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Stock Hair Systems

As a mens hairpieces factory in China, we have built up a significant range of mens stock toupee models that should more than cover your average clients’ needs. Our men stock hairpieces come in full lace, full skin, mono, lace front or a combination of the base materials.  And our hair of choice is Indian hair and Indian Remy hair. The standard base size of our stock hairpieces is 8"x10", but a selection of our hair units also comes in different sizes.

Since we are a bulk mens hair systems supplier, you’ll be able to take advantage of our bulk prices and stock up on our hair systems for the best rates. On top of that, you’ll appreciate that all of our stock hair pieces can be shipped out immediately, you can receive them in just 3-5 business days wherever you are in the world.

Remember, if you need your wholesale mens hair pieces to be more personalized then check out our range of custom hairpieces. Whatever it is you are looking for, we are confident you’ll find us to have the best hair replacement systems and that we’ll become your toupee supplier in China.

Why Choose Bono Stock Hair Systems?

Immediate Shipment

Bono Hair stock hair systems can be sent out within 24 working hours after payment. It will take about 3-5 business days for delivery.

8000+ Pcs in Stock

We have more than 8000pcs men hairpieces and women toppers in stock ready for shipment. It should cover your average clients’ needs.

20+ Base Models & 35+ hair Colors

We have more than 20 base models, including lace, skin, mono and combination of different materials. Over 35 different colors to fit to your different clients’ requirements.

Here below are our stock men toupee models. You can choose the different denstiy or base material to filter the desirable systems quickly.