair is growing out of the wearer’s scalp.


9 of the Best Men’s French Lace Hair System

Here are the best French lace men’s hair replacements systems you can get out in the market and are highly recommended.

1.    French Lace Men’s Toupee

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2.  Australia-T French Lace Hair System for Men Men’s Hairpiece

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3. French Lace Hair Systems Wholesale Male Toupee Factory

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4.  French Lace with Poly All Around and Lace Front Men’s Lace Hair System

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5.    Custom French Lace hair system with Swiss Lace Front

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6.  LP Men Wigs

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7.   Lace Front Toupee

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8.  0.10mm Clear Pu with French Lace Front

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9.    Undetectable Men’s Lace Toupee Hair Replacement System

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The French lace hair system will continue to remain a favourite when it comes to toupee selection. It gives constantly outstanding results in concealing hair loss and helping one retain their confidence. If you are new to toupee wearing and looking for a high-quality toupee, we highly recommend everyone should at least invest in a French lace hair replacement system.


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