Most customers are confused about how to choose the right hair type of hair system. Here at Bono Hair, we would like to let you know the pros and cons of it. so it is easy for you to select one according to your demand.

Types of Grey Hair #

There are usually three types of grey hair materials, including Yak Hair, Synthetic Hair, and Human Hair

  • Yak hair is the hair harvested from the yak animal – an ox-like mammal. It has a similar texture and similar response while dyeing and styling as Human Hair. Since the supply is sufficient, Yak Hair is inexpensive, much cheaper than Human Hair.
  • Synthetic Hair– Different from Yak Hair and Human Hair, Grey Synthetic Hair is not from animal or human beings, but a chemical fiber made from a polymer compound. It has been accepted by more and more people because of its many advantages, such as cheap price, not easy to discolor, etc.
  • Human Hair is the most natural of these three types of grey hair. It is collected from old men or women. Since the supply is limited, the price of grey human hair is the highest. But grey human hair wigs for men are still the most popular due to their naturality.

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Dark Color Hair #

We would like to introduce the dark color hair used in hair replacement systems in the two ways as follows.

  • Collect from Different Country #
    • Indian Hair–has the highest supply and accordingly the lowest price. Indian Hair is almost as thin and soft as European Hair. Benefiting from its characteristics, Indian Hair is largely applied in the industry of hair system making.
    • Chinese Hair– Thicker than Indian Hair and European Hair. As a result, Chinese Hair is not suitable for the custom orders that ask for short hair length, otherwise, it will give a lifted appearance if cut short.
    • European Hair– Lowest supply and highest prices. European Hair has a shiny appearance and soft textures. It’s the thinnest and softest of these three hair types. The hair materials often come in different colors.
  • The Quality of the Hair #
    • Non-Remy Hair was collected from different sources. The main source comes from the hair that falls to the floor while combing. Some of the hair strands are upside down, which means the cuticles on the surface of the hair are in different directions. This could cause the hair to get tangled easily. To avoid this, acid treatment will be applied to remove cuticles.
    • Remy Hair is gathered directly from the head of donors so that the cuticles of Remy Hair are all in the same direction. There will be no black dots at the end of Remy Hair.
    • Virgin Hair is similar to Remy Hair, but the quality is better because of no bleaching, dyeing, or perming curl. It is original, raw material.

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