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This head template replicator is another new tool to make a toupee template. Many salons or wholesalers provide custom made hair systems services for their clients. And making a hair toupee template is the first step to customize a real and comfortable toupee. And this smart head template replicator will help all hair stylists to make the template quicker and easier.


  • Product code: Head Template Maker Pro
  • Order Type: Stock Ordering Tools
  • Construction: Wood
  • Size: 13″*12″
  • Weight: About 285g
  • Color: Dark brown
  • Accessory: Thermoplastic

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A hair system template is very necessary for customizing an accurate hair systems for your clients.

Wrap and tape are the most often used tools make such a head template. It’s accurate but also tedious, especially when you need to make several templates for clients everyday.

The good news is that we find a new head template replicator which can help you make the templates accurately and quickly, even a beginner can learn it fast.

Head Template Replicator
Head Template Replicator

Then how to make a hair system template with this head template replicator?

Materials you will need to make the custom made hair systems templates:

  • Head template replicator
  • Heating film
  • Hot gun
  • A permanent marker

Step1: Place the heating film into the head replicator and fix it with clamp closely.

Step2: Adjust the hot gun to the highest gear and heat the film evenly. When the film is soft and transparent, it’s ready to make template.

Step3: Cool the film 30 seconds and then put it on the client’s head to take the shape.

Step4: Wait for the film getting cold and shaped, then cut the extra film.

Step5: Use the permanent marker to draw your hairline and the border of the hair loss area.

Step6: Cut the excess to get an exact template shape.

Step7: Mark a letter “F” to indicate the front of the template. You can also draw hair direction arrows on the template.

Step8: Place it back onto the customer’s head to make sure the the curvature and border is accurate.

Then you can send it with the order form and hair sample to Bono Hair for custom made hair systems making.

You can learn to how to use the head template replicator from the below picture directly.

Head Template Replicator
Product Code Head Template Replicator
Order Type Stock Order
Color Number Dark Brown
Usage This is specifically designed for professional hairdressers, who need to help their clients make custom made hair systems templates.
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